The lying game sutton and emma meet fire

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The first season of The Lying Game, based on the book series of the same name by Sara Shepard. The series premiered on August 15, and concluded on March 5, on ABC Family. It follows long-lost twins Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer. Along the way, Emma meets Ethan, Sutton's secret boyfriend who soon . The relationship between Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer is based on their When Emma was three years old, there was a fire at she and Annie's home, . Emma and Sutton never met before Sutton died and her Spirit watches over her. 'The Lying Game' Recap: Emma & Sutton Both Dream About A Fire! Hopefully as the season progresses she'll meet some new, nicer girls.

Besides, I like the sound of it. I guess I will have to learn how to tell you two apart. Where are you from? She and Rebecca had twins in the same hospital, the same day, and her twins were stillborn. When she found out that Rebecca was giving up two girls, she found my adoptive family and claimed she was my birth mother. The courts gave me to here and she disappeared with me before my adoptive family could fight for me. There was a fire and somehow I ended up in foster care and Annie Hobbs ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

Emma and Sutton

I am certain Alec Rybak had something to do with all of that. I — we would have taken both of you. Mom, in the time I've spent with you, I really have come to think of you all as my family. Emma noticed and sighed with relief when she found the turn off for the Mercer home. And Sutton and I will be able to answer most of them.

the lying game sutton and emma meet fire

But I think you should save them for morning. At least until morning? We've been taking turns staying out there during the switch. She finally voiced another, "Why did Alec keep the twin secret for so long? Does what happened to him have to do with the twin secret?

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Sutton and I will try to answer as much as we can in the morning. Emma sank onto the couch, her forehead touching her knees as she slumped in relief. She jumped up when the door opened, and Ted, Laurel, and Sutton came in, chatting quietly.

Dazed, full of questions, and probably will upset in the morning, but she was fine. I don't know why. I'm just as surprised as you are," Emma said, then trying to be accommodating, said, "If you guys feel uncomfortable with me calling her mom, I can just call her Kristin.

She is just as your mom as she is mine. Dad, I know you want to stay, but I think Mom might be more comfortable with you coming over in the morning.

Each of his daughters hugged him, Emma's hug lasting the longest. Sutton Sutton watched jealousy as Laurel helped Emma make up the couch for Emma. All these changes in her life made her wish for Ethan, but she knew that he had finally told Emma that he just wanted to help Dan get through losing Theresa and that his final choice would be neither of them. And besides, she had sort of had finally except that Ethan was in love with Emma.

Even if it still hurt. She sighed, drawing her twin's attention. Emma hugged Laurel told her good night, and went into in the kitchen.

the lying game sutton and emma meet fire

She brought out the bottle of wine. Emma said, "I don't want us to drink this whole bottle, but I think we need something to relax.

And I think we should try playing "Never Have I. Sutton looked at her, surprised. Emma shrugged, "We both have things to get off our chests. No more switching games? Kristin hasn't completely processed the whole thing yet. Anger and more tears could still come," she sipped her own wine, "I'm scared that Kristin will still end up rejecting me. He was kind of scary actually.

Thayer's been acting weird and I wanted to have the whole "we can still be friends" conversation with him. Since I got here, I've been dating someone- Luke when I pretending to be you. Ethan, both as myself and you. I'm not going to date anyone until Theresa's killer is caught and I can make it up to Dan for making Ethan tell lies and keep secrets from him.

I think both of us just need to give up on boys for a while. Emma yawned, ending their discussion early. Sutton said, "I'm going to bed. She walked back to the living room; Sutton was standing by the couch, running her hands over the quilt.

She met Emma's eyes, and said, "Emma, I never completely apologized for everything- kissing Ethan, sleeping with him, working with Rebecca, and lying to you for so long. So here it is: Sutton walked out of the room and it became quiet. She raised her eyebrow. Can you video call Emma? She drove Kristin home. Kristin unofficially welcomed her to the family. She's sleeping on the couch until further notice," Sutton disappeared out her door and a few seconds later reentered with her twin.

Sutton and Emma switch places. 1.01

He's in a coma. The doctor's don't know when he'll wake up, but his brain is showing activity, his heartbeat is strong, and most of his wounds are superficial.

His head wound was caused by glass from the skylight.

The Lying Game

Dan says there was a note in his pocket that said, "Meet me on the roof. There was a weird pause. Good night," Sutton and Emma watched Ethan leave again. Muffins were pulled out of the oven and Emma eagerly grabbed one already cooling while Sutton fixed herself a tofu scramble.

She wasn't smiling, but her eyes held a twinkle. Dare said it was possible, and she would have her office transfer all your files to the social service offices here and they will assign you a new social worker. I called your school and had your files moved faxed to the registration office here and enrolled you at Arroyo. You didn't waste time," Sutton wasn't surprised, really, she knew that Kristin would welcome Emma this way, when she first found her twin.

Emma beamed, "Thank you so much, Mom. Ted chose to walk in at that moment, "Yes, we are. This chapter ended up being far longer than I meant for it. A little over 8 pages in a word document, and a total of 3, words. Anyway, I would like think that Kristin would welcome Emma into the family.

She seems like she would, but would want answers. And Alec will be fine, because even though he lied for so long, I sense that he has a high protective instinct- he protected Ted, the twins and his children, so he cannot be all bad.

His motives behind not letting Ted know that there were twins were spurious, but he was trying to help Ted, I think. Okay, you know what to do. Later, Emma shows Kristin the locket that Sutton and Thayer had found. Sutton and Thayer approach Dan and Theresa for help, but Dan tells them to drop the case. Kristin begins distancing herself from Ted since she is now certain that he had lied to her. Emma goes to Thayer for support and he begins to show feelings towards her.

Kristin finds out about the affair, with neither Rebecca nor Ted denying it. She leaves the dinner with Emma as Sutton and Laurel by her side. Ethan and Sutton break into Rebecca's house during the dinner, looking for clues. They stumble upon the photo of Alec at the crime scene on her computer. Ted and Alec have a fall-out, with Ted angrily telling Alec that he never had his back - Alec reminds him that Kristin doesn't know "half the secret.

Laurel shuts the door on a guilty Ted when he decides to come home. Emma as Sutton confronts Rebecca right before the wedding, but she insists that Alec was with her the entire night of Derek's murder. Dan and his police crew do a thorough search of Alec's house while the Rybaks are gone and find the murder weapon, a bloody tire iron, in his golf club bag. Alec gets arrested right after he is officially married. Ethan decides to go to the wedding to find Emma, but instead, sees her hugging Thayer.

Sutton is shown overlooking the entire event and Rebecca walks in, with Sutton addressing her as "Mom". It is later revealed that Sutton and Rebecca had known about each other for some time and had planned for the events to occur.

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