The word bette and jodi meet joe

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If Tina meets someone on OurChart, then this is officially really no longer .. Why did Joe from “brothers and sisters” throw bette into the lake?. In the context of the six seasons of The L Word very little is said about Tina's Bette and Tina met when Tina's then-boyfriend Eric took her to the Bette Porter .. Bailey Joe Fenton - Stephen Boxer Recurring characters Tony Corrigan - Ian . The L Word Bette Porter Tina Kennard. Introductions are made and Tina and I meet Nancy and Isabelle, Laban and “Look, we're not talking about just any “ Crazy Joe” sitting on a park bench talking to invisible pigeons.

the word bette and jodi meet joe

Natalie Portman wins for passing on this movie, Shane for her priceless facial expressions and Tina for her cool cathood. OurChart, A Place for Friends: That aside … ZOMG: Totally, you told Leisha Hailey.

Bette Porter

I did say that when I met Leisha. I swear, no one pays attention to me ever. The ominous army music begins.

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Good scene, go EZ Girl. Dean Porter is visited by That Girl. You know — that girl. The one who likes to raise a fuss just to relish in the joy of hearing her own voice out loud, sharing her feelings and imposing her opinion on others.

Like anyone knows her last name except for you, Riese. Back in the gigantic boardroom used for every boardroom scene ever, Team Lez Girls is pondering protagonist casting. That should be my new banner: People are much more comfy sitting down. No one would rather have anyone than Natalie Portman.

Not even the Little Drummer Girl, Adele: I mean, because she quit smoking. Aaron wants Jenny to love Nikki as if it was her own idea. Scenes From After Going to the Mall: Shane and Alice try to be Tina's wingmen but Tina's obvious, lingering affection for Bette, who is now involved with artist Jodi Lerneraffects her dating prospects.

She soon meets a woman whom Tina ends up sleeping with her on the first date. Later Bette finds out and Bette's jealousy over Tina's new girlfriend is the probable cause of a surprising moment in their self-defense class.

Later that evening, they catch the other alone in a bar lounge. Unable to hide their mutual longing for each other, they kiss.

Soon Tina begins an affair with Bette. For a while, both Tina and Bette wonder if what is happening to them is nothing more than a sexual reconnection. During a blackout, Bette and Tina get stuck in an elevator on their way to their Couples therapist.

It is here that they confess each other's fears and, most importantly, the love they have for each other. They both agree to keep the affair a secret until after the Subaru Pink Ride.

The truth of the affair comes out during the camp fire " I Never " game. Bette admits to her sister Kit that she loves Tina while Tina also admits to Shane and Alice that she too still loves Bette. After Bette breaks off the relationship and endures a shocking public humiliation at the first exhibition of a new Jodi Lerner piece, Bette finds comfort with Tina at the Lez Girls' wrap party. Season 6 Tina moves back in with Bette, and they decide to adopt a second child.

In preparation, they begin to add an expensive extension to their house.

Tina Kennard

The pair finally meet young pregnant Marci in Nevada, an underprivileged caucasian woman expecting a half African-American son. Despite the fact that Marci's family rejects the notion of giving the child to a lesbian couple, Marci agrees to give Tina and Bette her child. However, this transaction is threatened when Joyce Wishnea informs the pair that Nevada law does not permit adoption to same sex couples. A solution is reached when Bette and Tina agree to board Marci during her pregnancy, but when they arrive to the Los Angeles bus station to meet her, Marci is not on the bus.

They later appear to abandon the hope of adopting Marci's child. Tina unknownly accepts a lunch meeting with filmmaker Dylan Morelandonly to learn that Dylan used the meeting as an excuse to recruit Tina to help her win back her ex-lover Helena.

Tina refuses this request.

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Meanwhile, Tina's job at the studio is threatened when the Lez Girls negative is stolen. Tina's boss Aaron believes Jenny is responsible for the theft and orders Tina to retrieve the negative from her. But when Tina confronts her, Jenny claims innocence and soon suggests that the film's hedge fund millionaire producer William was probably the true thief.

Later, the negative is ransomed via correspondence faxed to the studio, signed by Tina and thereby implicating her as the thief. Tina is incredulous and afraid for her job, but finally snaps when she sees Aaron and William at a dinner meeting with new clients that she wasn't informed of. Believing herself to be already fired, she causes a scene, angrily accuses Aaron of mistreatment and William of theft, and quits. Also in this season, Bette reconnects with her college crush Kelly Wentworth, and the pair open an art gallery together.

We texted her at about two, twice, to see if she wanted to hang out and got no response. Then when we decided to watch the show on Saturday night, we somehow miscommunicated that Alex had reached out once again and told Carly about our plans. Alex has confirmed that she did not do this. Also, we love her, etc.

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Haviland [speaking too soon]: Well, that was nice, did we all have fun? Okay, now the pain begins. You may remember this from the preview. Is this boring to read about? It was also boring to watch. Luckily, Alice has the solution: The T is for TransTastic, Obvs: I thought she was in The Vortex.

I Walk For Dana Fairbanks: Then they begin discussing the Breast Cancer Walk.

the word bette and jodi meet joe

Wanna know about that? This is the most erotic moment of the episode, we almost died. And The Winner Is …: Jodi I guess, she did get what she wanted. I would have to say I agree with her. I miss Sex and the City.