Mawanella zahira sports meet and gre

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mawanella zahira sports meet and gre

The girls inter-house sports meet finals were held on the 30th of January at the school grounds. The sports events were distributed over six days giving a. 20 டிசம்பர் It is believed that this project would bring great benefits to a number of The Inter House Sports Meet – of Zahira College, Mawanella. Zahira College, Mawanella (also referred to as Mawanella Zahira) is a Muslim Teachers; Societies and clubs; Passtout students forums; Sports . Unfortunately the school lost this great personality in an accident. . an indigenous people numbering approximately 2, living in modern-day Sri Lanka.

Their dad also insisted that they go to an ordinary school, not some fancy private one.

Inter House Sports Meet 2018 – Final LIVE

They all shared the same studies and hobbies. But when she became a teenager and went to high school, she noticed that things had changed. Everyone was divided into groups and ranks — it was not just one big group of children anymore.

mawanella zahira sports meet and gre

They came to her and proposed that she hang out with them — why would she say no? They seemed like really nice people. They chatted a lot about designer clothes and gadgets, and all the other things that are trendy nowadays.

mawanella zahira sports meet and gre

This was when she found out that they had somehow already learned about who she was and what family she was from — and Britney began to have doubts. She started watching her new friends attentively. But everything seemed okay. It was quite a large group of people — there were eight of them — and they all had different backgrounds. From time to time when they went out, one or two of her friends asked her to pay for their movie tickets or a coffee, and promised to give back the money.

They never gave it back, and she thought it was a bit petty to remind them. Zahira College, Colombo — It is currently the largest Muslim educational institution in Sri Lanka with more than students studying there. The college is situated at the heart of Colombo city, the college also has one of the oldest mosques in the country in its premises.

The idea of school mainly for Muslims was conceived by prominent individuals at the time, siddi Lebbe of Kandy, when circumstances were positively hostile to English education due to the reasons where English education was very much associated with proselytism.

mawanella zahira sports meet and gre

At this juncture in history of Sri Lanka almost all the schools in the country were run by Christian missionaries, because Sri Lanka had not won its independence from the British Empire an almost state aided conversion submerged other communities.

Thus, due to this and many other pertaining factors, Zahira was established on Monday,22 Augustduring a public speech made by M.

Sport Meet Final of Baduriya College Mawanella - live Broadcast By JM by JM

Siddhi Lebbe in at the Maradana Mosque Hall, he appealed to the Muslim community to unite and promote the advancement of the community. With the help of Ahamed Orabi Pasha, an Egyptian exile in Ceylon and freedom fighter, in the school was registered as a grant-in-aid school Maradana Mohammedan Boys School.

The college Swimming pool project was proposed and funded by the Old Boys Association, and it was officially opened for the School Students, Old boys and for the Public. The project was initiated in and successfully completed and opened on 14 Julythe College has produced a number of talented football players who represented the national team.

The College trophy cabinet is full of silverware from College football, in Zahira started improving rugby under the coach Mr. Shamly Nawaz and they were ranked 38th amongst the schools play rugby in Sri Lanka. Furthermore in August Zahira displayed some great talents in Sri Lanka Super 7s and defeated top teams like st. In Zahira will play rugby in division one, also College is actively participating in following Sports presently. Athletics Basketball Cricket Football Hockey Karate Rugby Swimming Boxing Basketball The students are divided into four houses, the houses are led by House Captains, competing in all major games to win the inter-house games and house colours are awarded winners.

Wapchie Marikar Proctor Mr. Ancient cemeteries that were used before BC and other signs of advanced civilization has also discovered in Sri Lanka 4.

mawanella zahira sports meet and gre

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Mawanella Zahira College , Short Film 'Palamuteana'

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