Naruto and sakura meet childhood fanfiction

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naruto and sakura meet childhood fanfiction

Child of the Future Sakura's eyes fluttered opened before wincing at the bright light. "To give us a heads up and to meet her father.". Kid-Sakura thought in glee as she admired her future self's appearance. Adult- Naruto wondered only to flinch when the child version of him. Sakura. Naruto - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1, about impossible monsters and losing friends she has yet to meet. she makes a decision. she'd had a childhood once already, and this time, she's more .

He was a ball of sunshine and one of Naruto's star students. I'm loving the hat. Two missing front teeth adorned his grin. The little boy was adorable even when he was bragging. Then I'll have to tell Komaru-san what an amazing job she did when she picks you up later today won't I? He left the hat on, knowing already that if he attempted to take it off he'd be treated to a crying fit.

Inari jumped with excitement at the prospect of being able to help. The little alpha was delighted with the task of being able to contribute in any way. Even at such a young age the alpha characteristics were already embedded into him. Thirty minutes later eight more kids had shown up in total. They were all seated in their little colorful seats, munching on a breakfast consisting of sliced apples, milk, and a choice between cereal or strawberry yogurt.

naruto and sakura meet childhood fanfiction

Naruto had put on some classical music so the children could listen to it as they socialized and accustomed their bodies to the warmth of the room. He liked to call this their defrosting time. They were still tired and he found giving them a snack and letting them talk to each other pepped them up for the array of activities to come.

After they were done he'd pick a helper and set out the cushioned mats so they could do a fun stretching activity. Naruto was humming and going over his notes for the day at his desk when the bell of the door rang. Signaling someone had entered. In the total three months he had been working at the daycare one of his students had been late every single day. His charcoal black eyes were half lidded with sleep. He looked like a puffball with his puffy winter jacket and red scarf. His little legs were covered with black tights and red snow boots protected his feet.

Hurry before someone takes the special treat I left for you on your tray. Soren's lidded eyes opened a fraction. He quickly shedded off his coat, scarf, and boots and scampered to his tray. His lips pulled into a smile as he located the special treat. It was a single gold kiss chocolate.

Naruto watched content as Soren munched on his chocolate. He knew showing favoritism was bad and even worse giving a child sugar so early in the day was even worse but he couldn't help himself when it came to this particular child.

naruto and sakura meet childhood fanfiction

Soren was an odd kid. He was an alpha but he held none of the usual personality traits other alphas demonstrated at his age. He wasn't outgoing, he didn't even have any friends, which broke Naruto's heart. He also didn't like confrontation or situations where he had to assert himself. He was a passive boy, too sweet and terribly shy. He reminded Naruto of himself and thus his favoritism was born. I need a volunteer to help me set up the mats.

Finish your milk then come help. They had done their stretching exercise, which had been followed by finger painting and then a quick snowy outing to go play in the piles of snow that had accumulated outside. Naruto had kept an observant eye over them as they played with sleds and made snow castles and crude looking snow men.

Now they were inside, the kids were warming up as they sipped on warm hot chocolate and scarfed down a meal consisting of triangle cut sandwiches and easy peeled mini oranges. As soon as they were done they'd start the most popular activity of the day. Naruto had come up with a fun game he used as a socializing device. Each week there was a theme. The kids would use the theme and give a small blurb about their own experience with the theme.

Today's theme was the importance of silence. Naruto was excited; he fed off the children's static energy. Their excitement always directly affected him. After a frenzied rush of all of them collecting trash and discarding of it properly it was time to begin. The kids easily got into a circle. There was no assigned seating arrangement for this activity so the children sat with their clique of friends.

The omegas tended to stick together while the alphas and betas formed their own unique cliques as well. Naruto smiled softly when he caught Soren's lonely gaze. The baby alpha had been excluded from Inari and the other alphas group. He was sitting all alone. Naruto patted the empty spot beside him, motioning for Soren to come sit next to him.

naruto and sakura meet childhood fanfiction

Soren's face lit up. He bounded over and plopped down next to Naruto. The young boy didn't say anything but Naruto could tell he was grateful. Inari's hand was up in the air before Naruto could even finish speaking. Inari-kun has gained the maximum level of participation points for the day.

He didn't like to make his students participate if they didn't want to but he had been calling on Inari all day. Thankfully another student raised their hand. She had her blond hair in two pigtails and was wearing a warm fuzzy one-piece winter suit with bunny ears attached to the hood.

Hana cleared her throat as if what she were about to say was of the utmost importance. Unless you wanna use your pass but you only get one for tha whole month!

Her friends sitting beside her gave her hand fives, congratulating her and showing support for a job well done. Has anyone ever heard the expression silence is golden? My story of when I had to be silent happened a few days ago. I was at a fancy restaurant and everyone inside was eating silently. I had to use my inside voice and some times I couldn't speak at all.

