Batman and harley relationship quiz

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batman and harley relationship quiz

However, her maniacal attempts at getting rid of Batman have always failed, and despite We are all aware of Harley's toxic relationship with the Clown Prince of Crime, and A Real Star Wars Fan Can Score Higher Than 70% On This Quiz. Are you a Joker or Harley?? (Batman). Feedback. Quiz Image. This quiz is to show if your a dangerous Joker or a lovely Harley Quinn. The debate is up to you . Most of Batman's most notorious foes wind up serving some time in Arkham, including We are all aware of Harley's toxic relationship with the Clown Prince of.

However, audiences fell head over heels with the loving lunatic, who seemed to be much more than just a misunderstood henchwoman. She became an ongoing character in Batman: The Animated Series and then she began appearing in the comics shortly after. No other character has jumped from TV to comics like Harley has. True False 11Harley's character was based off of Carol Burnett. Obviously Harley's creators were inspired by the Harlequin character from back in the day, but one of her creators, Paul Dini, was very good friends with a comedic actress.

He swears she inspired the infamous Batman villainess. Dini witnessed the actress do a skit, where "She was in a fantasy sequence where they were all playing, like, nursery rhyme characters," explained Dini.

And I was thinking, 'Hey that's kind of cool, you know? Let's go with that kind of feel. Kevin Smith is an accomplished director, actor, author, screenwriter, producer, and comedian. Smith became well known in the film business after the success of his low-budget film Clerks. The New Jersey comic book geek married actress Jennifer Schwalbach, and apparently she really loves him because she let him name their daughter, born inafter one of his favorite comic characters.

True False 13She isn't good with weapons. Harleen earned a scholarship to Gotham City University because she was a straight A student and prominent gymnast -- she trained ever since childhood. Her agility and gymnastic abilities have come in handy when she decided to hang up her white coat for a checkered jumpsuit to turn to a life of crime. Her psychiatric training taught her how to manipulate others without even lifting a finger most of the time.

After all, she did impersonate a lawyer and a guard to get out of Arkham. Smart, creative and acrobatically inclined, does she even need any weapons? True False 14Harley is immune to toxins. When she first appeared, her weapon of choice was a comedic oversized mallet. More recently, she's seen wielding a baseball bat, like in Suicide Squad.

Harley also likes to use an oversized revolver that can shoot out laughing gas. Most of her weapons don't usually prove to be effective, but that hasn't stopped Harley from kicking some serious butt when she needs to. Is it just her natural strength and stamina that allows her to go head to head with some of Gotham's most notorious bad guys? True False 15Harley has blue eyes.

Since the Joker's gal appeared in the Batman canons, she has gone through drastic revamps. Her classic red and black jumpsuit has changed to a red and blue getup consisting of not much more than underwear. Originally, she has been portrayed to have blonde hair, then her hair changed to a two-tone black and red, as a nod to her original costume. Now she's seen with the blonde hair, but with blue and red dyed tips.

However, one thing about Harley has not changed: What color eyes does the Clown Princess have? True False 16Harley was granted Amazonian goddess powers.

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Harley was working there as an assistant when the surrogate Catwoman, Holly Robinson joined the shelter. Shortly after, Harley and Holly were brought to Themiscyra to begin Amazon warrior training. However, they never got the chance to properly train because they needed to help free the captured Olympian Gods, who were being held prisoner by Granny Goodness.

In Gotham City Sirens 7, entitled "Holiday Story," the girls go home to visit their families for the holiday season. It's in this issue where we learn a bit more background about the anti-heroine. Harley has a heart-to-heart talk with her father back home in Brooklyn. Did Harley grow up in Coney Island? True False 18Harley is a grandmother. Not much is known about the Quinzel family, and probably with good reason. It turns out, Harley was originally fascinated with psychology because she longed to understand her own broken family.

Her father was a really bad conman, who wound up in prison himself. Sharon, Harley's mother, doesn't quite understand her and wants her to give up the "villain and hero stuff"; meanwhile, her brother Barry is a "loser," who still has dreams of one day being a rockstar. It seems as if her sister is the only stable one, obviously stable enough that Harley trusted her to take care of her only daughter Lucy. As part of the Batman: Over the course of twenty-six issues, we get to follow the ladies of Gotham through a number of adventures.

