Identify development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs

identify development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs

Identify development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs Higher comparative advantages and sometimes absolute. ) Identify your own development opportunities to meet current and future defined goals Current Needs: At the current stage, I can do whatever I want to. The best way to self-managed learning to observe the present business, . Identify development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs.

Skills of effective communication: Communication whether verbal or written is very important or necessary for working in an organization. Messages convey to superiors, subordinates or colleagues should be effective or clear. Qualities like time management, problem solving, decision making, multi-tasking etc. Every employee should have such skills. Those who already had they act as assets for the company. Interpersonal means having contacts with other people whether inside or outside the organization.

It is also known as networking, that is used in the organization through employees for gathering various in formations related to market or their own firm.

identify development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs

The Major competency of the employees is their physical look, which is noticed in the first attempt at the time of an interview. Later other competencies are noticed once appointed and every effective individual should have such competencies to give the challenge to others in the organization- Competencies of administrative work Competencies of intelligence. It is only possible when the person participates in self-managed learning or engaged himself in various training sessions.

An overcome of all such weaknesses or any other if anyone is having may become the strength for an individual himself personally or in his professional life.

identify development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs

An organization is not interested at all in appointing such candidates as their employees who is having any of these weaknesses. Before starting any activities that helps in overcoming from such weaknesses, a proper strategy requires. Strategy made by an individual that how to developed his skills or lack points so that he can meet his objectives. It is possible by enrolment in various ways: First is, self-effective learning means when a person reads newspapers, journals, magazines or any other text to improve their communication skills.

A person can also explore himself through internet Priest. To gain knowledge or explore him by his own is an example of self-effective learning. The improvement in the skills related to personality or communication increases the self-confidence if the person. Different types of training sessions are given to the new employees and existing employees i. Training is arranged by the employer itself to increase the professional knowledge of the employees.

To increase the personal skills one can go and enrol in other training sessions which are started by the different personality development organizations.

identify development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs

Current needs which are require to be satisfied at present that may be used to make the present work more effective and the needs those are to be satisfied so that they can implement in future it meet the goals of the life is known as future needs. In personal and professional life of the person it is very necessary to be educated, technology savvy, Communicative personality, imaginative etc. Those people who does not have such qualities they join the various personality development courses and also gain the knowledge shared by experts Nichols.

Development in the communication, presentation, personality gives lots of the opportunities to an individual. There are various extracurricular activities which are offered to the children at their school level only. These children already have the developed skills as they are grooming by the school from their initial stage but those who have not got such chance they can join the various activities started by the outsourcing companies for developing the skills.

So to meet his personal aim in the life he has to follow strategies. Professional development plan is done by the employees and follows strategies to achieve the goals of an organization and their own life regarding their promotions, increments etc.

In future, I need to renovate my current skills and knowledge and have to develop my level of thinking regarding personal and professional life. For future development a person need to do an effective planning and put it in the right place. Everyone required to expand their knowledge and abilities 5 Page with the passage of time because change is essential in every aspect of life.

Stages for the professional development plan are given below. By this analysis I can identify my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats regarding professional development. This will give me a chance to do self-learning process so that I can work out my weakness and can avoid threats.

identify development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs

Time Frame analysis is also important for my professional development from the beginning of my professional career. Along with self-learning I need to learn effectively from various seminars and other programs and that will help me to develop my personality as well as professional efficiency. To execute or apply such type of personal and professional development most of the organization looking for new and changeable scheme.

The process and the activities for implementing development plan are given below.

Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Assignment Solution

In an organization, personal development plan is used by its staff. Most of the organization have own guidelines to develop personal and professional skills of their staffs. First, when a plan is considered to be executed for all it needs to do a huge efforts of communication. Second, self-managed learning; sometimes employees need to support in thinking their own judgment.

In both cases support will be needed to keep interest and inspire development planning. Employees are responsible for their own personal and professional development. There are no specific activities for specific requirements. So, for a specific requirements all the activities must be performed. Some key points that are required to prepare document for development given below. The reason behind that is to balance the expectation among the team members.

Previous knowledge and experience regarding the developed plan makes the thing easy and raise the level of confidence. To know the level of anticipation is very important regarding personal and professional development plan. It helps to find out the required type of skills; helps to know the other personal and professional objectives for the upcoming years and helps to define long term and short term goals.

All these anticipation derives the perfect motivation criteria for the employees. Organization can keep feedback from employee and can evaluate the employee to determine the efficiency of the development plan. There is a process to update the development plan with feedback and evaluation. We need to make plan to achieve the desired objective and research development plan.

A fresh start with sufficient resource and enough time define the goals and objectives.

Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Assignment Solution

Defining goals let us know what is going to happen and what will be the result. After planning and implementation if we review the total process or task we can easily understand more about our personal and professional development. Employees have to solve this problems to maintain workflow of the organization. Often employees take it as a challenge and try to solve the problem with enthusiasm. Sometimes work based problems test self-learning and other skills of the employees.

The work based problem investigation and solution of my organization is given below. In my organization there is a problem regarding the collaboration between the employees even in case of important issues. Another problem is raised regarding the inequality of salary due to the sales target.

Creating supervisor-led teams is one of the best solution of the problem. By implementing groups employee rewarding system will be more defined and more competitive. Self-managed learning and self-evaluation are promoted to compete with other group of people.

As a result, employees will be enthusiastic, efficient, cooperative and above all devoted to the work. Every person has own personality and own communication style.

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Communication style varies from individual to individual. In workplace employees tries to 9 Page communicate through their own style. The four communication styles are briefly described below. Those who are controller communicator wants the facts. They are task oriented, have clear concept of clarify goals and objectives and problem solver.

identify development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs

In organization, persons like managing director, chief executive officers communicate through controller style. People who are more social and life of the party are known as promoter.

Promoters love to talk continuously in various topic for the long period of time. They have an attractive personality, they are enthusiastic, curious and expressive in all situations. People who have supporter communication style are considered as low key personality. This people are tend to be patient, well behaved and good listeners. People like workers, guard and other low level employees in the organization communicate in supporter style.

Analyzer are those who works with detailed information regarding the objectives and goals. Analyzer communicate seriously and straightforward to others.

Normally, people who works in research level have the analyzer style communication approach.