Watch asterix and obelix meet cleopatra cartoon book

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watch asterix and obelix meet cleopatra cartoon book

Ast rix & Ob lix: Mission Cl op tre (Asterix and Obelix Meet Cleopatra) .. of crazy ideas, good jokes, movies quotes and (pop) culture references that it's a pleasure to watch. movie reminds me in my childhood based on the comic book. The funniest book in the series, Asterix and the Legionary sees the Gaul duo join an homage to French actor Jean Marais, who melts the frame even in comic form. Watch Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra right here. Other changes from the Asterix and Cleopatra comic include since the original comic book was in part inspired by the epic films of the This scene, and the scenes of the construction of the palace, are a joy to watch as the . comic; the live action film Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra was as well.

Review of the Film Asterix and Cleopatra was especially suited to a screen adaptation, since the original comic book was in part inspired by the epic films of the s and early s, in particular 's Cleopatra, starring Elizabeth Taylor.

These Romans are crazy! The 7 best Asterix books you need to read | Guide

This is shown not only in the presentation of Cleopatra but also in the tagline used, 'The Greatest Story Ever Drawn'. The opening shot of the harbour and town of Alexandria, complete with Pharoscan only be described as sumptuous. This scene, and the scenes of the construction of the palace, are a joy to watch as the eye is kept busy trying to keep track of all that is occurring.

watch asterix and obelix meet cleopatra cartoon book

After Asterix the Gaul, Asterix and Cleopatra is confident and experimental, both visually and in terms of the plot. It doesn't feel it needs to stay confined in a scene-by-scene recreation of the comic as Asterix the Gaul did. It adds little touches to scenes, such as showing Edifis' houses collapsing, increasing the emphasis on the wobbliness of his staircase by making the staircase much taller and adding a xylophone noise. Some small changes, for instance Krukhut now riding a camel rather than a horse as he did in the comic book, would not normally be noticed but help convey the Egyptian atmosphere.

Another change is the addition of a hieroglyph of Father Christmas in the pyramid. This is the sort of blink-and-you'll-miss-it subtle joke that this film excels at. Similarly, there is an excellent cut from the galley taking the Gauls to Egypt to a similar, but toy, galley in Queen Cleopatra's bath.

The film opens with a prologue explaining that although the Egyptians at the time spoke in hieroglyphics, the film has been dubbed to be understandable and so the character's mouths might not be perfectly synchronous with their voices. This joke is straight out of the comic, but works well on screen, as Asterix and Cleopatra was made with the intention of being dubbed into languages other than French.

These Romans are crazy! The 7 best Asterix books you need to read

Unlike Asterix the Gaul, where the only visible sign of the magic potion was the strength it gave, in Asterix and Cleopatra, when Asterix drinks some magic potion he flashes, shoots in the air leaving a flaming trail, rotates and the wings on his helmet flap.

There is still a large use of limited animation and repeating the same action, most noticeable when Obelix is breaking out of the various prisons, and also in the scenes of the palace being built.

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The palace scenes are well worth looking at, however, even though they are repetitive, as they contain such detail that they dazzle the audience with the amount of action going on. Songs Asterix and Cleopatra is the Asterix animated film with the best film soundtrack, containing three humorous and amusing songs with catchy tunes.

The first is sung by Cleopatra and her slaves when she is enjoying a bath, replacing the Asterix and Cleopatra comic's pearl tasting scene. This has an Egyptian theme, belly dancers and, best of all, a clumsy, belly-dancing lion.

The second song, sung by a very hungry Obelix in the desert about the joys of food, features a singing cheese and meat dancing, doing a can-can. Both Artifis and Edgar sing while preparing their concoctions.

Just as initially Artifis puts in one cup full of poison and then changes his mind and adds another to his stirring pot, Edgar adds two doses of sleeping pills into the pot he is stirring.

watch asterix and obelix meet cleopatra cartoon book

In Asterix and Cleopatra while the cake is prepared, a mouse wearing an Egyptian headdress leaves his mousehole when he smells the cake, his mouth waters but then he staggers back to his mousehole. Other similarities between the films include singing felines cats in The AristoCats and a lion in Asterix and Cleopatra and jazzy songs. Asterix and Cleopatra is the first Asterix film in which characters are arrested, in this case Asterix, Obelix and Getafix.

For the first time, Obelix tells Asterix he wants to train Dogmatix to fetch menhirs. This is a view that is historically accurate and can be seen in Roman texts.

Although such texts, describing the world for a Roman audience, can be expected to be biased against everywhere other than Rome, a book on a neutral subject, such as architecture, for instance, casually mentioning views on the Egyptians and Gauls, shows what the commonly held beliefs were.

In these he states: While the southern peoples [including Egyptians] are of acute intelligence and infinite resource in planning, they give way when courage is demanded Those who are born in colder regions [such as Gauls], by their fearless courage are better equipped for the clash of arms, yet by their slowness of mind they rush on without reflections. It is in the true mean within the space of all the world For in Italy the inhabitants are exactly tempered in either direction Thus the divine mind placed the state of the Roman people in an excellent and temperate region in order that it might obtain dominion over the whole world.

Mission Cleopatra was as well. This was the second Asterix live action film and was the most expensive French film made at the time.

It is available in two English versions — the English subtitled version and a 20 minute shorter English dubbed version. Time spent reading heavily-thumbed library copies of Asterix stuck together with masking tape is a tween-age rite-of-passage ranking alongside slumber parties, fumbled first kisses and trampoline injuries.

watch asterix and obelix meet cleopatra cartoon book

For those looking to reconnect with their childhood reading passions, or influence another generation, Asterix has real appeal. Much of the humour, history and cultural allusions is pitched way above your eight-year-old self. This story rips along at a rapid rate compared to that famous flat four-hour filmic flop.

When Caesar flippantly intimates that Egypt has faded to being a second-rate nation, Queen Cleopatra makes a bet that her best architect, Edifis, can produce a palace every bit as impressive as the pyramids or Sphinx in only three months. Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix [making his book debut] journey to Egypt to help win the bet over Caesar.

Obelix has fallen for the beautiful Panacea but quickly finds she is betrothed to another, Tragicomix, who has been conscripted into the Roman army and sent to Africa.

Asterix and Obelix: Mansion of the Gods () - IMDb

Obelix volunteers to join the legionnaires and bring him back from the battlefields of the Roman civil war — but first he must get through the fierce training from Romans Nefarius Purpus and Dubius Status. Tragicomix is drawn as an homage to French actor Jean Marais, who melts the frame even in comic form. What do you keep on saying what for? Always the most well-thumbed copy in the school library, Asterix in Britain tells the story of Asterix and Obelix's trek to Roman-occupied Blighty, as ruled by governor Encyclopaedius Britannicus.

Writer Goscinny placed a note in the English version just in case the Brits took real offence at the French jibing.