Hitsugaya and matsumoto first meet arguing semantics

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hitsugaya and matsumoto first meet arguing semantics

Reason: Truth or dare first, Strawberry? Reason: *tosses bottle of black hair dye* Who am I to argue with the whims of Rukia? . Hitsugaya: I came to find Matsumoto. . I absolutely adore Dad's fatherly advice he's probably the wisest man I've ever met and I would follow his Reason: Semantics, good Deathberry!. Oct 13, It felt too good to argue semantics. He jumped as Matsumoto shot through the window he was sitting beside. "I heard a "Hmph! You'll have to catch me first! mumbled Hitsugaya, he flicked his eyes up to meet Kenpachi's. at Renji's antics and arguing semantics with Ishida and making fun of Rukia, and . The first time Rangiku meets the boy with the ocean in his eyes, he is hurt. Matsumoto Rangiku and Hitsugaya Toushirou, starting from when they first.

He let his head fall back in bliss, a loud, unrestrained moan tearing from his throat as the large man released inside of him. He let his own load go, streams of hot cum landing on his lean stomach.

Panting, they disconnected from each other, leaning in for a final kiss. It was sweet, not demanding. Hitugaya pulled away and settled himself in his lover's arms, debating whether to bring the question that had been plaguing him for the last few weeks. He may look stupid, but he sure was perceptive. It really was no use hiding it. I didn' wanna start things too early. It didn't fit with his image, but frankly he didn't give a damn.

He didn't live his life according to what other people thought of him. You mean you want kids? He'd expected to be blown out of the water with his question. It was chaste but loving. When he returned to a less acrobatic position, he broached the next topic on his mind. A drop of sweat flew from Chad's curly dark hair as he thrust into his lover. Pants and groans filled the room, joined by the squeaking on the bed as though it protested their activities.

Ichigo gasped as the sensitive bundle of nerves deep within him were hit once again. He let out thick ribbons of cum deep within his partner, reaching a hand to join Ichigo's on his erection. The smaller man let out a strangled cry as he released, leaving a sticky mess in his wake. The panted for air, huffing as Chad pulled out of Ichigo. He wrapped the smaller man in his arms, spooning him from behind.

He could hear their heartbeats, still beating erratically against one another. You think they're still together? The only people that had been told of the pair's secret love were Rangiku, Hinamori, Yachiru, Ikkaku, Yumichika, and finally Ichigo and Chad when it became necessary. As they'd had very little contact with Seireitei for years because both ends had been busy, they hadn't had the chance to ask.

Not that it was any of their business. They seem like such an odd couple If you think about it. Ichigo thought about it briefly.

C'mon, I can keep a secret. I'm not gonna laugh at you. He paused, weighing his options. I kinda have something I wanted to tell you anyway Why couldn't the man just understand? He looked up to meet dark eyes, averting them quickly. He took a deep breath, eyes lowered as he lifted his face to Renji's, pressing their lips together softly but firmly.

Renji sat paralysed, at a complete loss at what to do. The youth pulled away awkwardly, their breath mingling as their eyes met once more. The dark haired girl had been fighting tooth and claw for this meeting since she'd first arrived, and finally the day of judgement has arrived.

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Which judgement however, was yet to be seen. She took a sip of her wine before placing it on the coffee table before her, turning her full attention to the couple. It shouldn't be possible, but I can see no other explanation. Chad remained his usual, silent self. Her serious purple eyes roamed over the pair, searching for secrets hidden amongst the folds of their clothes and the wrinkles of their skin. The soft morning light filtered in through the curtains, and the birds chirped noisily outside their window.

He was snuggled against the other man, one large arm wrapped around him, holding him close. Were they talking about the same conversation? A little humour to lighten the terrifying realisation. Hitsugaya didn't respond, rather pressed closer, planting a light kiss to his partner's toned stomach. Being honest with the general public. It was a terrifying concept. The general public weren't as accepting as those closest to them, but neither of the men were cowards.

He's their son, right!? He has to be! I mean biologically it makes no sense, but he's practically Hitsugaya's twin! I knew it the moment I saw him-" he took a large breath before continuing, "-but then I was thinking and thinking. Who could the mother be? He gave me a look so terrifying! From that angle his face was like a young, blue eyed version of Kenpachi! From then on I saw nothing but similarities. Chad sat with his usual composure, but his mind buzzed with uneasiness.

He's their spitting image in more ways than 20! I know I'm right. Tell me I'm right! She fell into an expectant silence, waiting for their response. Ichigo groaned, but let the silence build. Tiredly he pulled his head from his hand. As sure has she had been, a part of her never truly believed she could be right. How is it possible!? So how did you two come to be his parents then? It didn't really feel right, sharing the two Captains' secrets, but it was time enough.

Either way, Hitsugaya had heard of our intention to adopt earlier that day, and they used our choice to their advantage. He approached me about the situation in confidence, and Chad and I agreed to adopt their child. Ichigo thought back to when he'd first heard of the pair's secret relationship.

