Sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction naruto

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sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction naruto

Sucks. Chapter 2. Naruto stepped out of the shack he had cobbled together in the forest. "Sabo? What is it?" Sabo turned back towards Ace clutching a stack of beri. "W-what? Ace was meeting with Sabo alone today. Naruto was exclaimed Sabo, standing over the form of Luffy's bound body. Now he. Naruto in the beginning, featuring Ace (and Luffy and Sabo in later parts/chapters ). Waking up and finding his body reverted back to being eight years old . "I thought you wanted to play with the other kids than meet up with. The Fourth Shinobi War is finally over, Naruto's dying but Kurama refuses to let that happen. . Don't think I didn't see you eating the customers' food!" . Sabo was going back to his family in order to protect him and Luffy.

Now safe inside his personal fortress, the boy began climbing up the inside, heading for a small opening higher up which opened out on to an overhanging branch. Sitting low on the branch, his body submerged in shadows, he saw Ace, Luffy, and Sabo run underneath him, not noticing him.

Snickering, he jumped down, running off into the forest to try and salvage his hunting trip by catching something, anything. After a short while, the sun was beginning to set, and his arms were still empty, his stomach long since announced its displeasure with the current conditions. The boy was starting to lose his temper, yelling at his gut to "Shut the heck up", until he heard a rustling in the bushes, he raised his nose to the air and took three short sniffs.

Oh, thank you, oh higher entity than I, for supplying me with sustenance today. Holding his dagger to the side, he ran at the bushes, jumping over them to land on the cow and slit its throat without any trouble, except it wasn't a cow, well there was a cow, it was just clutched in the jaws of a truly massive spider that easily matched a ship in size.

Letting loose a girlish scream, the boy turned tail and took off running, raising hell all through the forest as the spider finished its meal, and gave chase, after all, what creature passes up a free meal.

The boy used every bit of his memory of the forest to try and escape, but it seemed the spider had traversed even bigger distances than him, since it always seemed to be on his tail. In fact, the only reasons he wasn't currently encased in silk was because its size prevented it from following him directly, instead running across the treetops as it shot long, sticky streams of silk at his fleeing boy.

Diving forwards to dodge another shot, he went over a cliff, rolling down the side into a clearing surrounded by rock, not too high to climb out, but too high to do so quickly, the spider seemed to realize this as it dove off the side after him, using its string to rappel down the side before landing with a mighty Whump!

The boy inhaled deeply, his fear taking over as he pointed the puny in comparison dagger at the giant arachnid, vaguely noting that the dagger was about the size of the spider's pupils. Gathering what little courage he had left, the boy focused on his enemy, intending to go down fighting after all, he would die either way, at least this way would be remembered as the one who tried to kill Mr.

The spider decided to start things off with a shot, which the boy swatted aside, the string sticking to a boulder as the spider swung it around, forcing the boy to duck under the massive rock. Taking a deep breath, the boy charged the spider, dodging to the side of two more shots before tripping on a patch covered a third shot, holding him in place before he cut himself free, but not before being knocked away by the spider.

H is back exploded in white hot pain against the rough stones, several stabbing into his back which didn't have much more protection than a thin cloth shirt. Feeling the warmth, he felt where the wounds were and traced the bloody lines clawed into his back.

Pushing himself up, he swung at a swinging leg, the blade barely entering the tough skin as it threw him back against the wall, pinning him as the sharp hairs on the leg pierced his skin, more blood joining the growing pool on the floor as he sawed at the leg, finally managing to sever the tip before he fell to the ground, promptly followed by a heavy weight lancing through his shoulder as another leg sunk in, then a fang as venom flooded his system.

He tried to scream louder, only for his body to lack much needed oxygen as the leg began crushing his lungs. Accepting his fate, he closed his eyes, his final breath leaving his body,…until he heard a cry of "Gomu Gomu no Pistol! What followed, he attributed to the venom reeking havoc in his veins. He saw Luffy's arm stretch out, followed by Ace swinging down the Cliffside, his trusty pole catching on branches and handholds, allowing him to slowly descend.

