Marceline and marshal lee meet episode 1

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marceline and marshal lee meet episode 1

Marceline the Vampire Queen is a fictional character in the American animated Cartoon Marceline makes her debut in the first season episode "Evicted! Marceline is one of the major characters in Adventure Time. . Additionally, Marshall Lee makes a cameo appearance in the third Fionna and Cake episode entitled. story includes Marceline and Marshall Lee. this is about how they meet we don't own any of the characters or episodes of Adventure time!. Hi guys welcome back to a new Adventure Time Plush Video today, Today this video will Plush Adventure Time: Marshall Lee Meets Marceline . Tara Duncan - The Silent Siren (Episode 1 Full in English) - Duration:

Or, the War After and Iscariot—the world of Adventure Time seems a few standard deviations more whimsical and less melancholic. What do you think the common ground between the two aesthetics is? Adventure Time is definitely more whimsical, but it has its share of melancholy! Maybe not so heavy handed as I may be. But there are many touching, sad moments.

Marceline the Vampire Queen

Having songs, having fun, exploring a tertiary character for a few episodes because you want to find out what makes them tick. Lots of shows have their own strength and Adventure Time is that no one really realized at first that it was building up this rich mythology, until it was so strong that they could start messing around with it, a la Marshall Lee.

Do the character differences between he and Marceline boil down to perceived gender constructs? Or do they exist at all? I think Marshall Lee is his own man, so to speak. Marshall Lee definitely wants some street cred. What resonates with you the most or are your favorite episodes? My favorite storyline is probably the Marceline flashback episodes when the Ice King is more Simon and Marceline is just a kid.

Marceline has always been my favorite, mostly because she sang the most songs. So any episode with a good song usually had her in it, and those were my favorites. How would you describe the process of working with them?

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Were there any characters you had an especially memorable time designing? His behavior towards Fionna mirrors that of Marceline towards Finn in "Evicted!

However, he seems to feel remorse more quickly than her.

marceline and marshal lee meet episode 1

This also might suggest that Marceline wishes she could express remorse better; she rarely apologizes to anyone. Since Marceline is telling the story at this point, this might suggest the way she thinks of herself; as a villain, although Marshall Lee is arguably the more evil of the two.

Marshall seems to be more violent than Marceline, saying he "Kills people every night", although this may be an exaggeration. Relationships Fionna Marshall Lee and Fionna are good friends. You're in love with me.

marceline and marshal lee meet episode 1

He also called her 'baby' in " Good Little Girl "'s song lyrics. Marshall Lee is first seen briefly in the episode "Fionna and Cake," when he notices Fionna entering Prince Gumball's party and flashes her the sign of the horns, sticking his tongue out.

It is noted that this is one of the few times in the show where a character is shown with five fingers. Similar to Finn and Marceline's relationship, Marshall likes to mess with Fionna's head.

In the second episode featuring Ice King's fan-fictions, "Bad Little Boy", he zooms into her house and steals the pastries Prince Gumball had brought for Fionna, leading her outside to investigate a noise that is probably him landing on her roof. When Fionna finds him on the roof playing his guitar, he looks up and smoothly says, "Oh. He asks her to go to Lumpy Space Prince's Party, but she is uncertain at first of whether she should go, presumably because she has Prince Gumball over for company and would have to ditch him to go.

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Marshall transforms to bat form and reaches out his hand for hers, saying he knows she will give in. She smiles reluctantly and takes his hand before being flown into the forest. There at the party, he is seen doing obnoxious things and teasing her, all the while trying to convince her that he is evil. He even goes as far to fake a fatal injury and tell her to admit her love for him.

While doing this, Fionna yells out and tells him that in his last moments he should be serious.

marceline and marshal lee meet episode 1

She mentions that he likes to flirt with her and seems to think it is funny. When he sees her emotional and crying and reveals that he was only faking, Fionna angrily punches him, then chases him while he protests and proceeds to hit him again off-screen, laughing maniacally. Cake Marshall often messes with Cake, but they seem to be on good terms. Although he pushed her into the bushes in the episode "Bad Little Boy" carelessly, calling her "kitty" rather condescendingly, she seemed to recover mostly and was seen smiling after Fionna picked her up and spoke in Cake's defense.

She tried to break away from Marshall Lee when he kidnapped her and flew to the cemetery, which resulted in a short struggle and caused Marshall Lee to seemingly be pierced through the chest on a spear. When Marshall Lee appeared to be hurt, Cake used her body to shield him from the sun while it rose behind them.

marceline and marshal lee meet episode 1