Chihaya and tai chi relationship advice

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chihaya and tai chi relationship advice

Taichi Mashima (真島 太一 Mashima Taichi) is an all-around student, as he is gifted in both studies Yet, he has feelings for Chihaya despite this relationship. taichi and suou share a v unique relationship i think; saying that their get advice from suou. it's a v healthy relationship, where both of them respect each other. But more importantly, Arata's role in Chihaya finding her passion is a But it's easier to resolve that than it is to justify a Taichi relationship.

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They later go out to look and call out to Chihaya to tell her that they found them. Chihaya hears them from the branches of a tree and jumps down on top of them, laughing. Since then, Taichi, Chihaya, and Arata became good friends and referred to each other by their first names, signifying they are very close friends.

They even joined a Competitive Karuta Society with their teacher being Harada-sensei and participated in a group competition. The three of them then went their seperate ways in Junior High School with Taichi going to a Junior High School with a one-and-a-half hour commute that most students found difficult to be accepted into. Synopsis Karuta Style Taichi's initial style of karuta is all brain, with little body.

chihaya and tai chi relationship advice

He makes great use of his mind in karuta matches, reasoning out probabilities and strategies completely in his head, and takes great pride in the fact that he makes few, if any, faults. He considers practicing his swing in front of others "embarrassing", which disadvantages him in the more physical aspect of karuta. Taichi practicing swinging However, spurred on by his desire to compete on par with Arata and Chihaya, he vastly improves in the later part of the manga.

He has been called a "monster" once he has self-confidence by Sakurazawa-senseicoach of Fujisaki Highand it has been noted by Hiro that Taichi becomes stronger when Chihaya is not around Chapter Notably, when he managed to get to final of his very first Class-A official tournament beating Sudou in the top 8 and Murao in the top 4.

chihaya and tai chi relationship advice

He lost to Chihaya in final match but all that witness the match admit that both Chihaya and Taichi are both had proven to be great karuta players. Harada-sensei who watched the match carefully said Taichi is more suited to play defensive style karuta instead of offensive style karuta which Chihaya and Harada-sensei specialized in.

Also noted how good is Taichi when he played against Chihaya with an arrangement which is different from his normal one. In chapterTaichi who had quit the school karuta club was seen to be playing a lot of matches against Meijin Suou. Also, there's a rumor about how Taichi can hear Suou's quiet and gentle voice loud and clear, showing that he has better and sharper hearing now.

However, due to this skill, Taichi tends to make silly mistakes since he can still remember the arrangement of his previous matches. Other players can't memorize as well as Taichi so they tend to use a fixed card arrangement and let their body remember where the cards in that arrangement are.

They would commit lots of faults if they used other arrangements, unlike Taichi. Obviously, this move was created purposely to negate Arata 's fast sweeping technique. This move uses covering and sweeping, in which Taichi would first cover the card that would be read; therefore 'kill' the opponent's speed and momentum, making him hesitate for a while; then sweep the correct card. Katana Slash Backswing -This is actually Sudo 's specialty in which the player would go for the opponent's field.

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Depending on which card that would be read, the player can either go ahead and attack the card or go back to touch the correct card on player side. This is different from normal kinds of backswings because the player need to be slightly away from the side of his hand. As in Taichi case, it would be his right side. By doing so, the player can attack the opponent field and if the correct card is in his side of the field, he can make his hand into a knife-like shape and use a backswing to defend the card.

By distancing himself from the his defending side, he can touch the card comfortably and by making his hand into a more streamlined stance, reduce the air resistance and make the backswing faster.

Counter Data Analysis -Using the data he or Tsutomu collected from his opponent, he would then analyze and think of a way to counter his opponent's play. Taichi used this against Chihaya in the Yoshino Society Class A match where he used a different card arrangement from what he usually used.

It proved to be working well although he lost to Chihaya in that match with just a 2 cards difference with an exhausted condition.

Taichi Mashima

In that match, many can see that a lot of mind tricks involved. He also made and used the sweeping move canceler against Aratawho is known for his fast sweeping ability. This caused Chihaya to notice him and eventually befriend him. Taichi then challenged him to a Karuta match and cheated by stealing his glasses. Chihaya replaced Arata and won, after which she went to look for his glasses. While she was searching, Taichi confessed that he stole the glasses and gave them back to Arata.

