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One Hundred and One Dalmatians, often abbreviated as Dalmatians, is a American Their parents, Pongo and Perdita, set out to save their children from Cruella, all the while rescuing 84 additional puppies that were He quickly gets Roger out of the house and drags him through the park to arrange a meeting . Dalmatians - pongo meets perdita / roger meets anita. DisneyClips. Loading. .. Unsubscribe from DisneyClips? Cancel Unsubscribe. Roger Radciffe and his pet dalmatian, Pongo meet Anita and her pet dalmatian, Perdita and they fall in love and get married and Pongo and Perdita have.

He is the star of the animated sequel, Dalmatians II: Sandra Abbott as Penny, the only puppy not named for her appearance or habits. She is one of only two female pups, the other being Freckles.

Mary Wickes as Freckles, a puppy who has a pattern of spots over the bridge of her nose resembling freckles on a human child. Freckles is shown very tired, or asking many questions.

Tudor Owen as Towser, a bloodhound who aids Pongo and Perdita in finding the puppies. Queenie Leonard as Princess, one of the three cows who help the puppies when seeking shelter from the cold. Marjorie Bennett as Duchess, one of the three cows who help the puppies when seeking shelter from the cold.

Barbara Luddy as Rover, one of the 84 Dalmatian puppies that Cruella kidnapped. Rickie Sorensen as Spotty, one of the 84 Dalmatian puppies that Cruella kidnapped. Tom Conway as Collie, who offers the Dalmatians shelter for the night at a dairy farm. Conway also voiced the Quizmaster, the host of "What's My Crime? When Walt Disney read it init immediately grabbed his attention, and he promptly obtained the rights.

Smith had always secretly hoped that Disney would make it into a film. Because Peet never learned to use a typewriter, he wrote the initial draft by hand on large yellow tablets. The scene was reworked to be less religious with Roger and Anita dressed in formal clothes.

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Walt said the script was "great stuff" and commissioned Peet to begin storyboarding. Additionally, Peet was charged with the recording of the voice-over process. Byhe had modified a Xerox camera to transfer drawings by animators directly to animation celseliminating the inking process, thus saving time and money while preserving the spontaneity of the penciled elements.

According to Chuck JonesDisney was able to complete the film for about half of what it would have cost if they had had to animate all the dogs and spots. In addition to the character animation, Anderson also sought to use Xerography on "the background painting because I was going to apply the same technique to the whole picture.

As Anderson recalled in an interview: He looked very sick, I said "Gee it's great to see you Walt", and he said "You know that thing you did on Dalmatians". He didn't say anything else, but he just gave me this look and I knew that all was forgiven and in his opinion maybe what I did on Dalmatians wasn't so bad. That was the last time I ever saw him.

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Then, a few weeks later, I learned he was gone. Actress Helene Stanley performed the live-action reference for the character of Anita. During production, Davis claimed her character was partly inspired by Bette Davis no relationRosalind Russelland Tallulah Bankhead. He took further influence from her voice actress, Betty Lou Gersonwith whom he added her cheekbones to the character. He later complimented "[t]hat [her] voice was the greatest thing I've ever had a chance to work with.

A voice like Betty Lou's gives you something to do. You get a performance going there, and if you don't take advantage of it, you're off your rocker. The filmmakers deliberately cast dogs with deeper voices than their human owners so they had more power.

Disney agreed with her after the two of them read the script for a second time. However, Gerson disputed, "Well, I didn't intentionally imitate her I was raised in Birmingham, Ala. We both had phony English accents on top of our Southern accents and a great deal of flair.

So our voices came out that way. Pongo licks Roger happily when Roger is able to revive one of the puppies after he was born. Cruella makes another visit.

She is initially repulsed by the puppies spotless appearance but calms once she learns that the Dalmatian puppies will get their spots three weeks after birth. She begins to write a check for the puppies' purchase, while Pongo and Roger glare at her. Roger refuses to sell the puppies, angering Cruella. Cruella furiously departs after ending her friendship with Anita and claims that she'll get even.

With Cruella gone, Pongo quickly tells the resting Perdita the good news. A few months later, Pongo and Perdita are happier than ever with fifteen wonderful puppies. During their walk in the park, two hoodlums by the name of Jasper and Horacebreak into Roger and Anita's home, and, after trapping Nanny in the attic, kidnap the puppies. After realizing that there is little hope of the humans finding their puppies, Pongo uses the Twilight Bark, normally a gossip chain, to spread the news of their kidnapped puppies to the dogs of London.

The news eventually reaches the Colonel far away in the countryside. According to his associate, Sergeant Tibbspuppy barking was heard over in an old mansion that has recently been occupied. Colonel and Tibbs head over to investigate, learning that Jasper and Horace are working for Cruella and that she plans to use the fur from Pongo and Perdita's puppies, as well as another eighty-four, to make dog-skin coats. The news is relayed back to Pongo and Perdita, who immediately head to the area to rescue their puppies.

