Ash ketchum and misty relationship quiz

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ash ketchum and misty relationship quiz

Resume Quiz Restart Quiz The last clue is Ash. Ash is the main character of the anime and had several bird . Can you guess who this Pokemon is? . Misty was one of the original companions of Ash in the anime, and she had a This Pokémon thrives in the sun and also has an interesting relationship with Sun Stones. Read Random from the story Crazy Pokemon Character Quiz! by PersonSayinStuff (Elemeno) They were in the store Ash was in and they were trying to steal Ash's Pikachu. *Original answer: Misty and Prof Oak. . to help the warrior out as she escapes her arranged marriage to one of the princes of the Southern Isles. No i love when they are cute and small not ugly and big well some times. 7. Would you enter contests? A. Only with my best pokemon. B.

And its about my OTP, so I might be a little bit biased. But Im actually gonna treat this post as if it was a theory. So lets start with all the in show signs that Ash and Misty loved each other. In "Ash catches a pokemon" misty starts following Ash and when he questions her about it she replies: I'm holding you responsible for my bike!

I dont think Misty sounded to sure about her reason. In "The water flowers of Cerulean city" Daisy mistys older sister calls Ash her little boyfriend. In "The ghost of Maiden's peak" Misty asks Ash to dance with her and he accepts.

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In "poke ball peril" James say: In "Wherefore Art Thou, Pokemon" Ash ask Misty if people change when they get kissed and she replies "Guess we'll have to find out ourselves In The Heartbreak of Brock Misty says "Take it from me, it's a lot easier to like someone who likes you than to like someone who doesn't.

In "love pokemon style" a girl named Macy Wants a date with Ash, but Misty says he's booked. In Beauty and the beach Ash takes a long stare at Misty in bathing suit and says that she looks like a girl. Judging by the fact that she looks older and is referred to as a Gym Leader, I'm going to guess that this is game Misty. And it's nice to see the older, more mature version get some love. If nothing else, it makes a lot more sense to turn her into fan service than her pre-teen counterpart.

I mentioned before that the game Misty is known for using Starmie as her main fighter. But what is Starmie? Apparently, its appearance bears a strong resemblance to a symbol of the Mesopotamian goddess Inannawhich might explain its mystic powers.

ash ketchum and misty relationship quiz

Yet we must remember that some of these things were exclusive to the English version of the show. Certain things, like Misty's voice, are a lot different in Japanese. But to the fans in that part of the world, that is Misty. In fact, Misty's Japanese voice actress, Mayumi Iizuka, is considered to be quite perfectly cast. As a result, she considers Misty to be the one character she has voiced who most represents herself. This Misty seems to be drawn in a more American style. In fact, she sort of reminds me of the old Batman animated series of the '90s.

And yet, Misty has been tampered with by American companies before. For instance, her crush on Ash was largely the creation of the English dub.

In the Japanese version, the relationship is more implied but not outright stated like in the dub. But the song, however legendary, is not considered canon by the Japanese writers. So yeah, how's that for dubs ruining things?

ash ketchum and misty relationship quiz

She's seen Kanto, Johto, and even the totally made-up Orange Islands. She's also been to all the random places from the movies.

But have you ever kept track of all the awards she's won along the way? She also placed in the Top 8 in the Whirl cup, making it further than even Ash. Meanwhile, Misty has been establishing dominance all over the world. In the anime, the position is technically held by Misty's sisters, although they're often too busy shopping to actually do their job.

As such, anime Misty is often the acting gym leader. But do you ever wonder how she got the job? So they just left, abandoning their gym and their daughters.

Misty is really cute. Of course, people are going to be making tons of fan art and cosplay of her; her design is just too darn appealing. But some people go overboard in their appreciation of her. Rudy was one of the four gym leaders of the islands, but he was more interested in wooing Misty than he was in battling Ash. When you fall for someone, you tend to have a one-track mind.

But Rudy didn't just fall for her. He straight-up asks Misty to marry him. Although usually, it's just one main character and several background characters.

ash ketchum and misty relationship quiz

And she might have done it for much longer, except she was forced to stop. As a result, Lillis and many of her castmates were replaced with cheaper alternatives. Fortunately, the hype returned, and while Misty is no longer a main role, Lillis has come back to voice several minor roles, including Jigglypuff.

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While many of the changes were baffling, the guns made sense. Misty actually slaps Ash many times throughout their journey, but the slaps were all removed in the English version of the show. Kinda paints their relationship in a whole new light But abandoning clothing altogether It was completely unnecessary and scandalous.

It seems that the designers, much like many fan artists, just wanted to combine Misty with fan service. Throughout her journey, Misty is always shown to be a loving and affectionate trainer except to poor Psyduck. She also got Gyarados, once an unruly creature that wouldn't go into its ball, to Mega Evolve.