Winx club bloom and sky first meet fanfiction search

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winx club bloom and sky first meet fanfiction search

For every story of any kind that introduces the descendants of the Winx Club, preferably in groups. I don't judge based on quality so you will find literally everything in this archive. Bloom and Sky's daughter has a mysterious power, which no one knows. English isn't my first language, so sorry for the bad grammar. She was surprised to find sky their. SKY! Said Bloom. BLOOM! My parents want to meet you Sky moves over to Bloom and holds her. They told me they will find me a perfect match. We don't own the Winx Club and the show Marriage at first sight.) Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/Romance - [ Bloom, Sky] [Winx Club, Specialists] - Chapters: 29 - Words: 23, I really hope that this meeting is to tell me that they have found me a match.

Have a chocolate kiss! I can fix this! I have a feeling the boys are planning some kind of an unexpected entrance, so we better look good" Stella said pushing everyone to their rooms "I'm not getting dressed, I don't have to impress anyone" I said with a laugh looking down at my white shorts, pink short sleeved t-shirt, and my messy hair.

I went to the kitchen area of our apartment.

Let's see, what do we have on a Sunday morning? I raided the cabinet, finding an almost empty box of Fruity Pebbles. I got a bowl out and filled it up. I picked up my bowl, going to the fridge and getting out the milk. I put the edge of the bowl into my mouth, using my hands to fill it with milk. I took the bowl out of my mouth, grabbing a spoon from the drawer.

winx club bloom and sky first meet fanfiction search

I got a muffin out o the cabinet, holding it in my mouth. Now here's the mission, I have to get to the couch without dropping anything! I started walking when suddenly the doorbell rang. I went to the door, bending back and balancing my bowl on my nose. I unlocked the door, unable to see who was there.

That was definitely Timmy's voice "Ssssuuuppp" I said, but it didn't come out clearly "That's an attractive position" I heard somebody say…. I laughed, quickly stopping myself so I wouldn't make anything tip. We have flowers" I heard Sky say I took the bowl off my nose, then pointed to their rooms.

winx club bloom and sky first meet fanfiction search

I looked up and saw it coming straight toward my face so I quickly made a sprint on the floor. The bowl crashed onto the floor making a big crash, milk spilling everywhere. Not to mention my blueberry muffin hitting Helia, right in the face. The guys all started cracking up. I lifted my head up. My hair had fallen out of it's rubber band and was ot scattered all over my face.

I wiped the hair away then looked up. Helia bent down, holding out the blueberry muffin. Oh gosh, Helia just saw me have like a spaz attack! Not to mention he's seeing me in these clothes, my hair not even brushed.

winx club bloom and sky first meet fanfiction search

This is your big entrance? We were expecting more from the great specialists" Musa said playfully "We have flowers! I'll just clean this up…. I went into the kitchen grabbing a rag. The 2 of us crouched down and began to wipe down the mess. The rags were soon filled entirely with milk, all soggy and heavy. Helia carefully picked up the glass of the floor, placing it in the garbage can.

His laugh is so attractive…. I like it, it's cute.

I went into the wash room, placing them in the white's pile, then I joined Helia in the kitchen. Might as well make some more" I said getting another bowl out. I filled it up again, and put milk in. I then joined Helia at the table. Do you want something? The table faced the living room so we saw the girls and guys making out.

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It was starting to heat up. Helia leaned over to me. I froze, getting nervous. My face burned red.

winx club bloom and sky first meet fanfiction search

Do you think it's wrong that we're watching? We have to get ready for the ball tonight" Stella said "We have 6 hours Stell" I said "Beauty has no limits" Stella said "Oh come on Stella, they can stay! I have to get you guys ready! That totally makes the whole masquerade thing just dumb" I said "Flora's right" Stella said "I don't need to know what you're wearing. I know your touch any where" Nabu said taking Layla's hand.

Layla giggled, giving him a last peck on the cheek. Your review has been posted. She span on the spot a couple of times not quite believing it all, she was here, after four years of hard searching, physically, mentally and emotionally, here she stood in her grand ball room.

This day, of all days, was to be special, but to her, it was just another ordinary day, another day were she had to plaster that huge fake smile on her face once more. She had to pretend to be extremely happy; the truth of it all is she isn't.

winx club bloom and sky first meet fanfiction search

This is our welcome home ball, please be happy, it tears me apart to see you so sad Bloom. She had just sighed a little and plastered a fake as can be smile and simply said.

Almost a year ago now, she had stood in this very ball room, but then it was a complete wreck, the ceiling had slightly collapsed, and half of the far wall had fallen down, and showed the frozen ground outside the castle. But that time she stood in this exact spot in a pair of thick woolly trousers, a thick coat with a fur lined hood, thick hard capped boots, and she hadn't stood on her own like she was now.

She was then surrounded by ten other people, her best friends, well that's all different now. About half a year ago was the last time she had seen any of her "friends. She walked like a true princess should, head held high, never looking at the ground, back straight, feet aligned, shoulders back, smile on her face, this look showed she was confident, brave, happy and most of all; happy.

But on the inside her heart practically shouted something else, inside she was an emotional wreck, her heart was as frozen as her planet had once been.

But never did she let this show on her face, well not in public anyways, she hadn't broke yet, and yet she still didn't want to.