Pongo and Perdita arrive just in time to rescue their puppies from Jasper and Horace. Upon learning that there are now ninety-nine puppies, Pongo decides to adopt the extras, knowing Roger and Anita would never turn them out.

The Dalmatians begin to make their way home through the help of several dogs. While Perdita leads the puppies, Pongo brings up the rear and keeps count of all the puppies. Cruella learns about their escape and goes on a hunt for the dogs, forcing the Dalmatians to avoid them.

In the small town of Dinsford, a Labrador reveals to the group that a truck is heading to London, and there is enough room for the entire group. Perdita worries about how to get on, as Jasper, Horace, and Cruella are roaming the town. After some inspiration from Lucky and Patchwho had been fighting in a nearby pile of soot, Pongo is inspired to disguise everyone as Labradors by rolling in the soot.

The Dalmatians are barely able to get on the truck before it leaves, but they are discovered when Pongo is seen carrying Lucky, whose disguise had been washed off by the snow. Cruella chases them down but crashes into the van of Jasper and Horace, ultimately foiling her plans. Back in London, Roger, Anita, and Nanny mourn for the lost dogs but are greeted by a wonderful Christmas Day gift when Pongo and the others arrive.

Roger and Anita decide to keep the other eighty-four pups and move to a bigger property in the country, giving the Dalmatians enough room to roam freely. The Series Pongo with Roger in Dalmatians: Pongo appears once again in the film's television series but has a very minor role. Pongo has moved to a farm plantation with his family and takes the role to be a good father and best friend of pet Roger. As shown in "The Dogs of DeVil" and "Splishing and Splashing", he is more laid back than Perdita but is notably less mischievous and sterner in the series as seen in " Snow Bounders " and " Food for Thought ".

His demotion to a side character is mentioned in "The Making of Pongo reappears in the film's sequel. Although he provides the opening narration as he had done in the first film, his role is reduced to that of a minor one much like in the TV series, as his son Patch likes to be Thunderbolt's sidekick. When Patch falls down the stairs, Pongo comes down and comforts him to enjoy the life on a farm. Pongo is accidentally the true reason Patch felt as if he was nothing more than a Dalmatian puppy Pongo was talking in his sleep while Patch was asking him questionsprompting the puppy to leave on a soul-searching journey.

Pongo is initially unaware of his son's disappearance until later in the film, when he and Roger read the newspaper and see a photo of Thunderbolt with Patch in it. Pongo shocked at the fact that one of his own has once again disappeared, blames himself for Patch being missing because he lost count.

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Missisthough also very loving of her Pups, was a rather ditsy dog. She did not know how to count, and was unable to tell right from left. She also lacked Pongo's ability to read. In the musical, based more on the novel, Perdita sings a song about how she met Prince called "One True Love".

She is seen to care deeply about her puppies, is the disciplinarian in the family, seeming to be more strict than her mate. She is a calmer, more collected character and lacks Pongo's ability to think on her feet. She is also more emotional. In the Original Animated filmPongo is searching for mates for himself and his pet Roger Radcliffe. Pongo is close to giving up when he spots Perdita and her pet, Anita.

Pongo rushes to the park to follow them. Perdita spots Pongo and is seemingly attracted to him, but tries to look as if she doesn't notice him. Perdita and Anita soon leave and Pongo tries a trick to attract their attention.

Perdita falls in love with Pongo as well. Perdita in "Live Action" Perdita soon becomes pregnant with puppies, but when the family gets a visit from Cruella De Vilshe becomes frightened, referring to Cruella as "that devil woman. Perdita regrets having puppies due to the fact that Cruella wants them. Unfortunately for Perdita, the puppies arrived three weeks later, where it is revealed that she has had fifteen puppies. She is tired afterwards but is relieved to hear from Pongo that the puppies are safe thanks to Roger.

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The puppies grow and are shown watching their favorite show with their parents. Perdita is seen interacting with her various puppies: After the puppies are put to bed, Pongo and Perdita go on a walk with their respective owners. During their absence, the puppies were kidnapped by Cruella's henchmen Jasper and Horace Badun.

Pongo and Perdita realize that neither the humans nor Scotland Yard will find their puppies, and take it upon themselves to rescue their children. They use the twilight bark, a canine gossip chain, to spread the news of their stolen puppies.

Later, they receive an answer, and learn that their puppies are at Hell Hall, Cruella's former home. Perdita immediately goes off on a dangerous journey to rescue the puppies alongside Pongo. The winter conditions make the journey tough, but they eventually meet with a sheepdog called the Colonel, who takes them to the puppies.