Britney haynes and lane elenburg relationship

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britney haynes and lane elenburg relationship

Favorite Relationships → Britney Haynes & Lane Elenburg ♥ “I love Lane. He's like my little big brother” - Britney Haynes “Britney and I's relationship is basically . Posts about britney haynes written by Jess Huckins. Hayden sure needs the cash more than Lane, and ultimately, the outcome . that Brendon didn't make it further tells me that this relationship may not last. . Tags: brenchel, brendon villegas, britney haynes, enzo palumbo, hayden moss, lane elenburg, matt hoffman. Britney Haynes Story by Philip Sheffield (Shephild). Britney Haynes & Lane Elenburg formed an amazing friendship while battling for last person Big Brother 12's Britney and Lane get distracted from the game to talk about relationships.

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britney haynes and lane elenburg relationship

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britney haynes and lane elenburg relationship

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Big Brother's Britney Haynes' house has burned down and she doesn't know it! -

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Is This Beer Fresh. Brendon and Ragan were nominated by Hayden for eviction, but after Ragan won the power of veto, Brendon was evicted over replacement nominee Britney by a vote of Brendon became the 4th Big Brother Jury member this season after the immediate eviction of Matt. Brendon voted for Lane to win Big Brother. Brendon, along with Rachel, also appeared on Big Brother 13 and finished in 9th place.

On Day 35, he was evicted. Again, on Day 48, he was re-evicted. Brendon appeared on The Amazing Race. He came in 3rd place along with Rachel on The Amazing Race 20 and Britney[ edit ] Britney Elizabeth Haynes born August 23,29, is a hotel sales manager from Huntington, Arkansas. She graduated from Mansfield High School in She is a huge Britney Spears fan. Britney revealed on the live feeds that she had seen Rachel during semi-finals of the show.

Former 'Big Brother' houseguest Britney Haynes pregnant with first child

Britney is most noted for her entertaining and comical Diary Room sessions. Britney has a very close alliance and friendship with fellow houseguest, Lane. Their close relationship in the house has led many viewers to believe that they are the "life-long friends" in which the Saboteur had used in one of its messages in order to stir up paranoia among the houseguests.

Aside from Lane and Monet, Britney was also good friends with Hayden and Ragan, her gossip partner, but was also friendly with Matt and Kathy. Britney's enemy in the house was Rachel. During week 2, both Britney and Monet were put on the block for eviction, however, Britney won the POV competition and vetoed her own nomination.

In her place, Rachel put Matt up on the block, but ultimately, Britney's closest ally, Monet, was evicted. As a result of Kathy's eviction in week 6, Britney was the last female competitor in the house.

However, Ragan won his second POV, and vetoed himself off the block. Hayden chose Britney as the immediate replacement nominee next to Brendon. However, Brendon was evicted over Britney by a unanimous vote of Britney was evicted on day 67 by a single vote cast by Enzo and placed 4th and became the 6th member of the Big Brother Jury.

Britney voted for Lane to win Big Brother. Britney was later notified that part of her then-fiance's house had burned down shortly before the season finale. Since the show, Britney ended her relationship with Nick, whom she was engaged to during her summer on Big Brother On March 18,she married her high school sweetheart, Ryan Godwin.

They welcomed their daughter, Tilly Elizabeth Godwin, on July 13, InBritney entered Big Brother 14 to compete for her own separate prize as a "coach" or mentor, along with 3 other returning house guests from past seasons, Dan Big Brother 10Janelle Big Brother 6 and 7and Mike Big Brother 2 and 7.

He is of Italian American descent. Enzo is married to his wife, Joella and has one daughter, Gia. Enzo's sobriquet within his alliance is "The Meow Meow. Enzo's closest friend within his Brigade alliance is Hayden. Enzo was nominated by Britney in Week 7 but was kept unanimously over former Brigade alliance member Matt. Enzo was nominated alongside Ragan by Lane. Lane told Enzo that he was the pawn. However, Enzo won the Power of Veto, the first competition he has won all season and was guaranteed a spot in the final 4.

Enzo was evicted by Hayden on finale night, making him the 7th and final Big Brother 12 Jury member. Enzo voted for Hayden to win Big Brother.

His epithet within his alliance is "The Animal. Aside from the Brigade alliance, Hayden also had a secretive showmance with fellow houseguest Kristen until she was evicted. Hayden was the first Head of Household of the summer. During the first week, Hayden gave Kathy a sock-monkey whom she refers to as "Socks". However, Ragan secured his safety by winning the POV, therefore, removing himself off the block and being replaced with Britney.

britney haynes and lane elenburg relationship

Brendon was evicted by a unanimous vote of and was sent to the Jury House to become the 4th Jury member of the season. In week 9, Hayden won his third HOH of the season and guaranteed himself a spot in the final three. He nominated Lane and Britney for eviction.

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Hayden also won the POV that week, but chose not to use it. Britney was evicted by the only voter that week, Enzo. On finale night, Hayden went head to head with his alliance member and friend, Lane in the final HOH competition.

Hayden won the final HOH competition, giving him the ability to choose who he wanted to take to the final 2. Hayden chose to evict Enzo and take Lane to the final 2 with him.

britney haynes and lane elenburg relationship

She has a year-old son. She is also a survivor of ovarian cancer. Kathy befriended Monet and Britney in the first week, until they were nominated and isolated themselves.

Britney Booted from 'Big Brother' House

Kathy also was friends with Andrew, Annie, Kristen, and Hayden. Kathy was nominated for eviction in Week 3 by Head of Household Matt.

Although initially Kathy was predicted to go home, after heavy campaigning and Andrew's bizarre veto speech, she was saved by a unanimous vote. Kathy was often regarded by the Brigade as an alternate, due to the fact that she was always with the four Brigade members even if they were talking strategy. After beating nominee Rachel in the Week 5 veto competition, Kathy got into a fight with Rachel.

britney haynes and lane elenburg relationship

Rachel said that Kathy doesn't play with character, integrity, and morals because Kathy was cheering that she won and beat Rachel.

Rachel demanded an apology and followed Kathy around the house trying to make her but Kathy never did apologize because Rachel did similar things when she won HOH such as yelling "floaters, grab a life vest. Kathy was evicted by a unanimous vote of Kathy became the second jury member.

Kathy voted for Hayden to win Big Brother. Kristen[ edit ] Kristen Mary Bitting born January 7,30, is a boutique manager from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kristen's closest friends in the house were Hayden and Kathy. When fellow houseguest Andrew Gordon outed the showmance in his good-bye speech, Kristen denied the existence. Kristen left the show in a "hippietard" which was a hippe style unitard and a short afro wig. She won the costume during the Power of Veto competition.

Kristen had a well known fight with houseguest, Rachel and they were enemies inside the house. Rachel accused Kristen of telling her that she would put her up if she won HOH. Rachel also said that she heard Kristen kissing Hayden. Kristen did not accept Rachel's apology which led to a feud that week ending in Head of Household Rachel nominating Kristen and her showmantic partner Hayden for eviction. She was evicted by a vote on Week 4.