They later went to search for Chihaya, and then they all became good friends. They played Karuta matches together until Arata had to return to Fukui.

chihaya and tai chi relationship advice

They promised that karuta would keep them together. A few years later, while Arata made it to Class A in karuta, his grandfather passed away. He was so upset by his death that he vowed to never play Karuta again. Synopsis Arata in episode 11 As children, Arata, Taichi and Chihaya forged a strong bond forming their first competetitve team "Chihayafuru. After moving, Arata had difficult times ahead of him, because of his grandfather's progressively debilitating health, that he never told his two friends.

Though he missed them both, he was devoted to and continued to receive training from his grandfather. He carries deep guilt for his grandfather's death, as that was a day he was supposed to watch him but his grandfather insisted that he attend the local competition to become an "A rank" player.

Subsequent to his grandfather's death, Arata swears off karuta entirely, and falls out of touch with his friends. When Chihaya finds out that Arata will never play karuta again, she desperately tries to reforge a bond with him, using karuta. She goes so far as to drag Taichi with her to Fukui and is flatly, and rudely dismissed, much to her shock.

Arata breaks his vow that he won't play karuta anymore after he reunites with Chihaya and Taichi. He chases Chihaya's and Taichi's train on his bike while having tears in his eyes till he gets tired and can't chase the train anymore. Meanwhile, Chihaya tells Taichi that she's glad they came to Fukui to meet Arata; that he loves and won't quit playing karuta.

He is later seen playing karuta by himself in a dark room. Chihaya is then determined to form her own karuta club in school, so she can fulfill her dream of going to the nationals and becoming "Queen" of karuta.

When Arata texts Taichi to tell Chihaya "happy birthday" for him, Chihaya's determination to rekindle their friendship increases tenfold.

Almost daily, she starts to text Arata about how she recruited members, who the members of her club are, the difficulties they faced and even her random thoughts on the weather and continued to do so despite Arata never responding. Taichi and Chihaya take their newly formed team to the national championship. Chihaya messages Arata to come watch. When Arata sees Chihaya and Taichi at the nationals, he completes his atonement for his grandfather's death and decides for himself what he wants to do from there.

He resolves to play competitive karuta once again and fulfill his childhood promise to meet Chihaya and Taichi as their opponent. Karuta Style Many have noted Arata's style of playing as being similar to that of his grandfather's, Hajime Wataya: When Arata plays, he plays to win, evidenced by the somewhat unscrupulous method he uses, "sweeping", in which he knocks several cards all at once instead of aiming for simply one. Nishida has observed that Arata's karuta is fearsome not only because of his ability to "superaccelerate", but also because of how relaxed he is during a match.

Chihaya, for this, has often likened his karuta to being submerged in water, which could relate to his moving at his own pace. She also considers his karuta the embodiment of the titular poetic epithet "Chihayaburu", reflected in the manga as the image of a spinning top, which holds steady, repels all external force and appears deceptively still until closer inspection reveals its intensity and narrowness of focus.

Arata is considered a particularly gifted karuta player, and some believe he will be the one to finally overthrow the reigning Meijin, Hisashi Suo. Trivia Arata has been wearing glasses since he was 3 years old.

When he was a kid, he would even dream that he is playing karuta sometimes, keeping his parents awake. Arata was afraid of big dogs as a child. For Chihaya, the image of water becomes associated with Arata's style of karuta.

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Arata was taught karuta by his grandfather. Arata enjoyed math, calligraphy, and cooking classes when he was in elementary school. Arata thought that Taichi and Chihaya were dating since he had been gone for so long, explaining why he had been giving Taichi messages to give to Chihaya rather than giving them to her himself.

He is obviously relieved when Taichi tells him otherwise. Arata currently owns a hot pink phone because he asked his mom if she could do him a favor and buy one. She thought hot pink was a cute color.

chihaya and tai chi relationship advice

Arata's karuta play style is the same as his grandfather's. When it comes to female "mature" content, Arata is pretty innocent. At one point, he super-imposed Chihaya's face onto her sister's body when he saw the latter on the cover of a swimsuit magazine.