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Senses no mortal could have were in full extension, telling me of the humidity in the air and the spread of both water and ice in my surroundings. I dumped the power into the water beneath me, flash-freezing it with a loud snap as I continued spreading and shaping the working.

Chapter 17: Contingent

The glacier formed at a mind-boggling pace, water rippling around it, and I closed my eyes to focus. Getting the paddles of the waterwheel all the same size was difficult, though it grew easier the more power I shed. Fingers clenching, I severed the platform I stood on from the wheel and lashed out with my will. Slowly, the wheel began to turn. I continued dumping power into the movement, accelerating it, and the tide of soiled water raged towards the heroes with a roar.

Fuck it, I thought, and tossed the wheel at them too. We were past subtlety at this point. Eyes flicking towards the Saint, I sighed as she carved herself a path above the current and stood atop the arc. An arrow whistled at her and I took advantage of the opening Archer had just gifted me to move further away as I riffled through the bundles in the back of my mind until I could find Zombie.

She seemed pleased by my summons, taking flight with haste. While it looked like she might have been getting the better of the fight with the heroes, fighting them at all was a mistake as far as I was concerned.

In the distance I heard a gargantuan crack as the ice wheel fractured into pieces merrily carried by the currents, heroes having climbed atop them.

I drew on Winter, feeling it whisper lovingly in my ears, and shattered the wheel shards. That dumped the heroes back into the water, though the fucking wizard made some kind of ring of fire that evaporated a safe place for them to gather and regroup.

Zombie made a low pass and I leapt atop her saddle, fingers slipping into her mane to anchor me while I got my feet in the stirrups. My cloak was wet, I only then noticed.

Reflections by Berkeley Carroll - Issuu

What the fuck had Akua been up to? No, not the time. By the height of the sun it was morning still, and promising to be a warm day. Not a cloud in sight. My mount gliding slowly, I took a look at the broader situation unfolding across the field.

The undead were shambling forward into a defensive Proceran line near what must have been a shore, before most the water in the marsh was used as ammunition in the Named brawl below me. The dead were not making an impressive showing. They seemed to have some semblance of intelligence, but there was no real coordination.

They went in waves and shattered on the formations of fantassins and the priests accompanying them. Still, casualties were slowly mounting. I suspected the first few waves must have been wiped almost without losses, but now the crusaders were tiring and beginning to make mistakes.

There was, to my surprise, another front to the battle. Had Juniper left men to guard the camp? Regardless, if she was leading this engagement she was being rather conservative in her command.

Mages on both sides were trading spells at a pace, but aside from a long shield wall of regulars pressing against crusader lines there was no other real fighting going on. That was unlike the Hellhound, who tended to go for the throat whenever she could. Which meant she was relying on the dead to do the heavy lifting — and by extension had relied on Akua.

The situation must be worse than it looked on the surface. The moment the front holding back the dead collapsed the battle was good as won, barring heroic intervention, but at the current pace that might take hours.

It must have been a fucking slaughter. Were the men I saw below all that was left of our host? There were what, maybe thirteen or fourteen thousand there? She was throwing away levies and fantassins, not professional soldiers. A beam of radiant light — fucking Pilgrim — tore up towards me, followed by a swarm of little balls of flame that looked liquid. I led Zombie into a deep dive to shake the projectiles. Archer could take care of herself, I decided.

She was probably half a mile away and picking her targets carefully, in no danger of being swarmed by the enemy. Just in case I wove a glamour into large streaks of yellow and red indicating she should disengage even as I spurred Zombie to head towards the shore battle line.

It was not long before I had my answer. Loyal dogs that they were, the Wild Hunt came as summoned. There was an eldritch glimmer on the surface of the water at my side before Larat came riding out in full armour, sword in hand and grinning broadly. But then she started to forget. It started with small things. She would leave the water on, and they would come home to the whole house flooded. I left the tub overflowing. Could you help me mop it up?

Then on Then one day she forgot to turn the stove off. They came home to the smell of gas. How silly of me, I left the stove on! Then one day she forgot her keys at home. Then Then her birthday. Then, one day, her purse. He always remembers these things as he writes the checks he sends in the mail to Centre Stauros retirement home in Barcelona. He misses her so much. He misses the movie nights and the smell of popcorn wafting through the apartment and the Spanish classic rock she would put on the radio while she cooked.

He misses her face. Just make sure that you save two or three Guerras for the time when he's about to start regenerating his life. That'll show him who's the "boss" around here: Watch out for his disappearing from time to time; he will be visible for about a second each time he disappears. He shoots two attacks.

When he stands up, he'll throw a Fuego at you. When he kneels down, he will fire a Lanzar. Avoid him and attack.

At all costs, don't let him regenerate his life. He does it when there is only a fifth of his life left and he'll stand up, lose the ability to disappear, and jump if cornered. He'll also run away from you. If he gets his life back, you will have to start the whole battle over again. Recovery potions, gold, or Almas orbs. They are hidden or protected, as they are valuable. The Almas are also collected when you kill one of Jashiin's monsters or defeat one of his henchmen.

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The Almas are a part of Jashiin's power and are used for money in your quest, but they are also used for medicine and other useful things by the inhabitance of the towns.

When you gather the Almas, go to town, enter the bank and choose "Exchange Almas". You will find out that in Tumba and Llama an Almas is worth is a different amount of money. In Tumba, an Almas is worth two golds and in Llama, four Almas are worth two golds.

Additionally, saving Almas in Muralla and Satono for exchange into gold in Bosque means that you get two more golds for each Almas, with the only condition is surviving without buying anything. Plus, the Sage will raise your lifeline and spell levels because the Almas are the only condition for it. The secret is this: Upon gathering the first couple of hundred, she will give you the first raise.

