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Biti on Friday challenged Angel and Makandiwa to prove the authenticity of their WOMAN CUTTING THEIR HAIR, CHRISTIAN PAINTING THIER FACES - JEZEBELS IN If you talk of South you think of Mandela one thing that makes me wonder abt these miracles, yu never meet anyone that yu. Angel and Makandiwa, have never openly denied receiving such "PROPHET/ OVERSEER" WHO PRAYED FOR MANDELA STEPS .. Today's church is an epitome of modernity operating from state–of-the–art, imposing edifices fully . ability to run the institutions properly and meet the demands of staff. Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa was born in December into a family of small farmers. Knight Irvine Artwork members would meet at the Anglican Cathedral, Cnr Sam Nujoma / Nelson Mandela. From the Prophet Uebert Angel , who.

You are full of venom, and remember that God says touch not my anointed and do no harm to my prophets. This Ajoba pastor is talking too much, and wanting to provoke our great men of God. Let him waste his time. What it means, is that all those who got evil charms from him, will perish as well.

The fetish priest has reportedly provided black magic, to over pastors in Africa, to grow up and prosper their churches including Zimbabwe. Angel and Makandiwa, have never openly denied receiving such from Bonsam, through Kusi Boateng as accused by their detractors.

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The businessman said his income comes from business and not the church, going to length in his blasphemy, talking about investment opportunities in spite of the economic situation in the country, instead of praying for the sick and preaching the gospel. If the people are poor then what can a preacher take from them as the congregants actually have nothing in the first place? Besides preaching the gospel, I am involved in a number of private projects that have enabled me to acquire a lot of wealth.

It amazes me that people think I live off the contributions of my church when in actual fact that money may contribute to the buying of my bread and eggs only. The Editor recommends you to check out these articles 2.

He goes by the name Uebert Angel. He is one of the poster boys of Zimbabwe's prosperity gospel brigade. They are in their early 30s, natty dressers who bag crowds yearning to fill the gap left by old-time religion: Who can resist that? The old churches still insist on Christ's teachings to "store up your riches in heaven". But why wait when the prophet in the velvet jacket says you can have it all here and now?

And so, over several recent Sundays, I found myself among the throbbing throngs in Harare's churches and stadiums, getting down to Nigerian Uche Agu's My God Is Good Oh, that impossibly catchy anthem of the prosperity gospel movement: To the parts about wealth, we scream with delight.

They queue before the prophet, waiting for that word to spring them from misfortune. It goes like this: What follows is a microwave exorcism: Ardent membership, of which giving is a priority, seals the deal. Soon that elusive job, the husband, the business, is yours. Why should his children be poor? Here, prosperity gospel is staple fare.

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To accommodate everyone, he has had to split his Sunday service into two. Queues more than a kilometre long form at dawn for his morning service. Ushers in neon bibs ensure order, handing numbered cards to people waiting in line. On Sunday, Makandiwa preaches about "possessing the promises".

When the devil steals from you, he tells us, he replaces what was stolen twofold.

Makandiwa, Angel defiant

Which is why, he says, when he crashed his Mercedes Benz S, it was quickly replaced by a brand-new S To that, the couple to my left spring from their chairs, roaring, Bibles thrust in the air.

This church has declared the "year of results". What good is faith when you have no material results to show for it? So followers display stickers on their cars declaring how they have prospered: This car is a result.

For a dollar, I buy the one declaring: The young pastors are called "papa" or "daddy". Every material gain is owed to Makandiwa. One of his senior pastors, Takura Rukwati, gushes: For example, the car I drive, the house I live in, the clothes I wear, even the button on my suit, he provided.

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Prophet Makandiwa gave me these things. I have to become a "partner", I am told. Being a partner means that I get to be one of those members that give more to the church than the ordinary people. The more I give, the more I am blessed.

When God meets A Man Prophet Makandiwa

Here is how it works: You become a partner only after contributing for three consecutive months. Top partners get good seats and even get to hang around the prophet. That widow in the Bible, the one who impressed Jesus the most when she gave only a few lousy coins to the temple while the rich gave sacks of gold? On Mondays, in what used be a movie theatre in central Harare, the partners of Angel's church meet.