China and cuba relationship

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china and cuba relationship

Oct 2, Beijing.- Cuba and China have enjoyed a special relationship since diplomatic relations between the two countries were established on. Mar 17, "This demonstrates once again the friendship between China and Cuba. The two countries have good relations not only in the political and. The Cuba Test: China Eyes New Model for Latin America Relations. China's emphasis on "knowledge cooperation" could lead to a reframing of its approach to.

china and cuba relationship

When it comes to issues of the utmost importance to the two nations, each has fully supported the other. Both countries develop a systematic exchange of experiences about the construction of socialism in matters of great relevance to each of them, including party work, qualification of cadre, the fight on corruption, state enterprise reform, etc.

china and cuba relationship

Cuba and China concur entirely with subjects as momentous as the struggle against hegemony and unilateralism. They also oppose the use of force and the violation of international law, demand greater participation of all countries in economic development and international political activity, and give top priority to sustainable development, to mention just a few examples.

China, Cuba sign agreements to expand economic, trade ties

From the economic viewpoint, even if they are very far from entirely exploiting their existing potential and reaching the level of political relations, Cuba and China have strengthened their bonds.

Chinese goods meet the needs of almost every Cuban sector. Some of the main items on this list are machinery and equipment, metals, parts and components, vehicles, footwear, clothing, and raw materials, albeit Cuban exports are limited to a narrower range of products, namely nickel, sugar, rum, tobacco, coffee, medicines, and a number of health care services.

Much remains to be done as well to realize the potential for investment between Cuba and China. In other words, so far, the level of investment in the two countries has been hardly significant.

China–Cuba relations

From the financial viewpoint, China is highly important to Cuba given the restrictions imposed by the U. No less praiseworthy are the outstanding achievements of construction work, which include a cement factory and the harbor of Santiago de Cuba.

china and cuba relationship

And we cannot fail to mention the accomplishments made possible by this cooperation in areas like renewable energy production and the use of leading-edge technology, as in the case of laptop computer and television equipment assembly. Today, 57 years later, Cuba and China are celebrating having built a relationship which is not only an example for the world, but also a reference for the development of fraternal ties between two parties, governments, and peoples, which have stood the test of time.

This year is the 57th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Cuba and People's Republic of China. More than half a century later how would you describe the current state of these ties, and the over year relationship between the two countries? The precursor to the emergence of these ties between Cuba and China is one of the most important moments of our history when, during the First Declaration of Havana on September 2,over one million Cubans, representing our people and led by leader of the Cuban RevolutionComandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz, decided to recognize the People's Republic of China.

Thus, Cuba became the first country in the western hemisphere to recognize the new China, even while the illegitimate government of Taiwan continued to hold its place in the United Nations. Since then, we have maintained ties of friendship, fraternity, and mutual support, which have strengthened over time. The close ties of friendship between the two governments, parties, and peoples have a solid historical base, dating back to our independence struggles, in which Chinese immigrants played an important part; while the th anniversary of their arrival to the country is being celebrated this year.

This important date, which laid the foundations for the creation of a Chinese-Cuban community, and the full integration of Chinese immigrants into our society to become part of our national identity, has been commemorated in both countries.

Our relations represent a model of cooperation based on equality, respect, and mutual benefit between two socialist, independent, economically strong nations.

Cuba-China Relations: A Cooperation Model Based on Equality, Respect, and Mutual Benefit

Cuba has always shown its unequivocal support for the One China policy, and strongly rejects any actions which threaten its sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Chinese government and people have also continued to support the Cuban Revolution, and in particular its struggle against the U. Over recent years, more than 3, Chinese students have come to study in Cuba through government scholarship programs, which give new generations from the country's least developed provinces the opportunity to study Spanish, medicine, tourism, and education, among other degrees, on the island.

Meanwhile, the number of self-financing students from that country wanting to earn a degree here has also risen, proof of the popularity and quality of Cuba's educational system among Chinese youth. How can economic exchanges be expanded between the two countries? China became Cuba's top trading partner for the first time inwith exchanges between the two nations amounting to 2,USD.

China, Cuba sign agreements to expand economic, trade ties - Business -

Chinese companies are present in almost all sectors of the island's economy, via projects linked to foreign trade, through which our country obtains various types of equipment, consumer goods, or through direct Chinese investment in the country. We have seen important achievements in promoting Chinese Direct Foreign Investment in Cuba with projects such as the Bello Monte initiative linked to golf-course real estate, in which Beijing has invested million USD.

We are also working on various Chinese investment projects in the Mariel Special Development Zone as well as others in practically all spheres of our country's social and economic life, meaning a substantial boost for commercial exchange. Cuba is also in the process of transforming its energy matrix, for which substantial long-term investments are needed, and that goes for both wind, solar, and bio energy, areas in which the world's second largest economic power should play a key role.

china and cuba relationship