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Think of it. Sivir, who is a mercenary but got betrayed by Cassiopeia also gets saved by Azir who is just reborn and she's supposed to be the. Then there was Sivir, descended of Azir's blood, she seemed nice enough . there were even a few couples enjoying the night it seemed by the sounds. she clenched her teeth, what was she doing giving him advice on. 3 days ago Azir Electrocute Build. LoL Champion: Azir. Azir Lethal Tempo Build. LoL Champion: Azir. Azir Comet Build. LoL Champion: Azir. Azir Aery Top.

The weapon shone with gold and emeralds, and though it was ancient, its edge was as sharp as if it had been forged that day. Sivir was transfixed by the crossblade, feeling as if it had been waiting for her. When the captain of the Nashramae guard demanded they return to their lord with his prize, Sivir knew she could never give it up. Sivir threw the crossblade in a curved arc, and marveled as it decapitated not only the captain, but the three men behind him before returning to her hand.

Never had a weapon felt so natural in her grip, so powerful to throw. She fought her way from the tomb to emerge triumphant with the Lord of Nashramae's men dead behind her. Tales of Sivir's exploits and ferocity in battle were already well-known within Shurima, but as her legend grew, her reputation spread beyond even the desert lands. In Noxus, stories of her deeds reached the ears of Cassiopeiaan ambitious noblewoman who desired a relic she believed was hidden in the heart of the desert.

Cassiopeia had no shortage of coin, and hired Sivir as her guide to plunder the depths of the long lost capital of Shurima. Though she instinctively distrusted Cassiopeia, Sivir was not about to dismiss such a profitable expedition.

As they plunged deeper into the twisting catacombs of the buried city, many of Sivir's mercenaries were killed by a slew of deadly traps, but Cassiopeia refused to turn back. After days of endless descent into darkness, Sivir and Cassiopeia finally reached a great bas-relief depicting ancient emperors and Ascended warriors with bestial heads.

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Most of the buried structures they had seen were shattered from millennia spent beneath the sands, but this wall was uncannily intact. Sivir felt her blood stir as she gazed at the carvings, mesmerized by a creeping sense of recognition.

In that moment of inattention, her fate was sealed. Taking advantage of Sivir's distraction, Cassiopeia stepped in close and rammed a blade through her back. Sivir collapsed in agony, her lifeblood soaking into the sand. Cassiopeia pried Sivir's crossblade from her grasp as her senses dimmed like a guttering candle. As warmth faded from her body, death closed in. But fate was not yet done with Sivir.

As her lifeblood drained, her ancestor, the long-dead emperor Azirwas resurrected by the echoes of royalty within her blood. He carried her body to the Oasis of the Dawn, a sacred pool once brimming with healing waters.

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Bone-dry for thousands of years, it now overflowed with crystal water at Azir's presence. The healing waters enveloped Sivir's body, miraculously undoing the fatal wound dealt to her by Cassiopeia. With a labored gasp, Sivir opened her eyes, dazed and uncomprehending, as if dragged from a dream. A vaguely familiar face looked down at her with kindness, and Sivir blinked, unsure if she was alive or dead.

Sivir walked over to the couch and opened up social media on her phone. Two, don't talk to me. Three, if you wanted me to come to therapy, you could have just asked instead of kidnapping me in the middle of the night. No wonder Karma was sleeping.

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I have plenty of respect for my daugh- descendant," screamed Azir waving his hands in the air. Karma pulled out a Chromebook and after typing and clicking around for a bit, a printer turned on and spewed out equal measures of smoke and paper. Karma split the pile in half and stapled each one before handing them to Azir and Sivir. I am the emperor and I speak for the sun disk!

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She went to her desk and came back with a liquor bottle. She popped off the top and began to chug. Then, tell him something he does that you don't like," stated Karma, trying to remain calm.

She's traveling to it, using her powers to fly her towards the desert city that looks to be in trouble. Does it have something to do with Azir's return, who's debut back in was the last time the lore of that region was really elaborated on? What is known of Shurima's lore is pretty fascinating in its own right, though. In Runeterra's present, Shurima has long been destroyed and any recollection of it found in bits and pieces in the sands.

Archaeologists and explorers only knows of its history thanks to what they could piece together in their expeditions.

Long ago, Azir ruled the prosperous capital city with a Xerath as his magus, almost a Jafar sort of counselor. With Xerath's persuasion, Azir would attempt to invoke the Ritual of Ascension, a process that would transform mortal men into demigods, granting them near eternal life and power beyond compare.

Azir was left utterly obliterated by the interruption, and the city around them would be swallowed into the sea of sand. Nasus and Renekton moved quickly to put Xerath down. Xerath was chained to a sarcophagus, but broke free hence the chains and stone pieces and had to be dragged into a tomb, where Renekton sacrificed himself to keep him inside.