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She then meets Chris Ramsey, who wonders why she is snooping around Rachel and finds out that she is actually Rachel's daughter. He then uses Livvie for information on Rachel.

Chris tells Rachel about Kevin treating Livvie, and Rachel decides to use the information to destroy Kevin. She tells the board that Kevin is unethically treating a young girl in a hotel room, not knowing that the girl is actually her daughter. Livvie refused to testify for Kevin because she was scared that her mother would find out she was still in town.

Chris then makes sure that Livvie finds out that Joshua Locke isn't her father, and Livvie bursts into the courtroom. The charges against Kevin are dropped, and he continues to treat Livvie. He also tells her about her aunt Grace who drowned. After Kevin tells Lucy about his history with Grace, they begin thinking that Kevin is Livvie's father, and Grace her mother. Eve Lambert finds out that Livvie is Kevin's daughter and confronts him.

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During the confrontation, Livvie overhears the truth. Rachel asks Livvie to leave town with her, and when she refuses, Rachel knocks Kevin out and jumps into the ocean to drown herself. Kevin saves Rachel, but she is sent to a mental institution. She begins dating him, but Chris schemes to break them up. He frames Jack for stealing money and forges a tape of him admitting he was only using Livvie.

This prompts Livvie to break up with Jack, and turn to Chris. Chris steals Livvie's diary to start making her dreams comes true. Livvie pushed away Kevin and Lucy and became wild. Lucy found out what Chris was doing and planted the diary in Chris' apartment. Livvie found it and broke up with him. Livvie then got back together with Jack. When Alison stops Jamal from doing a dangerous race, Zach, a foe of Jamal's, holds Livvie hostage to force Jack to do the race.

Jack ends up flying over a cliff and dies in Livvie's arms. Livvie now has it out for Zach, and Lucy and Kevin suspect foul play. Livvie meets Zach in an alley and tries to stab him, but then Zach tries to rape her.

Then, a mysterious man stops him. Caleb, a vampire, begins to romance her, but then Jack comes back to life. Jack, however, is now wild and and violent.

Livvie, meanwhile, years for Caleb due to Caleb's mental trickery. Caleb seduces Livvie and convinces her to marry him. Caleb orders Livvie to kill Jack, but she breaks the hold he has over her and doesn't do it. Caleb later takes Livvie to the roof of the hospital, where she agrees to go with him if he doesn't hurt her family.

Caleb's alternate personality, Michael, then causes a lightning bolt to strike Caleb and turn him to ash. Caleb's spirit, however, remains, and he manipulates Livvie through her dreams. Rachel was less than thrilled to have her daughter in town. Rachel made it clear that she wanted Livvie out of town. Livvie lied that she had left, but she had actually stayed in town to investigate her mother's behavior. Ironically, Lucy befriended Lily, and Lucy invited the girl to stay with her at her hotel room.

Lucy had no idea that Livvie was the daughter of her foe, Rachel, and Livvie had no idea of the tension between Lucy and Rachel. Livvie became friends with Chris, using the alias Charlie, which she used with Lucy too. Chris was interested in why Livvie was nosing around about Rachel, so he investigated and figured out "Charlie" was Rachel's daughter.

Chris used Livvie for information on Rachel. Livvie was suffering from horrible nightmares in which she saw herself drowning. Lucy sought out Kevin to help her. Kevin and Livvie had a connection that made Livvie feel more at ease and comfortable.

They continued their meetings, which Chris found out about, and he slyly told Rachel about Kevin's counseling sessions with Livvie, leaving out Livvie's name. Rachel decided to use Chris's information to destroy Kevin's career and told the board that Kevin was unethically treating a young girl in a hotel room. What Rachel didn't know was that the girl was her daughter.

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Livvie feared Rachel would find out about her being in town and refused to testify on Kevin's behalf. Chris also made sure that Livvie found out that Joshua Locke was not her father. Livvie burst in to the hearing, and the charges against Kevin were dropped. Kevin continued to treat Livvie and told her about her Aunt Grace and how Grace had died by drowning. Lucy and Kevin eventually started thinking that he was Livvie's father and Grace was Livvie's mother. Lucy secretly did a DNA test on them.

Kevin told Livvie about his history with Grace, and Livvie was upset with Kevin for lying to her also. Chris saw the DNA test results and made sure Lucy did too: Kevin was Livvie's father. Kevin was angered by Lucy's actions, but she urged him to accept Livvie into his life.

Chris made sure Eve saw the results, and during a confrontation with Kevin, Livvie heard the truth. Kevin was outraged at Eve. Rachel slowly became mentally unstable when she kidnapped Lucy and Kevin; Rachel injected Lucy with an experimental cure for a disease Estelle was suffering from.

With Ian and Eve's help, Livvie created a distraction, which helped Rachel escape. Rachel wanted Livvie to leave town with her, but Livvie refused, so Rachel retaliated by knocking Kevin out at the docks. Rachel jumped in the ocean to drown herself. Kevin went after Rachel and rescued her, but she was sent to a mental institution. Livvie went to the river one night and was smitten when she saw a naked Jack emerge from a midnight swim.

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He later revealed he was a Ramsey, Chris's younger brother. Chris wasn't done with Livvie's life yet. He schemed to break up Livvie and Jack. Chris framed Jack for stealing money from him and edited a tape to make sure Livvie heard Jack saying that he had only been using her.

Livvie ended things and turned to Chris for comfort. Livvie and a cured Estelle moved into Rachel's old digs, and Chris hired a nanny, Kim, to care for Estelle, but Kim was really a spy. Chris had Kim steal Livvie's diary and began to make all her dreams come true.

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Livvie shoved away Kevin and Lucy and changed into a wilder Livvie. Lucy found out Chris had the diary and broke into Chris's apartment and planted it, to make sure Livvie found it. Livvie did and dumped Chris. Jack and Livvie finally reunited, even though Lucy and Jack almost made love one night, and they were finally moving on in their lives.

Livvie and Kevin grew closer, and Jack laid his roots down. However, Zach sent Sam, a trashy biker chick who was an old friend of Jamal's, to seduce Jack, one of Jamal's enemies. Livvie and Jack finally made love after a dip in the river. A while later, Jack and Livvie went camping in the woods, and later that night, Jack made wild love to Livvie. Livvie, Jack, Jamal, and Alison became involved with Motocross. Alison prevented Jamal from a dangerous race, and Zach forced Jack to ride by holding Livvie hostage.

Livvie was devastated when Jack flew over a small cliff and died in her arms. Livvie buried her boyfriend, and the teens decided to keep quiet.