House of anubis nina and fabian meet fanfiction

We Meet Again Chapter 1, a het huis anubis/house of anubis fanfic | FanFiction

While Fabian sings "True Love" to Nina. I DO NOT OWN HOUSE OF ANUBIS! Though I wish I did, I DO NOT! Or the song "Ware Liefde" by Loek. But when Patricia steals her diary and finds out a sercet about Nina and Fabian, she isn't afraid to share it with the rest of Anubis hosue. Nina Martin is divorced and a single mom. Fabian Rutter just broke up with his fiancé. These two haven't seen each other since high school.

At least he could spend lots of time with her and could sit next to her in every class… so he really didn't have to admire her from that far away. He was always used to being the smartest- now he was actually feeling challenged by her. I like roses best, they remind me of love. Give me my French book back! But quickly forgetting his old game, he began sneaking up behind Mick to cause some more trouble.

Anubis Gang meets Nina's Family Chapter 1, a het huis anubis/house of anubis fanfic | FanFiction

In the yelling and hubbub that came with the entrance of everyone, Nina and Fabian quietly slipped away their clues and Nina hid her locket beneath her blouse. That night; Nina, Fabian, and Amber snuck back up into the attic to look for more clues. It was Fabian's idea to go through everything to make sure they weren't missing a crucial piece of evidence. It would take some time but it would certainly help to know as much as possible. Amber was chattering away as usual, growing from a whisper into a loud talk until Fabian and Nina would routinely shush her.

But after a full forty five minutes, she talked at fewer intervals and began to grow disgruntled. Just let me know when you find something interesting. After Nina and Fabian made their promises to fill her in tomorrow, Amber quietly left- grabbing her red high heels and necklace of garlic that she still insisted on bringing to each meeting.

Nina and Fabian both methodically worked until suddenly Nina gasped. Fabian rushed over and kneeled down next to her. There wasn't much room, but by the light of his 'torch' he was able to make it out. More hieroglyphics," he said good-naturedly rolling his eyes. It was at time like this, when they were scrunched together in the corner that Nina almost forgot about the discovery and found herself thinking about kissing Fabian.

He was never 'cross' as they say in England and was always watching her back. He was everything a guy should be.

house of anubis nina and fabian meet fanfiction

And as most Americans, she was completely in love with British accents. His accent always made her almost unconsciously smile. He was the sweetest guy she had ever met and she wished that she was dating him. When he confronted her about Amber's rumor of them dating, she was so embarrassed. He didn't look angry, but she felt bad. So, she had quickly covered it up by laughing nervously at the fact that they would ever date, but she hoped more than anything that she would be wrong.

The next morning at breakfast, Nina and Fabian were still rejoicing at the new clue that they discovered. Nina had told Amber about it last night, but unfortunately- she was not a morning person so would not share in their quiet conversation of speculation.

house of anubis nina and fabian meet fanfiction

As Jerome watched Nina and Fabian quietly talk and giggle together at the other end of the table, he decided he fancied Nina. Jerome was the kind of person who would want exactly what he couldn't have. He heard Fabian talking about Nina to Mick the other evening and it inspired him to pursue her. You like her a lot," said Mick nodding.

But Mick, not book smart, yet experienced- was able to trick him with this question. She has pretty eyes and is nice to everyone- even Patricia who is still being a witch to her. Not just because she was a challenge, but because Mr. Goody Fabian way always interfering in his perfectly laid out plans. This would be the perfect opportunity to stick it to him. So when Nina sat on the couch after breakfast. She opened her book to get some reading before classes started in a half hour and to wait for Fabian who was getting his things together from upstairs.

It was now their unspoken tradition to walk to and from classes together. He even offered to carry her books if she had too many to fit in her bag and had to carry them.

house of anubis nina and fabian meet fanfiction

Jerome sat next to her. She quietly tried to scoot over but she was already at the end of the couch. I will not die I promise and also don't talk like that because we can beat Rufus together you, me and Mick and Mara and Patricia and Jerome and Amber and Alfie and Trudy are all a family and we will all protect each other. I promise you okay? Thank you Fabian I feel better kisses him on the cheek and this is what I love about you. You are always uplifting.

Well I get it from my mom and dad. But I know that we can beat Rufus and then we will have a good future together. When Fabian and Nina were about to kiss Amber had come and interrupted them. She then saw that she had interrupted them and backed out of the room so they could finish what they were doing. But they had changed their minds and went to sit down and talk. Everyone was coming up with a plan when Fabian said that only he and Nina were going everyone else was arguing Nina and Fabian snuck away and started to pack for their trip when Nina had Nina: Mara and Amber told Fabian if he could leave the room so they get wake Nina up and he said sure.

When he was in the hallway he was pacing back and forth wondering what made Nina pass out while he was figuring it out he had heard Sarah talk to him Sarah: Fabian what is wrong?

Nina passed out Sarah but I don't know how she got sick.

House of Anubis AU/Fanfiction ep.1

Do you understand Fabian? Thank you Sarah I really appreciate it. Should I go check on Nina? Amber had gone and got Fabian when she did Nina was waking up. Fabian I need to tell you something privately. Turns to the group um guys can we get some privacy please?

I feel stronger Fabian. But Sarah told me that she was going to talk to you. So what did she say to you? That you and I would get stronger and that I too will take the test that you took when you passed out. After they talked Trudy then called everyone for dinner. They went downstairs and sat down and ate their food when Nina saw that Fabian was looking a little dizzy. Fabian are you feeling okay? No I feel light-headed. Fabian's head falls in his food Nina: Well come on Mara let's take care of Fabian.

Mick Jerome Alfie Pick up Fabian Amber turns to see Jerome take a picture of Fabian's head in his food and was about to draw on his face when Nina slapped Jerome and broke his phone in half then glared at him with a look that said do something else and I will finish it. After that look Jerome backed off.

Go Nina I didn't even know that you were that strong.