Final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship tips

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final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship tips

It also goes both ways, Zack was in love with Aerith, and Cloud What is the relationship between Lightning and Serah in Final Fantasy XIII?. I'm a huge Cloud and Aerith (Clerith) shipper and I was wondering if Nice to ' see' a new face here that doesn't just absolutely hate everything Final Fantasy, lol . Crisis core also gave the impression that her relationship with Zack . says that Aerith has feelings for Cloud, while other Ultimania quotes. She meets Cloud Strife in Midgar, and the two become close, leading her to join his In the original English release of Final Fantasy VII, Aerith's name was transliterated as "Aeris" by SCEA. .. have been cheerful but naive regarding men, having never been in a relationship. .. PC Gift Guide · Game Streams · Fallout

A young Cloud was hot on her heels to prevent anything bad from happening to her. However, during the ascent, a drawbridge collapsed as they both tried to cross. The fall didn't cause too many problems for Cloud, but the same couldn't be said for Tifa, who fell into a coma.

The need to grow stronger and protect the ones closest to him grew over time, and he decided to train and become an elite warrior. It's one of the most endearing moments in the game that shows just how deep their relationship actually is.

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship tips

The constant need to protect someone close to them is a constant that will never change, no matter what. So, how can one say that Cloud is any different? So, while the emotional speech that Cloud makes on that fateful night in Nibelheim might've actually been heartfelt, there's a chance that a small part of him really wanted to impress Tifa with the amazing achievement of getting into one of the most elite groups in existence. However, as we all know, this wasn't the case. In her mind, Cloud was perfectly capable of achieving his goal, no matter what.

So, when Shinra decided to visit Nibelheim to check up on the reactor, Tifa served as their guide. Chirpy attitude aside, Tifa was genuinely curious about the faceless organization that Cloud wanted to join, and asked them if they'd heard of a blond-haired individual who might've joined them.

He was accepted as a fighter in the Shinra ranks so that he could develop the ability to protect people. Unfortunately, this wasn't exactly a very bombastic or appealing way of achieving it. Being a lowly member of the Shinra infantry wasn't exactly glamorous for Cloud, which is why he decided to cover up his face in Nibelheim. In fact, there were times when she even dreamt about him. So, when the SOLDIER duo of Zack and Sephiroth reached Nibelheim, Tifa had only one question for them — a question that involved a spiky blond-haired individual in their ranks who protected her in her dreams.

Both of them were understandably perplexed since a person did fit that description While the gist was solid enough, there were certain fine details that Cloud altered or skipped out on that caused Tifa to raise an eyebrow.

However, Tifa refrained from raising her voice and correcting Cloud because a part of her also wasn't sure if what she'd seen was correct. Keep in mind that Tifa was heavily injured during this altercation, so it's normal for her to doubt her memories.

She knew something was particularly off about him, but confronting him about him was particularly daunting for her as well. So, instead of taking what would arguably have been the right course of action to take, Tifa decided to let things be and not get into something that she felt was way out of her depth. Cloud is separated and when they return to the hideout they find someone spying on them who points to the crime boss Don Corneo as a Shinra informant.

Tifa concocts a plan to approach him, as Don Corneo is known for calling up girls to his mansion and choosing one as his "bride" for the day. Cloud catches Tifa being taken to Don's, and infiltrates Corneo's mansion with a girl he met at the Midgar SlumsAeris. Tifa threatening Don Corneo. In the ensuing confrontation Corneo reveals Shinra is planning to drop the Sector 7 plate to crush the slums. Tifa and Cloud race to help Barret defend the pillar supporting the plate while Aeris takes Barret's daughter, Marleneto safety.

Tifa, Cloud and Barret escape while Shinra captures Aeris. Sephiroth attacks the building and kills President Shinraand in the chaos the group is released from imprisonment.

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship tips

In Kalm Cloud tells the group how he was deployed to Nibelheim with Sephiroth and how the latter destroyed the town. His version is faulty, but a confused Tifa does not confront him both to protect him and because she doubts her own recollection. Pursuit of Sephiroth Edit The group travels the world tracking Sephiroth with Tifa supporting the party when she can. In Gongaga they run into Zack's parents who worry about their son as they have not heard from him in years.

When they arrive at Nibelheim they find the town rebuilt, and the villagers really Shinra employees hired to cover up the Sephiroth incident not remembering Cloud or Tifa ever living there. The group stays in Gold Saucer while the ropeway is being repaired, and Tifa is one of the possible date options for Cloud.

Let's discuss Cloud's main love interest: Aerith or Tifa

If Tifa goes out with Cloud during the night she laments on being insecure with her feelings and how she wishes she could tell something to him but finds herself unable to. Aeris absconds to the Forgotten Capital alone and when Cloud doubts he should continue on the quest Tifa and Barret push him into going, promising to support him. They witness Sephiroth murder Aeris and Tifa kneels by her body before running away in tears.

When the group tracks Sephiroth down to the Whirlwind Maze Sephiroth shows Cloud the true events of Nibelheim's razing. Sephiroth's manipulations take their toll and Cloud comes to believe he is not a real person, but someone made by Professor Hojo of Shinra with false memories. Cloud submits to Sephiroth's will and hands over the Black Materia they had stolen from Sephiroth earlier, before apologizing to Tifa as the North Crater shakes and the ancient beasts called Weapons awaken.

Tifa and Barret are brought to Junon where they are to be executed as scapegoats to show Shinra is still in control as Meteor looms in the sky.

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Meteorfall Edit Tifa is thrown into a gas chamber while the other party members hidden in the crowd save Barret. While gas seeps into the chamber Tifa breaks out of her restraints. Sapphire Weapon attacks Junon and blasts a hole in the gas chamber, saving her. Running to escape the Shinra forces, Tifa climbs onto the Mako Cannon.