Agamemnon and orestes relationship

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agamemnon and orestes relationship

Apr 15, From these relationships, what can we learn about the proper relationship In addition to Pisastratus, Agamemnon's son, Orestes was. In Greek mythology, Orestes was the prince who avenged the murder of his father , King Agamemnon of Mycenae, by killing his own mother, Clytemnestra. Orestes was the son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra in Greek mythology, who was hunted by the Erinyes after he killed his mother. The story of Orestes.

Orestes play As Aeschylus tells it, the punishment ended there, but according to Euripides, in order to escape the persecutions of the Erinyes, Orestes was ordered by Apollo to go to Tauriscarry off the statue of Artemis which had fallen from heaven, and to bring it to Athens.

He went to Tauris with Pyladesand the pair were at once imprisoned by the people, among whom the custom was to sacrifice all Greek strangers to Artemis.

agamemnon and orestes relationship

The priestess of Artemis, whose duty it was to perform the sacrifice, was Orestes' sister Iphigenia. She offered to release him if he would carry home a letter from her to Greece; he refused to go, but bids Pylades to take the letter while he stays to be slain.

After a conflict of mutual affection, Pylades at last yielded, but the letter brought about the recognition of brother and sister, and all three escaped together, carrying with them the image of Artemis.

Other literature and media[ edit ] After his return to Greece, Orestes took possession of his father's kingdom of Mycenae killing Aegisthus' son, Alete to which were added Argos and Laconia. He was said to have died of a snakebite in Arcadia. His body was conveyed to Sparta for burial where he was the object of a cult or, according to a Roman legend, to Aricia, when it was removed to Rome Servius on Aeneidii.

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Things soon changed after Orestes committed matricide: Menelaus then gave his daughter to Neoptolemusson of Achilles and Deidamia. According to Euripides' play Andromache, Orestes slew Neoptolemus just outside a temple and took off with Hermione. He seized Argos and Arcadia after their thrones had become vacant, becoming ruler of all the Peloponnesus.

His son by Hermione, Tisamenusbecame ruler after him but was eventually killed by the Heracleidae.

Classics Summarized: The Oresteia

There is extant a Latin epic poemconsisting of about hexameterscalled Orestes Tragoedia, which has been ascribed to Dracontius of Carthage. Murder of Aegisthus by Orestes and Pylades - red-figure Apulian oinochoe wine jugc. These legends belong to an age when higher ideas of law and of social duty were being established; the implacable blood-feud of primitive society gives place to a fair trial, and in Athens, when the votes of the judges are evenly divided, mercy prevails.

In one version of the story of Telephusthe infant Orestes was kidnapped by King Telephus, who used him as leverage in his demand that Achilles heal him.

The Oresteia

According to some sources, Orestes fathered Penthilus by his half-sister, Erigone. Lichas discovered the body, which measured 7 cubits long around 10 feet, or 3. Thus Orestes would have been a Giant.

Orestes and Pylades[ edit ] Orestes and Pylades, attributed to Pasiteles school The intense relationship between Orestes and Pylades was presented by some Greek writers as romantic or homoerotic.

A dialogue entitled Erotes "Affairs of the Heart" and attributed to Lucian compares the merits and advantages of heterosexuality and homoeroticism, and Orestes and Pylades are presented as the principal representatives of homoerotic friendship: Agamemnon is the older brother of Menelaus, whose wife Helen was stolen by a Trojan prince, thus igniting a decade-long war.

agamemnon and orestes relationship

He sacrifices his daughter, Iphigenia, in order to obtain a favourable wind to carry the Greek fleet to Troy. He is a central figure in the play due to the fact that all of the acts of vengeance committed in the play stem directly from his sacrificial murder of his daughter. Clytemnestra avenges her death by killing Agamemnon, continuing and setting in greater motion the cycle of blood violence.

agamemnon and orestes relationship

He is represented by his proxy, Pylades. However, Apollo has also promised that Orestes will not have to pay for his crimes, in direct contrast to the cycle of vengeance. Athena — Daughter of Zeus and goddess of war, wisdom, and crafts.

agamemnon and orestes relationship

She is a rational goddess, young and intelligent like her half-brother Apollo, but she possesses greater wisdom than he. Apollo gave her the gift of prophecy, but when she refused to bear him a child, he punished her by making all around her disbelieve her predictions.

They represent the common interests and ideals of society and frequently comment on the action in highly lyrical odes.

agamemnon and orestes relationship

The chorus shows itself to be willing to intervene in the action in order to bring about the desired results. They are certain that Orestes is the agent of Justice and they will do anything in their power to help him.

The ancient spirits of vengeance, the Furies ensure that no blood crime goes unpunished. They inflict horrible diseases and torment upon those who thwart their laws. Although Orestes obeys and carries out their commands, the Furies do not favour him because of it, but rather come after him at the end of the play.

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