Lilo and stitch meet the experiments

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lilo and stitch meet the experiments

Directed by Don MacKinnon. With Daveigh Chase, David Ogden Stiers, Chris Sanders, Kevin McDonald. Stitch becomes enamored with a female experiment. [Lilo and Stitch return home with Swapper]: Jumba: Well, well, well! Experiment , we meet again. Stitch: Experiments on the Loose - an official Lilo & Stitch-related Flash online game. Play the "Meet the Robinsons: Pizza Delivery" game >> · Play the "Meet .

You know how he is about water. I almost had him lulled into a false sense of security, but then you said the b-word. Never say the b-word! Why do you torment me?

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What's all the racket in there? Scrump is very smart, Stitch. But she doesn't go around breaking plates and unscrewing videotapes. Wasn't it Defendant who chewed off the arm of Mr. I sewed it back on. And how about little Suzy Teaparty? Anybody seen yer head?

I haven't, because it's gone! Stitch didn't mean to eat. It was a freak accident! He was accidentally hungry. What does it want?! Now that we have learned his secret, he will probably get rid of us. The weapon is only loaded with net. He has replaced net with my new laser cartridge! I am so proud of his smartness! And I'm just gonna faint. I'm too terrified to faint.

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How about if I just scream? I owe you both an apology. I was wrong about you. Innocent until proven guilty. I'm old enough to know that. Nani buys games and pizza! Now, pay attention, Stitch. To fit in on Earth, you need to be obsessed with how you look. They wanna be like pigs. Oh, just look at this mess! Yeah, you really need to sweep all that hair. Is Experimentand is very dangerous. She doesn't look dangerous. Ah, but looks can be decieving.

You see it was many years ago, when my head was overflowing with evil ideas I had devised Experimentthe Uburnium Eater! Uburnium is the most powerful and economical fuel source in all of universe! My Ubernium Eater would spark an insurmountable fuel price! Unfortunately, in the language of Kweltiquan, word for "Uburnium" is same as word for "hair". I did not realize mistake until I had accidentally created Hair Eater!

lilo and stitch meet the experiments

I didn't know you got your hair cut here! Of course you don't. They never even let you in the door with that mess. I like my hair! Maybe you should try this. For Taming Wild Unruly Hair?! Not everyone can have perfect hair like me, especially not you.

lilo and stitch meet the experiments

Yuki, Teresa, and Elena: Mertle needs to be punished. Black Cat to Mutant Dog. Come in, Mutant Dog. It's cat burglar code. Captain former of the Galactic Alliance! Conqueror of Paskimerus Militia! This spectral diffraction style is very popular on Earth, particularly of amid followers of team sports. What do you think? I look like large furry lollipop. Edmonds after startling her] Lilo: So you're not mad at us for scaring us like that? Actually it was kinda exhilarating, in a frightening I-don't-know-what's-going-on sort of way.

I'm sorry about what happened to your hair. If you ever find that little furball you're looking for, I'm going to thank it. Edmonds calls Jumba handsome, making him happy, his hair suddenly grows back] Mrs. That what I call a spontaneous something or other!

Spats: Experiment #397

Inside voice, Uncle Jumba. What is going on?! Experiment AKA Mr. Well, where is my stink bomb?! I'm afraid the little girl and the abomination You with your large stomping feet and shooting blaster can't get one experiment from a little girl?! Tell me how lame you are! Hmm, well, there's no right answer there. I'd put it somewhere in the S's between "Shockingly lame" and "Stunningly lame".

I'm having a meeting. Stop it with the not paying attention to me! Now get that experiment before I come there and nibble your flabby knuckles, you blue-tinted, offspring of a fish! Wanna see my new I didn't even say what it was yet. The answer is still no. If you don't want to see the cutest thing ever. If you think bugs are cute, I bet whatever it is, it's ugly!

Yeah, well, you're wrong! He's even cuter than a potato Cuter than a potato? He is cuter than a potato! I knew you'd like him! It's stands for "Future Hawaiian Girls of Hawaii". But you can only come if you bring him. Yes, is designed to be irresistible. Of course, other experiments are immune to his charms. It may look harmless, but in reality, is a ticking stink bomb.

Very soon, it will emit odor so noxious, will make 40 square mile area uninhabitable for decades! But he smells okay now. Problem is we have no way of knowing when he was activated.

lilo and stitch meet the experiments

Is the smell really that bad? He'll have you losing many lunches with disgusting stench! And I don't care how much he reeks. One day, you'll fail to protect one of those experiments! And I will take it away forever! Stitch's Other Shoulder Devil: Experiment AKA Spooky [1. Halloween Special][ edit ] [Lilo arrives at the Halloween party dressed up as a dead hula girl with scary makeup and a fake ax on her head, frightening all the other guests] Moses: Well, maybe you should change it to something more like Princess, princess, princess, or princess?

At least we're not a weirdo, weirdo, weirdo, or weirdo! Yuki, Teresa and Elena: I'll be a princess, too. Or go home, change, and don't come back!

I am absolutely refusing to be wearing this! The Queen of the Nile demands it! Besides, I am not missing out on trick-or-treating on my first night of Heelowatty!

I need a new costume: Can you make it quick? Well, let me tell you I have the fastest fingers in my primitive Earth custom: You're not scared, are you?

Elena said something about hissing green eyes, too. He has a set of large flat jagged teeth, and the inside of his mouth is a blue color with a turquoise tongue. He has a brown oval-shaped marking on his back.

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He stands 3 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 57 lbs. When he turns himself into an electrical current, the lower half of his body turns into a streak of electricity, making himself somewhat resemble an Asian dragon. In this form, he has a stronger electrical dragon-like appearance, and will closely resemble a dragon when flying as well, with a scratchy alien voice.

Powers and abilities Sparky can turn his body into an electrical current, allowing him to fly or travel through electric-powered generators, appliances, devices, outlets, power lines, machines, and other similar things.

Another electrical current is generated between the two long antennae on his head, which can be used to send jolts towards foes, or when he gets irritated, annoyed, or is pulling pranks. He can create crippling electrical surges by using his antennae. He can also shoot lightning blasts from his antennae and generate and release massive discharges of electrical energy. Sparky's powers, as his name may suggest, are electricity-related. Originally intended to create crippling electrical surges, he can also use the electrical currents to power machines, lights, and such.

Like his "cousin" Stitch, he has a second pair of retractable arms at his side, though he rarely uses them.

Angel: Experiment 624

He has some enhanced senses when compared to a human—better hearing and a better sense of smell. His short body can extend into a large streak of a tail as his moves through the air at high speeds, his body shining with electricity. He is an agile fighter with lightning-fast reflexes, using electrical attacks to deal massive damage. He can also manipulate objects and short-circuit electric-powered devices.

Like Stitch, he can climb on walls, hang from ceilings and see in the dark. Sparky can speak a broken English. He can also speak Tantalogwhich is his original language. What he says seems to have a distinctive "buzz" to it Example: Weaknesses Sparky cannot pass through non-conductive objects and obstacles.