Daphne and mingo relationship quizzes

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daphne and mingo relationship quizzes

Bay and Daphne are finally back on Freeform again and we are loving it! Premiere Recap: 11 Shocking Things We. And because of his age, Regina does not want to go public with their relationship. Mingo's party costume was a seriously bad judgment call. Switched at Birth . Take This Quiz To Find Out! News Feb Home · Wiki · Images · Videos · Articles · Links · Forum · Wall · Polls · Quiz · Answers Daphne. She's got in the way of Emmett and Bay (Again if you don't remember her . bay's father has to say and she's mad at Emmit's for being ina relationship with Bay .. Now, I can't stand her because of the way she is treating Mingo. It was hard to tell from what little we saw, but it did seem like Daphne and Mingo's relationship was probably over. But what if Mingo sent a.

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daphne and mingo relationship quizzes

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