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meet home and away cast 2015

Home and Away is an Australian television soap opera. It was first broadcast on the Seven .. Jett James invites Skye to Summer Bay to meet his father John Palmer (Shane Withington). Skye tells John that she has run away from her mother. There are two main locations where Home and Away is filmed, the studio in In there was some filming on Thursdays, although in there was no Weather, actors availability and schedules dictate when filming occurs. and outdoor (Summer Bay – Palm Beach) sets during the day to meet filming requirements. Being cast in a soap like Home and Away takes more than just good email and directly ask for an audition, ask for a meet and greet (AKA a.

She had a lot of guilt about moving on from Casey. Smith added that "Ash is really into it, but suddenly he runs away. She added that Ash is Denny's type of love interest because she has never been attracted to the "typical clean-cut guy". She decides to must convince Ash to begin a relationship and he later agrees.

The pair decide to consummate their relationship but after Denny feel "odd". Mason told Downie TV Week that Ash is understanding of her situation and "he knows he's walking on shaky ground with her. Mason commented that the role had been "a dream job", but it was also "overwhelming" playing a main character on the show. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. May Learn how and when to remove this template message Ash goes to Angelo's to find Darryl Braxton, causing his girlfriend, Ricky to be wary of him.

Ash later gets on the wrong side of Andy Barrett Tai Hara. Brax reveals that Ash is his former cell mate, who helped him out while he was in prison. Brax gives Ash a job at his restaurant and lets him sleep on the couch.

When Brax loses his temper with his brother, Ash realises that he is not coping and urges him to open up to his family about his time inside. Ash and Ricky join forces to help Brax. Ash announces that he wants to find his sister, Billie, and Brax joins him on a road trip to find her boyfriend Dean, who let Ash take the blame for an armed robbery they committed. They locate Dean and Brax manages to get Ash's share of the robbery money back.

Ash gives the money to Phoebe Nicholson Isabella Giovinazzo. He meets Denny and flirts with her, causing Brax to warn him off as she was dating his younger brother Casey before his death.

meet home and away cast 2015

But he ignores Brax's advice and helps Denny fix her car and they bond. Ash sees that Denny is wearing her old engagement ring from Casey. The duo are fooled and locked in a cellar by Neive Devlin Jolene Anderson who drugs Phoebe to create a career boosting scandal. Ash and Andy manage to escape and save Phoebe from her ordeal. Ash is shocked when Brax is arrested for murdering Dean and Ricky hits him believing he is to blame.

Ash realises that Sam must have committed the crime but fails to convince Katarina.

meet home and away cast 2015

Ash and Brax head to the outback to confront Sam but he refuses to confess. When Brax faces his court hearing Sam exposes that they took stolen money from Dean's hiding place. When the money is found in Angelos, Ash is implicated in Dean's murder and arrested alongside Brax, but the latter takes the blame. Ash pledges to look after Ricky following Brax's imprisonment but she blames him and tells him to keep away.

Ash decides to begin a relationship with Denny which annoys Ricky who believes he is betraying Brax. Ash tells Ricky that Gunno wants revenge on him because he exposed his drug dealing. He visits Gunno who orders Ash to help him deal or he will kill Brax.

meet home and away cast 2015

Ash came to visit his late brother, Luke's grave and bumped into his sister, Billie Ashford Tessa de Josselinthey talked for a while and Ash told Billie that Dean's dead and that he didn't punch the security guard during a robbery. Ash discovers that Kyle's been sleeping with Billie behind Phoebe's back after walking in on them.

Ash thought Kyle had seduced her and attacks him, until Billie explained everything. But Ash later uncovers out that Billie made up Nate's sexual assault and is mad at her for causing trouble. Billie tells Ash that she likes Nate, but he was dating Kat and since Dean died, she wants to move on, but Kyle and Nate both reject her.

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Billie is to a hospital in the city. Kyle takes Ash's place during a drug deal. Later after Brax manages to get himself transferred to another prison after he reports Gunno, Kyle and Ash come up with an escape plan so Brax and Ricky can have a life with baby Casey. The plan goes haywire after Gunno sends someone to kill Brax. The police car transferring Brax is run off the road and into a river.