Each time for her to raise it again, you must have double the Almas you had the last time. That's what made my skills so sharp; in the places above Dorado Town, I had to spend many long hours trying to get the Almas required for additional magic and life. Eventually, I wanted to explore new places and thusly, get many Almas quickly. If I wanted to make it, I had to learn to be patient and concentrated. I hoped that the saying "It's worst just before it's best" would come true and it did.

The good side is that the Almas balls are worth more Almas Almas balls contain more Almas. GOLD Throughout the caverns, gold is stashed away in boxes. It will help you in a financial crisis. Just make sure you make it to town, or you'll lose it all. In the early caverns it's smaller, and vice-versa. The possible amounts are: ALMAS ORB In the entire game, there is only one Almas orb worth Almas that doesn't come from a defeated foe, but a wall.

When passing Malicia, after entering the green door to Peligro, go left, up and left and slash the wall. If you don't know what I'm talking about, consult the walkthrough. They can be found in a box or buried in a wall. You don't have to take them and you can also save them for later, if you don't need them. There are two kinds of potions: There are many of them. It restores about as much life as a Ken'Ko Potion.

It isn't very useful, but the life capacity you have for the lasting of them being available is restored almost completely. It will heal you completely, no matter how long or short your life bar is.

You can't find a better way to heal; it's free and it restores your full strength. Slashing the sword all the time upwards and sometimes you have to jump also will make a couple of them fall on your thirsty tongue. This world is kooky in many ways. It's useful to know if you're exploring the caverns, so that you won't be surprised because of the special abilities some of them posses, but you can exploit their weaknesses and easily prevail over any number of them.

Many of them are very special, in a specific way, so I suggest that you read this before going into the labyrinths where these underlings can easily kill you if you don't know their nature.

I listed them under a town, not a cavern, because from the third world, there are two or more caverns under a town look at the last one! NATURE 4. TOADS The toads are fast and harmful when attacking. They're some of the most dangerous enemies in the Malicia Caverns. SLUGS These creatures are slow, but are persistent and won't be destroyed easily. You'd better have the Wise Man's Sword when facing these bores.

Unfortunately, they're the least of your problems and aren't valuable. BATS The bats are also hard to kill. They swoop down periodically from the roof and follow you until they hit a low ceiling or you. They can be painful and frustrating, since you have to wait for them to swoop down again to get a chance to kill them. This takes a whole lot of time.

RATS They're even faster than toads, but are worth the most Almas in Malicia. The interesting thing here is that they either leave 10 Almas or none. They can be hard to avoid, but are pretty easy to kill. They're pretty confused and don't know which way to go. It's easy to kill them if you posses the Wise Man's Sword, which makes most enemies wish that they were never born.

BATS The bats are similar to the ones in the Cavern of Malicia, but slightly more endurable. These bats appear in far larger numbers than before, so be very careful not to let one surprise you and make you lose much life.

They aren't that hard to kill, especially if you have the Wise Man's Sword. They shoot low spittle and can be painful and frustrating, since the Stone Shield is small. TROLLS These creatures are the most resilient ones in the early caverns, maybe those before Tumba, but they appear in very small numbers. They run away and shoot little axes at you, because they're nothing but lousy cowards that don't even have the guts to face you in a fair fight. They can move while in the ground and when they come out, you can kill them.

They shoot spit at you, so don't turn away. They aren't very hard to slaughter, although they're tricky. BUGS The bugs are the most powerful creatures here, so be careful. They jump and can cause you unforeseeable damage. They die easily, though. CRABS The crabs are dangerous, but easy to kill.

They come after you when you approach their vicinity. They stand next to the wall, usually guarding a door. They walk on walls and ceilings and drop on you or hit you. They form legs in order to walk on the walls. They give poor Almas and cause plenty of trouble. You can easily dispose of them, if you manage to hit them at the right time.

That isn't easy, but there aren't that many of them. They're what I like to call "trouble with a capital "T"". They can jump when they enclose themselves in their shell and collide with you if they turn their shell up side down. They're very hard to kill and they can hurt you badly if they collide with you and you don't get the message on time. After you hit them, they'll produce another creature by themselves. They don't give much Almas, but aren't fast and don't cause much damage in spite of this little trick.

They die easily, if you use the Fuego Spell and they don't reproduce themselves, because they don't have time. ARROWS They circle around small pieces of ground at great speed. The only "bright side" here is that they appear in very small numbers. TUMBA TOWN 4. They reproduce themselves upon contact with a sword or spell besides Fuego and Lanzar, and are even harder to kill with the Fuego Spell.

The "bad news" is that the swords don't harm them. Upon close range, to kill them, two Fuego Spells are required. The Magia Stone only acts like ordinary swords and makes it much worse. Only the Fairy Flame Enchantment Sword can kill them besides the two spells. They live in the Gelroid and are painful as well as they appear in large numbers.

This can hurt you a lot. They don't give up easily, but it isn't very hard to kill them. If you're scared of collision, try using the Lanzar Spell to kill them on long range. The superior and more beautiful enemy is in the Gold Caverns. These women try to take Duke Garland from the princess. That's why they hurt him. They're incredibly hard to destroy, but there aren't many of them. They're the first of the creatures that are worth Almas.

They shoot spit at you, which is painful. You can't harm them if you attack down; hit the head to kill them. BATS They're very similar to the bats in the earlier caverns, but are much more powerful.

They're just as frustrating, though. They swoop down in a different way, otherwise, not much of a change. You should, at least in these. They can be nasty.

If you hit them with the Knight's Sword, they'll disappear for a short while and you won't be able to harm them, although you can see them, but only slightly.