Tasm 2 peter and gwen meet

tasm 2 peter and gwen meet

Peter Parker develops powers after getting bitten by a radioactive spider. yet introduced Mary Jane, The Amazing Spider-Man signaled that it was Bryce Dallas Howard in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3 didn't meet the same. (Part 1) The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Gwen and Peter meet up after a year and decide to set up some ground rules. Peter and Gwen TASM Spider Man 2, Spider Gwen, Tom Peters, Shaheer Sheikh . (Part 3) The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Gwen and Peter meet up.

Peter manages to catch her and professes his love for her, and the two agree to go to England together. They are interrupted by a blackout caused by Electro. Peter takes Gwen down where the police are and Gwen helps him with his web-shooters to go against Electro. Peter heads off to fight with Electro having the upper-hand. As Electro has Spider-Man in the air and is electrocuting him, Gwen comes in a police car and hits Electro, against Peter's demands.

The two plan to defeat Electro by overloading his electricity supply. Goblin takes Gwen and drops her where Spider-Man catches her. The two fight at the top of a clock tower, and Spider-Man manages to subdue the Goblin. However, during the fight, Gwen falls and is supported by a web connected to one of the gears.

The gears turns which caused to cut the web, and Gwen again falls. Goblin is then defeated and Peter tries to save Gwen by diving after her and using his web. Before Gwen hits the ground Peter's web reaches her and stops the fall.

Unfortunately, the web stretches and Gwen hits her head on the floor, which causes her to die instantly. Peter is inspired by a recording of Gwen's graduation speech and makes his return as Spider-Man to fight Rhino to keep her memory and beliefs, including her love for him, alive.

Instead, she buried herself in work, moving Oscorp's robotics division under the tutelage of the chivalrous and intelligent Alistaire Smythe.

tasm 2 peter and gwen meet

Still, she suspected something was up at Oscorp and snuck Peter in one evening to help her check things out. Little did she realize that Peter's arrival would spark a riot among Oscorp's remaining cross-species specimens and her infection with the cross-species virus. Though sequestered to quarantine within Oscorp Tower, Gwen fought off her illness as best she could, as she did what she could from her position to help Spider-Man save the day.

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Whether updating Spidey on the level of contamination, hacking into computers, or reprogramming Smythe's robots to do her bidding, Gwen was on it.

I'm gonna take away yours. I told you I would be back! Dialogue[ edit ] Norman Osborn: You have such potential, Harry.

tasm 2 peter and gwen meet

Such fierce intelligence, and you're throwing it all away. No, you threw me away! You kicked me off to Boarding School, when I was eleven. On my 16th birthday, you sent me Scotch! Or, one of your assistants did, anyway. I'm pretty sure, because, the card wrote "With complements, Norman Osborn.

I don't expect forgiveness from you anymore. I don't believe in miracles.

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How could you possibly understand that your childhood had to be sacrificed, for something greater? And not just for me; for you! Has your hand started to twitch yet?

When you lie awake, and feel it coming, crawling under your skin, waiting to show itself? To show you who you really are? I never told you Our disease, the "Osborn Curse.

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Your hand, give it to me. The greatest inheritance I can give you, isn't merely money; it's this. The sum total of my life's work.

Everything I did to stay alive. Maybe you can succeed where I failed. I cannot believe my eyes! Just the guy I wanted to see. I wanna help you, Mr. Osborn, I really, really do If our blood is incompatible, with the wrong mixing, you could die. Your blood can't make me die more. But it could do something worse. How much do you want? You want a boat?

I don't want your money. I thought you were supposed to save people. That's what you do, you're supposed to save people's lives! And now, y-you're just gonna let me die? Look, I'm just trying to protect you now. You are trying to protect yourself. Look, we just need a bit more time to think of something else.

tasm 2 peter and gwen meet

He angrily walks away. What did you do?! The more relevant question is what did you do? An employee is killed, and as your first act of CEO, you cover it up. No, you covered it up Ravencroft is an instution for the criminally insane. You are experimenting on people in there! Progress has its stepping stones.

Now, in response to your criminal actions, you have been, how do I put this gently? You are not gonna bury me too. Looks like you're half way in the ground already. You're going to die a horrible death, just like your father.

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The only difference is I'm gonna get you out of here, alright. But we don't have much time. I want to make you a deal.

tasm 2 peter and gwen meet

I should kill you. I'm not the one you want. You want Spider-Man, and I can give him to you. But I need something first: I need you to get me into Oscorp. Oscorp betrayed us both, so I can't get in there without you, and you can't get out of here without me.

I know it's hard to admit, but, how spectacular of a move is this?