It had been three days since that late afternoon, and the ex-Leaf villager had not seen head or hair of all three. It wasn't like he was looking for them however, because if he was, Naruto guaranteed he would have found them in under an hour. The people of this strange new world were so unaware of their surroundings it was almost laughable; they could have been surrounded and not realized it until it was too late back home, by child civilians. He tried not to think of them too hard, focused on creating a life after the war in the new dimension his final Justu blasted him to and setting up business using clones to really be of any help to them.

He had sacrificed himself so that the Element Nations could stay standing, now he had to sacrifice his own morals until he was settled enough to really do anything. Hell, he was trained like this all his life. Yet Naruto could not get the boy with the freckles out of his head no matter how much training he has gone through, for in his eyes he had seen what he never wish to see again.

He had seen Gaara, a boy who's entire world revolved around killing to prove he even existed. He had seen Sasuke, a boy with nothing left but the desire to make the world pay for his pain.

He saw Neji, a boy trapped in the life he was born to, forever caged until the end, even if he died with a smile. He saw himself, a boy who doubted his right to live, even when shouting he would be number one if it killed him. And Naruto Uzumaki, Element Nations or not, would not leave someone like that alone. It wasn't hard to track the three younger boys down. The three had quite a reputation among the Gray Terminal and various other places.

Apparently he was the only one had fought them off by himself when the three little muggers attacked. Everyone else weren't that lucky or that skilled to do so. There were many looking to get petty revenge, all too willing to help out a follow "hunter" find the three. Naruto thankfully did not tell them why he was searching for the children, content with letting the fools believe what they wanted.

He was able to piece together their haunting grounds however, from the large amount of victims the three left in their wake. It was well planned, for civilians to say the least.

sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction naruto

They would always wait for either the early morning or the late afternoon using people drowsiness against them. After effectively knocking out their targets the three little "demons" would make off with whatever the poor saps had on them and disappear without a trace.

Then they would pop again in a different area allowing the wariness from the previous to cool down from the people in them and repeat the process as many times as needed. They were followed by angry crowds before but most were either beat away or thrown off trail. This is where Naruto's ninja training paid off the most.

It wasn't hard to find information on them, nor find the general direction they usually took. After all, the three were known for coming from the large forest area. They used the forest to lose any who followed and while they were skilled in doing so, the three were no match for a Leaf ninja especially one as determined as him. He keep to the trees watching as all three hunted animals far larger then he was used to unless of course he was in the Forest of Death or had seen someone summon in the heat of battle.

The blond man guessed they had no formal teacher and had learned how to survive solely on the environment around them. He liked their efforts but the sloppy forms they fell into when attacking had his inner ninja scoffing.

Even Naruto wasn't that bad when he was their age, and he was dead last of his class. The strongest one was the freckled boy but that was only due to his rare physical strength. He had no control of his emotions and tended to get angry easily something that could one day cost him his life.

The second boy, no older then the first, was strong but his greatest strength was his brain. The boy was quick to think on his feet, create plans and applied it to the two others subconsciously; he would be a good squad leader. However he also tended to forgo plans and rush in regardless of the dangers around him. The last and youngest, had an odd blood line, one that allowed him to stretch any part of his body at will even launch them from far away areas.

He however was the worst. The straw wearing boy did not plan, did not think and sometimes didn't even notice when there was danger around.

His entire fight style relied on his instincts, his devil luck and the backup of the two others. He had so much potential though, in fact they all did.

If given the proper training the three would grow to be a force to be reckoned with. Naruto watched them for the rest of the afternoon making sure to take notes of their individual fighting techniquesalready planning the proper forms for each. He knew they were there. It was his plan from the beginning. Naruto wasn't a fool. If he tried to approach them then the two older ones would instantly be on guard against him while the younger would accept him without a doubt of him betraying them.