But that's okay because I got to eat some yummy food and listen to nice music! Not that the kids needed to know that though. He clasped his hands, "Who'd like to share next? The boy was bursting with desire to speak so Naruto allowed it. I did such a good job my mommy gave me some candy when we got home! Only for me and none for my brother because he cried at the bank which made mommy mad! Each giving an anecdote about a time they had to be silent.

There was only one student out of the group left who hadn't gone. Not wanting to startle him.

naruto and sakura meet childhood fanfiction

His black bangs hung in his face as he shrunk in on himself as all his peers' eyes regarded him with a mix of curiosity and anticipation. Inari was a nice boy but for some reason when it came to Soren he could be quite nasty. Naruto couldn't pin point why but he could only explain it as possible jealousy. Soren was quiet but he still attracted attention from some of the omega students though it was a shallow kind of attention that scared Soren more than anything else.

Without even trying Soren was noticed while Inari had to constantly call attention upon himself to garner attention. That's why Naruto believed it was jealousy that made Inari so mean.

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Inari pouted over being scolded. He settled back down and glared at Soren. Plus that kind of extreme favoritism wouldn't have sit well with his other students. Soren twiddled his thumbs and chewed on his lip. He was alarmed at Soren's cryptic reply. In all these three months Naruto had never met Soren's father but he had met his mother.

Sakura-chan always picked Soren up. She had even picked Soren up yesterday so he was confused. When had Soren's father taken him to go meet Sakura? He needed to have a talk with Soren. All right class lets set up the sleeping cots for naptime.

naruto and sakura meet childhood fanfiction

Retrieve them from the closet in an orderly line. If you need to use the potty do so before you get your cot! And don't forget to wash your hands! Inari bulldozed through the crowd to be first. Naruto shook his head; he had no time to deal with Inari and his poor manners right now. First he had to talk with Soren. His black eyes peeked out from between his fringe as he locked gazes with Naruto.

He curbed the inappropriate desire by reminding himself such an action could be viewed as an assault on a student. You said you had to be quiet in case you said something your mother didn't like? Is Sakura-chan always so easy to anger? The pink haired beta was always all smiles; she was practically the model parent with how much she contributed to the classroom through books or snacks.

Sure, her smiles sometimes turned icy when she was directing it at him, he couldn't blame her, he was an omega and those kinds of icy smiles were a norm for him. But with the children and especially Soren she never did so much as pout.

Soren's brows pinched in confusion. He had always assumed Sakura was Soren's mother. So who was she then? Even if I wanna ask mommy a question I can't because she looks at me meanly! Soren never showed his alpha characteristics but this time it seemed he was. It was just like an alpha to refuse to show emotional pain. They had to be strong in the eyes of others.

The fact that Soren had chosen this moment to adopt his alpha instincts was heartbreaking. Soren was obviously highly emotional about his relationship with his mother.

It was clear as day that it had been weighing on the young boy heavily for some time now. It wasn't healthy at all. Naruto needed to conduct an emergency parent meeting as soon as possible. Maybe this troubling problem was part of the reason why Soren was so shy and reserved. Soren's eyes flooded with tears. Like a damn finally breaking, they burst forth. Naruto couldn't hold back, his heart felt for this boy. A motherly instinct, long dormant, awoke.

He hugged Soren to his chest and cooed in the boys ear as he rocked him gently. A quiet childish confession that felt almost unreal. But those six little words had pierced through Naruto's heart. His vision turned blurry as his eyes misted with tears of his own.

He bit his tongue to stop him self from speaking. I could never be your mommy; I can never be anyone's mommy. Later as the kids napped Naruto went to his desk and retrieved his file on Soren. It contained basic records such as his name, home address, and emergency contacts. His medical record was kept in the nurses office down the hall as were the rest of the children in his class and the entire pre-school.

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The first name jotted down was Uchiha Sasuke. Underneath the elegantly written name was the man's relationship to Soren, his phone number, his work address, and the name of the company he worked for. Naruto's brows raised when he noted the companies name was "Uchiha Corps" But that wasn't feasible. Soren was only five, which meant Soren's father was still young. But perhaps this Sasuke-san was an old man who had married a young bride and had a son with her?

Naruto still couldn't wrap his head around it. If Soren's father was so well off then why had he sent his son to an intersex preschool? Most of upper society sent their children to segregated schools because they cold afford it. Like Neji and Gaara did with Hiru. They paid loads of money for the three-year-old beta to attend a beta only preschool program located in the wealthier business districts of downtown.

A young wealthy alpha like Soren usually only attended prestigious alpha only preschools. However the lines to get admitted into some of those preschools were notoriously long, maybe that was why Soren had been reduced to attending a second rate preschool like his? Naruto had so many questions but he knew he'd never get answers to them because it wasn't any of his business.

