Kinana and cobra meet

kinana and cobra meet

By NeAn Productions I don't own the video law. song: Three Days Grace - Unbreakable Heart Lyrics "Unbreakable Heart" Hijacked when you. Kinana x Cobra Feeschwanz Anime, Fairy Tail Ships, Nalu, Feenschwanz Kobra, Anime .. I really need Kinana and Cobra to come on Mashima!. They're so sweet eating the cake ; Cobra and Kinana (Fairy Tail). Катя Пищикова · Fairy Tail .. I want to see Kinana and Cobra meet again.– submitted by.

I didn't need her or anyone's pity. She seemed unfazed, and studied my face more closely. A bit startled, it was my turn to study her more closely. It couldn't be…could it? Something akin to a jolt shook me to my core. My beloved friend, Cubellios! No longer in the form of a snake, but indeed the same being. All he could think of was his dear friend. He hadn't even learned her name, but was now more than ever determined to find her.

We've been close since we were young, he thought, and we'll never separate again. I'll make sure of it. So Cobra forged on, without the slightest clue where we was going but trusting his intuition to lead him the right way. After what felt like hours of blind stumbling in the dark, Cobra finally laid eyes on what he had been searching for. His snake-turned-human was walking along a path seemingly absorbed in getting home quickly.

Cobra braced himself against a tree to catch his breath for a moment and watch her pass him by. He contemplated calling out to her, but the moment they had met, he had been arrested.

kinana and cobra meet

She probably thought he was a criminal, a dangerous one at that. After heaving a long disappointed sigh, Cobra decided that seeing her one more time was enough for him. He slowly sank to the ground, while leaning against the tree and closed his eye. He would rest for a few moments then work on a plan to get the rest of Oracion Seis out of prison.

Kinana's skin prickled with unease as she felt like she was being watched. Yet, in a strange way, it felt familiar.

She could almost hear that kind voice again, calling out to her, to come find him. She turned around but hesitated. This could be dangerous, and her guildmates would worry if something happened to her.

But that feeling of familiarity and nostalgia was even stronger than before, now that she was facing the direction of whomever was watching her. She took a step forward and then another. Each step she took brought her closer to a hunched over figure sitting against a tree. Was this the person watching her? His hair was big and spiky and he had a long scar over one of his eyes. Kinana gasped as the recognition and disbelief shook through her.

How had he not heard her until she spoke? Anyone could have snuck up on him in such a vulnerable state. Kinana rushed over to him as he tried to get shakily to his feet. Her face lit up as she truly recognized him. I never thought I would see you again! He grimaced as he finally managed to stand before his old snake-friend. He hadn't meant to attract her attention. Come to think of it, how had he even done that?

He had only intended to see her again and if it were possible, to hear her voice once more. Unknowingly right on top of his injury.

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Kinana flinched back in surprise, and held her hand close to her chest. A flash of red drew her attention to her hand. Kinana's eyes widened in shock. You're still hurt from back then? That was days ago! You haven't been treated for that long?

Natsu then goes on the offensive, charging at Cobra; Cobra dodges Natsu's first two strikes, but is nicked by third and taken aback. He is then repeatedly hit by Natsu, completely shocked at Natsu's lack of thought.

Blocking Natsu's final punch, Cobra praises Natsu, telling him that he's never encountered someone such as him and that cheap tricks won't work. As his coat sleeves begin to disintegrate, Cobra inflicts damage to Natsu's caught hand and, after entering Dragon Force, reveals himself to be the Poison Dragon Slayer.

kinana and cobra meet

Cobra then states as the he is the Poison Dragon Slayer, his very touch destroys everything, dodging every one of Natsu's attacks and countering with one of his own. Calling out his snake's name, Cubellios releases a large quantity of poisonous mist from her mouth, which Cobra then proceeds to eat.

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The Dark Mage then attacks Natsu and Happy with his Poison Dragon's Roar, infecting them with a neurotoxin that degrades their movement and eventually kills them. Cobra is then interrupted by Natsu as he tells them that their victory was sealed when his Roar struck them, dodging a kick meant for him.

Cobra then praises Natsu once more, this time, however, for moving as well as he is after being subjected to his viral toxins, calling the Fairy Tail Mage an "Old-Style Dragon Slayer", visibly angering Natsu. Raising his arms wide, Cobra explains that he implanted Dragon Lacrima into his body, thereby allowing him to become a Dragon Slayer; he counts himself among the new generation of Dragon Slayers.

Claiming Natsu's Magic to be more questionable than his as Dragons are extinct, Cobra charges at the duo once more, denying Natsu's claim that Igneel ever existed. Cobra then ridicules Natsu, stating that his random physical attacks did more harm than this new strike will bring. Seeing that Natsu is opting for a wide-range assault, Cobra catapults himself over Natsu.