Akane and ranma relationship poems

Ranma 1/2, Vol. 36 (Ranma ½ (US 2nd), #36) by Rumiko Takahashi

akane and ranma relationship poems

Ranma ½ (TV Series ) on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more (The show also focuses on Ranma and Akane's growing affection/love for each other.) . Akane didn't like the decision at all, and find this prearranged marriage to be a joke. .. Trivia · Goofs · Crazy Credits · Quotes · Alternate Versions · Connections . Ranma and Akane Love by socialgamenews.info on @deviantART. 20 ways Cory and Topanga gave you unrealistic expectations of relationships Chuck and Blair Gossip Girl Chuck, Gossip Girls, Chuck And Blair Quotes, Chuck. board "quotes, Movie quotes and Sad quotes. らんま1/2 乱あ_ranma y akane (ranma 1/2). Akane TendoCool.

Contents [ show ] Biography Akane is the youngest daughter of the Dojo Tendo at age She's frequently the target of all the boys in school who try to beat her in hand-to-hand combat in the hopes of earning her recognition and love. So far only Ranma has succeeded. Unlike all the other girls her age, Akane isn't interested in boys, believing they'll hold her back. Akane took a liking to girl Ranma and said they could be friends. When Ranma took a hot bath and turned back into a boy, Akane's opinion of him completely changed and they've been acting hostile towards each other ever since.

Her family chose her to be engaged to him and carry on the Tendo family dojo. After becoming further upset by his insults, their engagement was not off to a good start. With time, both Akane and her relationship with Ranma mellow out.

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There are hints that the two might love each other more than they'd like to admit. One example is when Akane's hair was chopped off, Ranma told her she looked prettier with short hair and she kept it that length.

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Ryoga Hibiki Ryoga travelled to Tokyo to fight with his long-time rival Ranma. When he's cursed with the ability to turn into a pig when doused with cold water, Akane takes him in without realising who he really is. Ryoga then develops a crush on Akane, giving him even more reason to resent Ranma. Of course, Akane does not like it when Shampoo shows up because Ranma enjoys the attention from Shampoo's affections.

Kuno- the story opens with Kuno fighting physically fighting for Akane's attention and seeks to win her heart. When he meets Ranma in female form, he quickly falls for her.

Ranma 1/2, Vol. 36 (Ranma ½

Ranma does use this to his advantage in several instances, but mostly this is humorous! Ryoga- this boy is always late because he has NO sense of direction.

He was one of my favorites from the beginning- so sweet and cute! He loves Akane and wants to tell her how he feels, but is too shy.

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He turns into a little pig when hit with hot water and Akane does not know that it is Ryoga. The entire series is spent trying to hide this affliction from Akane. She loves the little pig and sleeps with him at night sometimes, not knowing it is Ryoga. Of course, this is not something Ranma approves of, which leads to some very intense battles between Ryoga and Ranma.

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Happosai- this little old pervert trained Genma and Akane's father when they were young and is a very skilled fighter. I did not like this character at first, but he quickly became one of my favorites in the series. He is constanly molesting Ranma's female form, which Ranma will use to his advantage as he usually does. There were some amazing storylines with the battles between Ranma and Happosai.

These are not all of the characters, but the ones that I loved the most. There was some great character development between Ranma and Akane, and their relationship grows slowly through the series.

Their love story is endearing and lovely, with so much drama! The main goal of this series is to watch Ranma and Akane's relationship, along with Ranma's attempts to reverse the results of the accident that makes him turn into a girl everytime he touches cold water.

akane and ranma relationship poems

It's amazing how many buckets of cold water, or kettles of hot water, that these characters find especially during a battle that they use to change the outcome of the battle. The faces, mannerisms, and dialog make this series a pleasure to read.

akane and ranma relationship poems

Many people may complain than there is some repetitive aspects to this series, and I can see it. But since I love the series so much, it never bothered me. I am already craving more and can see myself reading this series again soon!!