This the blond teen gathered from the hours spent watching them. He had learned all of their names a well, AceSabo and Luffy. Such odd ones, true, but he was fishcake so he couldn't really say much on the topic. The ninja had noticed many things about them in over a week.

For example Ace had the tendency to push his bangs from his face whenever he thought of something mischievous. Sabo was easy to scare if the pranks the other two played on him were any indication and Luffy would stare at his siblings whenever they wouldn't notice.

He had seen that look before, it was the same one Konohamaru had directed at him way back when, and he knew the little straw hat boy hero worship the others in the privacy of his mind.

He knew all this and more, from his observations, using all the ninja spy training Jiriaya had stuff into his head during their two years together. It was odd to do ninja things again. When he first woken up, Naruto had to use Genjustus and clones to gather information on the world he landed in. He spent months and months gathering what little he could scrape up, sneaking into libraries and even looking into building illegal businesses that way he could have some form of income.

When it became a fact that he would never see his home again the blond boy had shut down and almost lost his mind but he stubbornly pushed through, determined to at least find a way to survive if not for himself then for those he left behind.

Sure his clones now ran pretty successful ramen stands, clothes shops, wood art galleries and even a blacksmith shop the blond had done nothing in that time to really apply the usage of his previous career. He had gotten soft and started to slack in his training due to this. But there really didn't seemed like a point to it anymore, after all as far as Naruto knew ninja were considered a myth here.

It was too painful to realize he was in a world that didn't have the ninja system, instead had something called the World Government. He only gathered information from Dawn Island and the few boats that docked on it so it was very limited but Naruto would bet his Leaf headband that the World Government wasn't as "peaceful good doers" as the world believed.

Everything he heard about them made red flags wave and alarms ring in his head; In the Element Nations most of the stories people told about the World Government would be called out on the sugar coating for being too darn sweet. They sounded too good to be true, and based off the Gray Terminal with High Town, they were obviously hiding the darkness from the public.

But that was not his problem. No Naruto only cared about the three hungry boys that watched him from the bushes as he continued gutting the crocodile he capture. He wondered what he looked like to them.

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As far as he saw, no one besides the three ever tried to eat the meat from these large beasts and he knew that they recognized him from the week before. Would they come out or stay hidden in their poor disguise?

Which reminded the whiskered teen, who taught them that placing a few leafs- and flowers in Luffy's case- in their hair were enough to blend into the bushes completely? They hadn't even bothered covering their faces. Something he needed to work on later on. After all, how could they pull pranks when they were so easy to notice? It's not cooked yet, it'll make you sick" The words left his mouth absentmindedly as he finished skinning the croc.

Behind him he felt Luffy stiffen in shock, little hand stretching for the fresh meat on the blanket he sat on. Naruto smirked when the bushes stared to shake in rage and knew the other two were panicking about Luffy's safety.

sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction naruto

Luffy peered up at him in wonder most likely shocked that he was offered food but that quickly slipped away as the boy all but dived for the promise bag. He shoved all of the food into his mouth without hesitation and took off just as fast throwing a "Thanks shishishis! He rounded a tree and was back into the bushes his friends were in not seeming to understand it could give away their location.

Naruto pretended not to see however, as he wanted the kids to stay. The teen just raised his hand casually as he started a fire intending to eat his meal. He had just placed the meat over the flame when twin pipes swung at the back of his head.

Seem like Ace and Sabo wanted to try mugging him again. Well, they shouldn't be disappointed if they thought he wouldn't fight back. Ducking under the pipes skillfully Naruto quickly turned on his heels and grabbed the boys by a wrist, as they were still in mid air from their attack.

He ignored their startled looks and promptly throws them against the ground. They rolled onto their feet quickly much to his approvable, and spilt up to surround him on both sides.

Both were clutching their pipes pretty hard, glaring at him like one would a vermin. He hadn't done anything threatening to them or to the younger one.

