Padme and anakin meet again ggx1

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padme and anakin meet again ggx1

her life, Amidala returned to Naboo with a Jedi bodyguard, Anakin Skywalker, In her new position as a handmaiden for Amidala, Minnau was once again aboard the GX1 Short Hauler Valorous, which landed at the city surrounding . directly voicing to Amidala her belief that meeting with Clovis was not a good idea. Fearing that he will be executed for voicing the truth, Padmé sends Ahsoka and with the promise to meet again, Lux launches the pod, leaving Ahsoka behind. You can collapse it again by clicking it again. .. Whip Anakin Solo's Lightsaber Arg'garok Atlatl Axe Bayonet Blastsword Ceremonial Captain Padmé Amidala. GO-TO Infrastructure-Planning Droid GRZ-6B Demolitions Droid Guri GX1-Series Description The PCs are ambushed at a clandestine meeting of people.

When negotiations with the Core Five resumed the next morning, Amidala successfully petitioned the Banking Clan leaders to grant her access to the Main Vault the following day.

During a subsequent break from the talks, Minnau and Amidala accompanied Clovis aboard the H-2 executive shuttle [3] Scipio [16] to his personal residence in a remote area outside the city. Inside, Minnau joined Amidala while the latter discussed with Clovis their plan to retrieve the hidden files within the Main Vault.

Clovis intended to set off an explosive charge at the Main Vault's power generatorwhich would plunge the entire facility into shutdown. In the brief interlude preceding the backup generator's activation, Amidala would use a device to locate the secret data files and download them from the mainframe. Presently, Minnau informed Amidala that she would be retiring for the night, and her senator did the same shortly thereafter.

After the Core Five had entered the Vault with Amidala, Clovis attempted to sneak off to plant his detonator at the power generator. However, Plain stopped Clovis and pressured him into waiting for Amidala to return, since opening the Vault had been his idea. Noticing Clovis's dilemma, Minnau discreetly took the explosive charge from him and undertook his part of the scheme. She proceeded down several levels to the generator superstructure, and once she had glanced around to make sure no one had spotted her, she placed the detonator onto the structure.

Unbeknownst to her, a minute seeker droid sent by Embo had located her. Embo aimed at her from a long distance away with his bowcasterand Minnau halted in her tracks when she saw his bowcaster's targeting light on her body.

She frantically scanned her surroundings, but before she could pinpoint her attacker, Embo fired a single shot that killed her.

Mere seconds later, Minnau's explosive activated, compromising the entire power grid and allowing Amidala to surreptitiously retrieve the required data files from the Vault mainframe. Although Minnau's murderer went unidentified, [3] Amidala and Clovis were able to use the recovered data files to expose the Core Five as the masterminds of an embezzling scandal that had depleted the banks.

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He had the knowledge of the future and he could use that to his advantage and prevent the future he lived in from ever coming to pass. At least, he hoped he could. May the Force be with you. Once again, Obi-Wan was disoriented and he had to blink his eyes several times before gazing around.

padme and anakin meet again ggx1

He was sitting with his head resting against the headrest of his seat in the cockpit of a ship; the blurred stars of hyperspace shot past the ship rapidly. I thought you were going to sleep until we landed at the Jedi Temple. Anakin Skywalker eyed Obi-Wan curiously and with a little hint of concern in his azure eyes, not yellow and filled with hatred as they had been when Obi-Wan had seen them last.

The Force, it would appear, had sent him to the past; that would be the only thing that would explain why Anakin was without a life support suit and hatred filled yellow eyes and with the Padawan braid that hung behind his ear until it was cut off at his knighting ceremony six months following the Battle of Geonosis.

The Force, apparently, had decided to send Obi-Wan back in time to just before the Battle of Geonosis.

padme and anakin meet again ggx1

At least, that's what Obi-Wan thought. He wasn't entirely sure as to where they were or what time they were.

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Luckily for him, his unspoken question was answered only a few moments later. The negotiations on Ansion took forever in my opinion," said Anakin. It seemed so odd to consider Anakin an apprentice even though Obi-Wan could vividly remember the day Anakin was knighted.

Obi-Wan shook his head again. The Force had sent him to that time period for a reason and Obi-Wan was not going to waste the chance. It felt so surreal to once again have any kind of bond with his apprentice, and brother in everything but blood. The bond had been severed during the duel on Mustafar and it startled Obi-Wan to feel it again, pulsating brightly, after nineteen long years. It was so unlike the shadowy coils of darkness that surrounded him when Obi-Wan met up with him last and it further convinced Obi-Wan that he was, indeed, in the past.

He rested his head on his headrest before gazing at the mottled lanes of hyperspace unwilling to fall asleep in case his talk with Qui-Gon and waking up in the past was nothing more than a taunting dream.

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Unfortunately, he was exhausted and was asleep before he knew it. He woke up as Anakin guided the ship they were on toward the landing pad outside of the Jedi Temple. He gazed at the temple and had to force the tears that were beginning to appear in his eyes back but it was hard; the temple stood as whole and as beautiful as it always did before Order 66 was passed.

The word 'Padawan' felt so weird on Obi-Wan's tongue; he hadn't called anyone Padawan in nineteen years, not even Luke when he began teaching the boy to become a Jedi. As he approached the Jedi Temple, he had to force himself to push the memory of the last time he had been there out of his mind. The dozens of little bodies lying strewn about, killed by a lightsaber and blasters, the security recording showing Obi-Wan that Anakin was responsible for it… Obi-Wan paused at the entrance to the temple as he attempted to get his thoughts together.

That won't happen this time.

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In the confusion, Amidala slips away and accesses the files using a device given to her by Clovis. As the Muun manage to open the vault door, Amidala emerges and says she will report the incident to the Chancellor.

In Amidala's quarters, Clovis checks the files which confirm that the vaults are empty. As they close the file, Nix Card enters and arrests Amidala for espionage. He confirms that Teckla was found shot dead at the bomb site, and that the Muuns believe she had sabotaged the power grid. Skywalker is furious when he hears that Clovis is behind the incidents, and questions how he can be trusted after his previous betrayal.

With Amidala released into his custody, she insists they must retrieve the files from the vault from Clovis's private residence.

padme and anakin meet again ggx1

They travel there on a speeder, and arrive to find the house ransacked and empty. They find Clovis hiding in the house, and he and Skywalker argue, but they all agree to leave and get off the planet. As Embo takes aim at Amidala, Skywalker senses the danger and deflects his shots with his lightsaber. They make a run for the speeder, pursued by Embo's AnoobaMarrok. Amidala and Clovis take off, and Skywalker leaps after them, but Embo hits the speeder causing it to fall and slide down the mountain slope.