He too had thought it strange, considering their height difference and personalities, but after that he'd payed closer attention. Seeing that, he couldn't think of a couple more suited. Ichigo cracked his back loudly as he sprung free from the cramped car. He pulled at his arms, applying pressure until he felt a satisfying pop from each. It had been a long car ride, but they were finally there. The Oceanic scenery spread serenely before him. The waves swooshed softly, and the sun filtered through the puffy clouds.

It was the perfect day.

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They'd been meaning to visit the beach sometime, and as Rukia and Renji were off duty for the next few months. Now seemed like a good time to do it. Despite the weather, the beach was practically deserted, with only a few stragglers strolling up and down the shores. He turned his attention to the others.

Renji was muttering something under his breath about the size of their car as he too popped his shoulders. Rukia grimaced, whacking him with the magazine she held rolled into a cylinder. The red head smiled, but things were still awkward. Renji had made a messy escape, and nothing had been properly resolved. You didn't raise your kid right, he's turned out like this freak! It was nice to see Tamotsu getting along with his friends so well. He glanced at his tall, godlike lover, a sly smile tugging at his lips.

The man was standing in a large pair of board shorts, no shirt covering his tan, well build torso. Ichigo flicked a glance over his shoulder to see the others were distracted before snaking an arm around a solid waste.

He raised his head to Chad's ear. The two made their escape, tossing a wave to Renji in goodbye before they disappeared around a corner. At a time like this?

When did hitsugaya first meet with matsumoto?

He turned to say something to Rukia, surprised to find she too had disappeared. He swivelled his head this way and that, searching for their missing comrade. Renji jumped slightly at the voice, internally scolding himself for doing so. An awkward, slightly tense atmosphere fell around them, as Renji racked his brains for something to say. They stopped at the wet, compact sand, letting the cool water wash over their toes. It was refreshing in the ridiculous heat of the afternoon.

They set a slow pace along the sand, walking aimlessly. The small talk was painful, each half attempt at conversation being drowned by the awkwardness that enveloped them so thoroughly.

The tall man growled, scowling. I never used to be this much of a coward, he scolded himself. He took a deep breath before looking the kid in the eyes and continuing. Y'know, get this out of the way once and for all. It just wouldn't be I'm an old man compared to you!

I'm over sixty years old It won't change how I feel. You're smart, you know that. Let's just be friends. He didn't know what he had expected, but that glimmer of hope had apparently been larger than he had first thought. His feet hit the sand hard, legs pumping rhythmically as he headed for an old pier, Renji hurrying to catch up. The sun beat down on their shoulders, sweat glistening over their bodies, soaking the shirts they wore with their bordies.

They ducked underneath, the shaded area cool to the touch. The underneath of the pier was hidden partially by planks of wood that cross hatched to a point of the sides of the wooden structure. They pulled their soaked shirts off, tossing them aside as they flopped onto the cool sand, puffing as they rejoicing their escape from the sun.

Renji chanced a sideward glance at the boy, eyes roaming over the well-defined boy. For a seventeen year old, he sure didn't look seventeen. He was tall and broad shouldered, with an attractively toned torso. He looked away, raising his eyes to the damp wood that made up the base of the pier. The teen turned to face him, unimpressed. He grinned as the teen finally smiled, the smile turning into soft laughter as he tried to ignore the red head.

Tamotsu supressed a smirk. He could feel Renji's eyes on him, running over his heated flesh with and equally heated gaze. If you want me, why don't you do something about it? It was beyond obvious, and Renji already knew he wouldn't be rejected.

Tamotsu ran a hand through his snowy hair, shifting his body subtly. He grinned inwardly as he heard Renji's soft intake of breath. With a silent smile he arched his back, stretching the muscles teasingly, casually running a hand over his flat abdomen as he relaxed once more. This was too easy. If he'd known it would be so easy he wouldn't have bothered angsting over it for so long. He turned his eyes to meet Renji's giving a proper smirk when they tore away from his body to meet them, pulling away sharply with chagrin.

Tamotsu sat up, quickly leaning over Renji and pulling their faces close. Renji gasped, shock clear on his face. He lay stunned, unable to move as the teen closed the distance, reaching a hand to cup Renji's chin, tilting it so that their mouths fit together properly.

God, this is too much, thought Renji, letting his control slip away. Who needs self-control anyway? He wrapped his arms around Tamotsu's neck, opening his mouth into the kiss. He pushed his tongue forward, gratified when it was the teen's turn to be shocked. In one quick move he twisted, flipping the once again shocked boy onto his back, reversing their positions.