He was just a teacher and not the boys parent. Naruto suppressed how sad admitting that made him feel and dialed the listed number under Sasuke-san's name. The line rang once. How may I assist you? Naruto wasn't expecting for a woman to answer. When he called a students parent it had always been the parent that had answered. He was momentarily unsure how to proceed but then regained his wits.

Could you please connect me to Uchiha-san? He couldn't disclose student's issues with a complete stranger, no matter how nice she sounded, but he desperately needed to speak with Soren's father as soon as he could. Naruto made up his mind. I'd like to meet with him to discuss it as soon as he possibly can. Is that all, sir? He wanted to stress to the nice receptionist how urgent the situation was but he kept quiet.

He already said more than enough. He had tried that's all that mattered. If Sasuke-san didn't get back to him today he'd call again tomorrow. He wouldn't give up. Naruto's eyes drifted to Soren's sleeping face across the room. He was bunched up into a little ball, his small knees folded to his chest. The little boy looked worried even in his unconscious state. Yes, Naruto vowed, for Soren he wouldn't ever give up. An hour and half later it was time for the students to go home.

They left one by one. Each taking home the "masterpiece" finger painting they had created earlier in the day. Naruto stood at the doorway, by the cubbies where the kids put their belongings such as backpacks and coats before fully entering the classroom.

It was located right in the little in ground pit structure in front of the doorframe where the kids left their shoes. Once they stepped out of that pit they were only allowed to wear their indoor slippers.

Naruto waved as his last student left for the day. Correction-his second to last student left for the day. He walked back into the classroom and plopped down next to Soren on the colorful foam mat he was sitting cross-legged on playing with building blocks. The boy was all packed up and ready to go. He had his winter jacket on; his scarf, and his yellow duck shaped backpack strapped to his small back.

All that was missing were his boots which he'd put on when he got into the pit. It was only the two of them in the spacious room. Without all the observant eyes of the other children Soren wasn't so shy. Naruto was happy Soren didn't feel shy around him.

It was silly but in a way it made him feel special. Soren quickly shook his head, his too long bangs swayed at the erratic motion. He was building a castle. He had been working on it since the final bell toll rang which meant it was time for the kids to sit and wait to be retrieved by their parents. Naruto was impressed, Soren had gotten pretty far along with it. He shook his head as if he were silently saying, 'stop being so silly.

You can use any color you want but not red okay cause I wanna use it for the door.

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They built together in silence for a while. The clock ticked by without either of them noticing. He pushed his bangs out of his face as he wiggled his body to celebrate. Your side looks much better than mine. You're very good at this!

Had he heard that right? Naruto-sensei is my, Ma-kun. For the second time that day Naruto was crying because of this wonderful little boy. Soren didn't even know it but he was giving him a taste of something he'd never have. The feeling of having a child call him their mother. It was too much. Soren's small arms around him were like how he'd imagine his own sons if he could ever have one.

He hugged Naruto again, tightly like he didn't want to let go.

He was suddenly aware of a thick scent coiling around in the air, making its self-known to all in its vicinity. It was the undoubtable stench of an alpha, a strong alpha too. Naruto had never been subjected to such a powerful odor. He was minutely concerned how Soren didn't seem to be affected by it.

Even though he was a child how could he not smell a scent as strong as this? He wiggled out of Naruto's arms and ran to the pit where a man was standing. When Sakura was five, she hid behind a bush to escape her bullies and the bush reached out to wipe away her tears. Sakura Haruno did not know what she had done to deserve a second chance, and neither did the other soul she now shared a body with. Second Chance by reviews She couldn't save her friends, but something has given her a second chance.

A chance she'll use to try to save the fate of her friends Abandoned, Glaring Plotholes Naruto - Rated: T - English - Chapters: On Hiatus for an undetermined amount of time. T - English - Drama - Chapters: Well, two dead people to be exact. When she was seven, the last thing she saw of him was the sword on his back. When she was eight, she had a friend named Kiba. When they were twelve, they met Shino. And when they were genin, they began to fight for the truth because they could no longer fight for the sake of Konoha.

Rooted by theRazorofOccam reviews In a universe where Sakura takes a wrong turn, she misses out on the apprenticeship with Tsunade, instead getting recruited by a very different mentor. Life turns out very differently from there on, as she takes the path of a very different kind of ninja.

Updates on weekends, unless otherwise stated. Time-travel and de-aging into a four year old wasn't on any bucket lists Sakura had made, but of course she just has to have a bad day. Now she had deal with the fact that she's horrible at keeping things as they are, and that the future, or the present she knew, is going to be gone by the time she's back. Please read and review. A pink-haired nobody, however One Change in the Story by Aingeal98 reviews It wasn't supposed to be like this.

She was only supposed to go back five minutes in time. Instead, Sakura wakes up in a dark room surrounded by people wearing black cloaks with red clouds on them.

She doesn't have a clue who she is.