Wake up and meet the puppy

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wake up and meet the puppy

Meet the Puppies of Leanplum. Sarah Racker Meet Penny & Coco. About your human: I don't believe in waking up for less. Favorite mobile. Every day starts the same: Charlie is woken up by his puppy raiser, Olivia Poff, and eats breakfast Meet TODAY's new puppy with a purpose. GDA does not leave you empty handed after you pick up your puppy. The puppy should be allowed to explore and meet his new family.

Lots of test coughing by everyone in the home and I no longer run away. My day began with a trip to a company that have raised money for Guide Dogs, and I got to meet all the staff and explore their offices. Then I had a lovely play with my brother at the Guide Dog office — I will let my brother tell you all about that! The day did not end there; there was a big party with lots of people all coming to see me and dance and eat and have fun.

Ok, they may not have been there just to meet me, but I soon became an extra special guest at the birthday party. I was pretty tired after my big day yesterday, but still enjoyed some small outings to Coles and the Botanical Gardens.

I loved the Gardens; so many interesting surfaces to learn to walk on, steps to climb and dry leaves to snack on whoops. I am a calm pup and take everything in as I walk through different environments. Each day she would go a little further and start interacting with the other animals in the house or at the office. Finally, after a month or so, she started to hold her head up high, gain some pep in her step, curl her tail upwards. Lucy had found her inner dog and started strutting around like the princess she became.

Potty training was another story! Lucy had no clue that she was supposed to eliminate outside. All she knew was going potty in the cage.

wake up and meet the puppy

Numerous times a day we took her outside and encouraged her to go potty. We tried everything, with no success. Finally, after leaving her outside in the yard with the other two dogs, she decided to follow behind them and investigate. Each of them had done their business in the yard and she was checking it out!

Meet Lucy – The Story of an Abandoned Puppy-Mill Dog

Nature must have taken over. There is something to be said for being one of the pack. From that point on, Lucy connected the dots regarding potty training. Over the course of three months, Lucy had learned to eat from a bowl. Take lessons on how to be a dog from the other dogs in the house, developed a fondness for car rides, and mastered walking on a leash. She continued to twirl in circles, but the size of the circles became larger.

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Lucy was walking proud and holding her fluffy tail up high. She cowered less and wagged her tail more. There was only one challenge left to overcome, her separation anxiety.

wake up and meet the puppy

This bundle of life literally had fallen deeply in love with me, and me with her. Who was I kidding? She was no longer a foster. Lucy had become part of our family. I was not looking for her, nor did I want her. Every morning our pack had a routine. My husband would wake up early feed them, and let them out.

When I was ready to head to the office, the dogs would be waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs with their tails wagging. Together we all paraded to the garage and piled into my car. Lucy even had her own car seat, so she could look out the window. I had no problem with Stetson when I first got him home. You have to watch them like a hawk or they will end up using your house as their personal restroom.

Meet the Puppies of Leanplum | Leanplum

Stetson had some accidents here and there, but nothing out of the ordinary. The agony came in the evening. Stetson did NOT take to the crate! He whined, and howled, and cried, and barked…probably made every noise he could possibly produce, but would not relax and go to sleep. He did sleep once in a while honestly I felt like a zombie for over a month.

During those first 4 weeks the most sleep I got was approximately 6 hours, broken up 3 or 4 times a night by whining, howling, barking…you get the picture. I was a wreck and I thought Stetson would never get used to his crate. Awww, first night home with puppy Stetson was…sleepless… I have two words for you — consistent and patient.

After about 4 weeks of consistently sticking to my guns, not letting him out of his crate, and praising him when he was quiet Stetson suddenly stopped making noise in his crate. In the long run it pays off.

wake up and meet the puppy

Stetson has not barked, howled, or whined in months. Let him get comfortable in his new environment. Start training your puppy immediately with basics like potty training, name, and crate. Always supervise your puppy.

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Use a small crate near your bed.