Everyone knows how much Harley and Ivy care about each other, could she ever really betray her and Selina?

batman and harley relationship quiz

True False 20Harley joins the circus in Coney Island. Harley decides to pack up her life in Gotham and move back to the Big Apple after an old patient of hers from Arkham leaves her his apartment in Coney Island in his will.

It wasn't a big change for her, growing up just a train ride away from the beachside neighborhood known for its eccentrics.

Are you a Joker or Harley?? (Batman)

It's there that she finally starts becoming her own person, breaking free of the Joker and her other Gotham City cohorts. While riding down the boardwalk on her motorcycle, she's protected the homeless and the tourists from mob bosses as well as zombie attacks. However, she still has to make some money, so she joins a crew that allows her to do that.

Fans finally got to witness a kiss in Issue 42, and see their relationship explored further throughout the series. True False 22Harley was a part of the Female Furies. DC's group of female warriors, who were trained by Granny Goodness and loyal to Darkseid, are called the Female Furies. The team first appeared in Mister Miracle 6 in Februaryand have had many different members throughout the years, including Supergirl and Knockout.

Darkseid has used the Female Furies to battle some of the most powerful superheroes, like Superman, Wonder Woman and the Suicide Squad --another team Harley was a member of. Wonder Woman was later recruited to the team, along with Giganta, Batwoman and Catwoman. Was Harley ever a part of this fantastic female led group? True False 23Margot Robbie's portrayal of Harley Quinn was the first time we saw a live-action version of the character. The blonde bombshell stole the show in her first role as the Clown Princess of Crime.

batman and harley relationship quiz

Suicide Squad was a box office success, but a critical flop. Comic book fans were just so excited to see some of their favorite anti-heroes on the big screen for the first time. This doesn't kill him she merely fired a small Joker head at himbut causes him to crash his plane into a building.

Joker, of course, survives, but Batman and Harley very nearly broke their respective codes to try to stop him.

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Some of her later comics have had her explore some stranger relationships, including one with genocidal alien Lobo. However, in one comic, she sets her romantic sights on none other than Bruce Wayne The plot of the comic revolves around Harley trying to steal enough money to win a charity date with Bruce Wayne at an auction. It turns out that the Carp simply wants money to fight corporations that are polluting rivers and killing fish.

Are you a Joker or Harley?? (Batman)

Bruce tries to settle things with his pocket book instead of his fists, but Harley then shows up to beat up the activist and rescue the billionaire. Harley is later visited by Batman, who offers approval for her rescue; the one where she took down a passionate activist and condemned countless fish just so she could go on a date with Bruce. Its popularity was great enough that DC eventually began printing a new comic Batman '66 intended to tell new stories with this iconic version of Batman and Robin.

To make things interesting, this comic eventually introduced its own version of Harley: Like in the main comics, she starts as a psychiatric specialist at Arkham Asylum before striking out as a villain. In one issue, she and Batman convince Arkham's Warden to let Joker set up a special comedy night at the asylum!

As you might have guessed, this is a terrible idea, and the Joker along with Catwoman use the distracting hilarity of the inmates' standup comedy to make their escape. The Dynamic Duo end up capturing them and saving the day, but it's pretty silly even for Adam West's Batman to go along with any plan hatched by the Joker without realizing it's a trap! One of the more shocking universes is the one seen in the Justice League: Gods and Monsters movie.

In this movie, the Justice League is filled with violent thugs who are very different from the heroes we know and love. To promote the movie, producer Bruce Timm and company released a series of online shorts, and in one of them, we see a frightening vampiric Batman.

Here, he's a human-looking vampire and eventually sets his sights on Harley Quinn. Harley is a serial killer who keeps heads in her refrigerator and poses dead bodies in her home. Batman defeats her, and when she surrenders, he bites her. What makes this terrible is how ambiguous it is— it is not clear if Batman is converting Harley or simply feeding on her blood.

batman and harley relationship quiz

Whether he kills her or converts her or lets her go, they are both complicit in her killing rampage. Batman didn't bother to try to stop her until he got hungry. While these games do use much of the voice cast from the Animated Series, they are set in their own universe, and these games often kill or significantly change major characters.

batman and harley relationship quiz

For the first two games, the threat of the Joker looms large, with him threatening the entirety of Gotham City. Despite this threat, both Batman and Harley work to save his life! In the second game, Arkham City, we discover that Joker has been poisoned by the special Titan formula he created in the first game.