Sanjay and craig meet the creators

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sanjay and craig meet the creators

Meet the Creators. To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser thatsupports HTML5 video. Share. I lived off a lot of. Sanjay and Craig is an American animated comedy television series that aired on Nickelodeon from May 25, , to July 29, , for three seasons and Two of Howell's best-known creations: Sanjay and Craig. . did Home Movies," and I was like, "Those shows rule and I have to meet that guy.

I can do better than that. We'll even go through a page and he'll go, "Can we go back? I just feel like now that I've read a couple pages I want to go back and do it again. In the second part of the conversation, the creators and their star discuss the fact that a character of Indian descent, and his family, are front and center in the show, as well as why the issue of diversity is both an important thing for television and why there's not some kind of agenda attached to it.

Following that, they discuss what fans can expect from the third, totally absurd season of the show when it airs on Nickelodeon later this year.

On how and why the show features a lead character of Indian descent: I know that we wanted to do something different and we wanted the show to represent -- at the time, like before it premiered, there wasn't a lot of real kids on Nickelodeon.

I think being realistic with how a lot of kids are growing up today in like, an increasingly diverse school and world, you can't bury your head in the sand and pretend that isn't real. So we wanted the main character to feel progressive like that.

We're not trying to force diversity down people's throats. This is the world we live in, so I think that's how kids act. They're not aware of it. They're just like, "Oh, Sanjay's my friend," or "This kid's my friend" and it doesn't really matter until people make it a big deal. When we came up with the concept, I already had like this idea -- a different idea -- called "Sanjay and Craig" about a snake and we were like, "Why don't we just age this down for kids and not change anything else really.

I think having that, again, you know this represents real kids, and they're not like millionaires; they don't have secret powers, they can't fly through the air. Craig is a so-called "master of disguise" — whether he is a doctor, a lawyer, or a beauty pageant queen, no one ever recognizes him. Only a few people know Craig can talk; Sanjay and his close friends keep it a secret. Craig does not like to be called just a pet.

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Vijay Patel voiced by Kunal Nayyar is Sanjay's father and owns a clearance store in the neighborhood. He has invented various mechanicals, such as a party-obsessed, dancing robotthe Partybot. He also knows that Sanjay's pet snake Craig can talk. Darlene Patel voiced by Grey Griffin is Sanjay's mother who works at a hospital as a nurse and a surgeon. She often tells Sanjay stories about her work.

Sanjay and Craig: Meet the Creators!

She also knows Sanjay's pet snake Craig can talk. He can annoy them at times and has a crush on Megan. Belle Pepper voiced by Nika Futterman is a year-old girl who works at the Frycade, Sanjay and Craig's favorite place to hang out.

Sanjay has a crush on her, yet when he attempts to talk to her it does not work out. Even though she is a good friend of Sanjay, she rarely shows any signs of seeing him as her boyfriend, unlike Megan, who shows her passion constantly. Megan Sparkles voiced by Linda Cardellini [12] is Sanjay and Craig's enthusiastic and overachieving friend who takes part in beauty pageants. Megan is a frequent beauty pageant winner who can get carried away at times, but loves helping Sanjay.

She has an unrequited crush on Sanjay, although Sanjay does care about her as a friend. Recurring[ edit ] This section may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience.

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He has a pathological fear of them because of a prank his father pulled on him when he was young his father actually pulls many pranks on him, thus, he hates his father.

sanjay and craig meet the creators

He loves his cat, Lady Butterscotch, but is Sanjay and Craig's number one enemy. He cares deeply for his award-winning blueberries and likes to use his shovel as a weapon. He seems to be aware that Craig can talk, and wants to kill him. Lady Butterscotch is Mr. Noodman appears to really admire her. As revealed in "Butt's Up", she was originally owned by Darlene, until Noodman bullied her during a game of Butt's Up.

Darlene shows grief over her loss. She has two brothers named Scabs and Baby Richard. She is shown to be a goth girl, and is the lead singer for her band. She rides a motorcycle with a sidecar for her monosyllabic fraternal twin Scabs. Sanjay and Craig appear to really like her music, and although Sandy and her brothers look like bullies, they are mostly indifferent to Sanjay and Craig's adoration and would never intentionally harm them, though they can be very aggressive at times.

He has a sister named Sandy and has a younger brother named Baby Richard.

sanjay and craig meet the creators

He is shown to be very rude to Sanjay, Craig, and their friends. Her husband is never seen or mentioned.

She only communicates through grunting and snorting, but as revealed in "Enter Sandman", she can actually talk, but only when her children aren't around. Families that changed TV "They're getting back to more creator-driven things," Chris Viscardi said over a Burbank breakfast the day before the series premiere and the morning after the party anticipating it. Howell and Dirschberger were recruited by Nickelodeon from a Web series they'd made, a cartoon called "The Forest City Rockers," about a motorcycle gang with only one motorcycle.

In rough terms, Howell is the artist he did the character design for "Bob's Burgers"Dirschberger the filmmaker and Trolf the writer. The younger team grew up on the works of the older one, and inside the cartoon renaissance of the s.

sanjay and craig meet the creators

All but Howell were present for this interview; he was at a recording session with guest voice Mark Summers, the host of the classic-era Nickelodeon game show "Double Dare," which will figure into an upcoming episode. How did it begin? It was basically [Nickelodeon development executive] Audrey Diehl surfing the Internet and finding this hilarious inspired mess that is "Forest City Rockers" and for some reason thinking to herself, "I should contact these guys to make a kids' show.

Audrey Diehl was, like, "Yeah, if you could maybe tone down some of the And Andreas was a guy around town who we were friends with; I knew his writing before I knew him.