He knew that they were smart enough not to simply jump into a fight they knew they couldn't win. So an explanation on their sudden surprise attack would be lovely.

sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction naruto

One he didn't get as both boys jumped at him again with a battle cry. The blond ninja reframed from rolling his eyes at their attacks and deflected all of their attempts to land a blow on him. Eventually Luffy joined in and their teamwork started to improve dramatically. Naruto made a mental note to train them in fighting in pairs, or individually. It was obvious they were rarely away from each other but a day would come when the two others wouldn't be able to help and they needed to be able to adapt to that.

The blond ninja moved to jab Luffy in the ribs, swung to kick out Sabo's legs and then caught Ace's pipe making sure to push the boys into better battle stances with each touch. They didn't notice but their attacks did start to get more solid, and Naruto was glad for their quick learning skills. He may have never been a Jounin sensei but Naruto had taught at the academy sometimes when Iruka asked him for a favor. He pretty much did everything his teachers did to teach him and knew that one's bad habits were easier broken in the middle of battle.

Plus it was funnier a hands on exercise then study books or scroll. Unless of course that scroll was forbidden then it got interesting. Eventually all three dropped from exestuation Unable to move beyond the occasional groan of pain. The blond blinked down at them, confused on why they tried out so quickly when he remembered the lack of chakra in this world.

Even academy students back home had higher endurance due to the constant flow of life energy in them, unlocked as it was, and sometimes Naruto forgot that the people of this world did not have it. Well he guesses he could work around that, maybe even boost their stamina beyond anyone else around them. But first thing, first; He needed to make them his students. The boys could only numbly nod.

He had kept coming back to the river, hunting the large crocodiles and casually going off to take a lion for their fur. Naruto used all the skin to make clothes, his sales among the nobles rose to shocking levels due to it. This was his excused for being in the forest. He had even brought a sketched book once just to design some coats knowing the three boys were watching him.

He didn't have to full out say it but Sabo was smart enough to figure it out and had most likely told the others for their weariness had noticeable lowered around him. Naruto made a point of always placing three extra plates on his picnic blanket regardless of the fact if the children joined him or not.

He always smiled when he got up and went to check his traps, to find all three plates empty, stacked perfectly on the blanket when he returned. He was a little peeved that they took his share too, but never did much about it.

If they we willing to try to mug him, then the ninja found it reasonable to steal his unguarded food as well. He decided to place unseen traps on his share next time so they will learn two lessons at once. A how to direct traps and b don't steal Naruto's food. He grinned as the traps caught all three that morning allowing him the golden opportunity with delivering each their bag.

The boy had fallen in to one of the ninja's springs traps which wrapped around his body in seconds. Luffy had been caught by a foot and was then pinning to the ground when he stepped on a tripwire. Sabo was still trying to get out of the small pit, unaware of the seals preventing him from doing so, frustrated that he couldn't grip onto the wall.

He made a point to throw down some rope for Sabo as he walked by, knowing the boy would release the other two once he was free. I'll get the right sizes for ya" Naruto hoped the kids like their new clothes, he spent hours brainstorm designs for them and not to mention the time he spent making said clothes. It would be such a waste if they didn't use them.

He smiled when he heard Luffy's excited scream carried by the wind reach his ears "Mine shirt had meat on it! The boy hadn't heard his approach, too focus on improving his fighting style without the pipe all three seemed to carry around. Naruto approved of his forethought, as there was no grantee one would be available to him at all times.

He already didn't follow over half the rules in the academy. He had been left out while everyone else wasn't. He didn't care whether it was petty or not, the point was he was left alone again. If anything, Mizuki's smirk only seemed to widen. In other words, you are the Kyuubi who killed Iruka's parents and destroyed the village all those years ago! He barely heard Mizuki point out the fact about how strange it was for everyone to hate him.

He thought back to all these twelve years of hid life, everything he had to endure. The beatings from everyone in the village, the insults and glares he always got, getting kicked out of the orphanage, crying because he was scared of the scary stories he heard and developing a phobia of ghosts because nobody was there to tell him they werern't real.