Brax survives and convinces Ash to let everyone think that he is dead so his friends and family will be safe from Gunno. Denny eventually breaks up with Ash because of his lies and the dangerous choices he has makes.

Ash and Phoebe have a fling when she and Kyle temporarily break up. Ash and Phoebe eventually start a relationship. Ash discovered that Phoebe is pregnant and he assumes he's the father. But Ash found out that Kyle's the father, causing a strain in his relationship with Phoebe and he breaks up with her. But they got back together and Ash tells Phoebe that he'll support the baby and will love the baby like his own.

However, Phoebe discovered she's pregnant with twins, and suffered a miscarriage. Billie returns to Summer Bay and reunite with Ash, after she rescues Oscar. Billie was a main suspect when police discover Kat's missing handcuffs are in Billie's bag and Ash suspects that Zac's ex, Charlotte King Erika Heynatz is behind this.

He comes to her house and attacks her, almost strangling her to death, until Kat stops him.

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Ash attends Zac and Leah Patterson-Baker 's wedding. Ash notices that Kat hass been seeing Dylan and warns her that Dylan is a bad influence, but she doesn't listen to him or to Phoebe. Ash and Phoebe break up when she finds out Ash was heavily drunk at a bar and finds a barmaid from the bar in his house the next day and assumes he is cheating on Phoebe and tells her the truth.

The barmaid returns to collect her jewellery and Ash told her that he and Phoebe breaks up because he cheated on her. But the barmaid says that they have not slept together and she slept on the couch during the night he was drunk.

Ash tells Phoebe the truth but Phoebe tells him that they can't be together anymore and they end things for good. Ash quickly moves on from Phoebe and starts to like Kat. Ash is held hostage by Dylan in his house, along Kat and Billie too.

But Dylan is arrested. Kat and Ash soon fall in love and start a relationship, which makes Phoebe jealous. On Billie and VJ's wedding, Billie runs off. InAsh meets his newborn niece, Luc Patterson. Ash discovers that Billie has lung cancer and has only a few moments to live.

Ash is hurt and devastated when VJ tells him that Billie died on the beach in his arms, Ash breaks down and Justin Morgan James Stewart calms him down. When VJ discovers that John Palmer Shane Withingtonis the arsonist behind the recent fires, he informs Ash who then heads to the hospital and openly blames John for Billie's death, lashing out at John and leading to the hospital's staff throwing Ash out.

When Ash tries to assist Leah in helping to care for Luc, she constantly pushes him away and lectures him on how to care for Luc. The tour lasts approximately 4 hours. Tours also now run on Saturdays at 10am, but please note that there is no filming expected on weekends. Payment will not be taken from your card until availability is confirmed.

The tour will be run by an expert Home and Away tour guide—ready to fill your tour with exciting stories, gossip and interesting facts about the show—and you may even be lucky to spot some filming.

Die-hard fans will never forget the thrill of watching Home and Away being created and the possibility of being up close to their favourite actors.

The tour finishes around 5: Saturday tours depart from George Street at 10am. You then get some free time around the beach area and the Summer Bay Surf Club. If the cast are filming, you can watch, take photos and maybe even meet the cast.

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Soak up the bars, the restaurants, the shopping, the beaches, the lifestyle, and to top it all off, you can take the ferry back to Circular Quay across the spectacular Sydney Harbour at own expense. Will I see the cast? The tour runs on three of the most likely weekdays to see filming, Monday to Wednesday, as well as on Fridays.

However many tourists are lucky enough, and some even get the chance to meet the cast and get their autographs. Please be advised that the tour includes exterior filming locations only and does not include a visit to the Home and Away studios—these are located on the other side of Sydney and are closed to the public.

Reviews I had an amazing time during the Home and Away tour. The coach took us on a pleasant scenic drive through North Sydney to Palm Beach Summer Bay on what was a beautiful warm and sunny day. When we arrived we saw filming was already taking place, it was a scene involving Leah, Zak and Irene.

It was quite an intense scene involving an argument between Zak and Leah about him cheating on her with a woman called Sam. They came over to where we were all watching and I managed to get my photo taken with them. Shortly afterwards I saw Emily Symons coming out of the trailer nearby! It was quite surreal actually seeing her and Lynne McGranger close-up after seeing them on Home and Away since I was a child.