Was because he was different. He finally understood now. Naruto Uzumaki never existed. All that ever did was the Kyuubi. Gritting his teeth, a burst of fire escaped him and spun around him wildly as he closed his eyes and tried to deny it all.

Don't tell me the blasted Kyuubi brat already went berserk! Opening his eyes, Naruto noticed the giant shuriken coming at him and the flames died down as he panicked and tried to get away.

But not his flesh. Naruto stared wide eyed at Iruka, who covered Naruto and let himself get hit by the shuriken. When my parents died, people stopped paying attention to me and stopped supporting me So I ended up doing stupid stuff to make people notice me It was so lonely You've suffered alot on the inside haven't you. If only I had been more responsible, maybe you wouln't have suffered so much. Iruka has always hated you ever since you killed his parents! He's just saying these things to get the scroll!

But he didn't know what to believe anymore. Getting up, Naruto ran as far into the woods as his legs could take him, ignoring Iruka's calls. All he did was run. Timeskip Naruto panted heavily as he rested by one of the trees.

sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction naruto

All the while pulling his hair in frustration. He just found out the Kyuubi, the monster that destroyed the village, the monster who killed so many innocents and taken away so many from the loved ones, was sealed inside him. His arms fell limp as he just stared forward.

He didn't look angry, he didn't look sad, he didn't look dead, he just looked He could see why everyone hated him, the cause of the villages destruction and the death of so many people.

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He didn't blame them. He even killed the parents of Iruka, the one man he thought actually cared for him. Now, he was sure Iruka was just like all the other villagers. He always thought Iruka was different from the rest because everyone just hated him for no reason while Iruka seemed to act so kind and compassionate towards him. It made him feel so happy to know someone cared.

Now though, he knew Iruka had a reason to hate him. A reason to want him dead and act like all the other villages. Could he have been faking the kindness? He couldn't help but ask the same question Ace always did. He was sure Ace found his answer. There was no way he would die in the arms of his little brother with a smile on his face otherwise.

Now, he needed to find his answer. He needed to know. Mizuki got up from his spot on the ground -where he had been tackled to- and turned towards Iruka.

sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction naruto

Why are you helping the Demon who killed your family anyway? Was that all he was doing right now? Loathe he admit it Naruto was actually starting to understand what Mizuki said. That didn't mean Naruto liked Mizuki any better either. Don't you know he's the same as me?

Anyone who has that scroll can do whatever they want with it. There's no way that monster won't take advantage of the scroll. Whatever he said next would finally show Naruto what he really thought of him.

The Demon would do that wouldn't he. He honestly was hoping he was wrong. That Iruka really did care. All that time, all that kindness Naruto was shown was nothing but a lie. An exceptional student who I've acknowledged! Naruto's hair shadowed his eyes and his lower lip started to tremble. Nobody ever accepts him, but he's knows about the suffering in their hearts! He's not the Demon fox He's Konohagakure's Uzumaki Naruto!

Hot tears of joy streamed down Naruto's cheeks as he listened. He finally found someone who acknowledged him. Someone who acknowleged his existence. He heard Mizuki talk about dealing with Iruka and his eyes darkened. Like hell he was gonna let that bastard touch him. Coming out of his spot in the trees, Naruto rushed up to Mizuki and kneed him in the face, causing Mizuki to throw the giant shuriken that was meant for Iruka in an entirely different direction.

I can take care of a brat like you in one blow. In response, Naruto smirked and raised his hand up. And such Nature manipulation. Just what did Naruto learn from the scroll? Once again, Naruto rushed at Mizuki, the latter getting into a defensive stance despite the flames on Naruto's hand. I'll be borrowing your signature move. The move that made you know all across the world! This is gonna be my first step forward. Fire Fist " Naruto, with all his might punched Mizuki, and all the flames concentrated in his fist burst out in front f him, effectively burning Mizuki to ashes as he screamed in agony.

Anyone and everyone from the village was able to see the bright, hot flames that almost made it seem like it was morning. Panting, Naruto put his hands on his knees to try and regain his breath.