Their tongues pressed against each other, saliva escaping their mouths to trail down the younger man's face. Muffled groans sounded in the warm air, pants breaking their lip lock at intervals as their lungs demanded air. Renji pulled away, brown eyes locked with blue. Guilt clenched his stomach, as the reality of what he was doing set in, but he couldn't bring himself to care. The large man nodded gravely.

hitsugaya and matsumoto first meet arguing semantics

His mind had been in a similar train of thought. He couldn't think of any other explanation. You have a good point If it's important, Rukia or Renji will come to us. Well at least one of them had common sense. His eyes turned devilish, "but you can pry all you like. You sure you're up for it? He'd been dreading this for the last couple of hours. He's still a kid. I shouldn't have done it. I just-" he let out a frustrated sigh, "I couldn't stop it.

It wasn't an excuse; nothing could excuse his behaviour, but it was the truth, plain and simple. What's going on between you two? I turned him down of course, but I mean, you know my type. He's practically all I ask for in a guy. The only problem is his age, but he looks fucking twenty-five anyway!

The red head turned away, mouth drawn. You know that, right? His eyes were melancholic as he lost himself in thought.

I mean, do you They'd only known each other a couple weeks, surely that wasn't possible. I-" he swallowed, "I The petite woman frowned. She had known Renji for most of her life. She knew him better than anyone else. Because of this, she felt his loneliness like no one else ever could.

In all the years she'd known Renji, he had only ever been infatuated, but never enough to lose his composure. He wasn't the serious type, but he was steady and not easily strung along. Never had she seem him so unsure of himself. It's kind of romantic. A forbidden love at that. That the way these things go. The usually straight laced, level headed woman was being unusually Renji didn't need to know about the pile of romance novels that lined the bottom shelf of her bookcase.

A silence so blaringly loud it echoed off the walls. Renji clenched his jaw, shoulders squared and eyes worried as he prepared for an attack. Today's the day I'm going to die. Ichigo stood frozen in the wake of Renji's confession. He struggled to find the saliva to continue. He took a breath to answer, but the words died in his throat. A deep breath, "You heard me. What'd you do to my son!?

Even he didn't know his true feelings, let alone his intentions. I want to be with him That was the second time someone had asked that question. He turned his eyes to Ichigo, who still held his collar tightly. The orange haired man let go abruptly, pushing away from his friend and moving to stand next to his partner, an anxious hand running through his hair.

I think I love him. It had all moved so quickly from friendship to lust that it was hard to tell. Ichigo's eyes remained hard, but Chad's face morphed into a mask of contentment. He leant over to whisper in the fiery man's ear.

Renji's older than we are! He doesn't know what love is! Younger by two years. Ultimately, they had to right to deny Tamotsu his first love. He grit his teeth, eyes scrunched closed before opening them, slumping in defeat. He pulled away from Chad, where their whispered conversation had taken place, and turned to face his long-time friend.

He'd still a child! Even at an older age the thought was uncomfortable. Tamotsu lay awake, mind buzzing excitedly. A goofy smile was glued to his handsome face. In the Soul Society arc, Hitsugaya vowed to kill anyone who made Hinamori bleed. In the Arrancar Arc, Aizen tricks Hitsugaya into stabbing Hinamori, giving her the worst injury she's ever received which required organ transplant technology from the 12th division to fix.

Hurting Hinamori is a good way to enraged him Last-Name Basis: Insists on it, but excludes addressing anyone by their ranks, making him appear very formal. His most Egregious case was when he didn't call Byakuya and Rukia "Captain and Lieutenant Kuchiki"; it was flat-out " Kuchiki and Kuchiki ", which Madarame even called him out on. Like Brother and Sister: His feelings for Hinamori are described as familial.

He doesn't give her any special treatment during his usual duties, insisting that she address him by his position instead of "Shiro-chan" and arresting her for lashing out at Gin under the belief that he killed the fake Aizen corpse, but threatens to kill Gin afterward if he makes her lose even a drop of blood.

hitsugaya and matsumoto first meet arguing semantics

He briefly dons a partial Hollow mask when Urahara gives him a Shin'eiyaku pill, which temporarily Hollowfies him and enables him to regain his Bankai from the Quincy who stole it. He becomes trapped in a "Groundhog Day" Loopforced to repeat the same fight over and over again. Every time he kills his enemy, the loop resets to his original starting point with his memories of previous loops intact. After too many loops, he becomes paralysed. Though the "time travel" is actually just a drug manipulating his memory and spatial awareness, the paralysis it causes is very real.

When Harribel steps up the threat level in battle, she takes out Hitsugaya in one swing. However, she quickly discovers that all she cut was an ice clone when the real Hitsugaya attacks her from behind. He's the overly serious workaholic to the easy-going laziness of Rangiku. He stays grounded even when those around him are spiraling into insanity—particularly noticeable in filler where everyone else shown will gleefully turn, say, a card game into Serious Business while he looks on in dismay and resignation.

When Byakuya expresses sincere concern about his Bankai's time limit running out, Toshiro responds that he never stated the ice petals marked a limit to how long it could be active for. When the last petal on the ice flower breaks, the full power of his Bankai is instead unleashed, transforming him into an older-looking teenaged form. Our Dragons Are Different: His Zanpakuto's spirit looks like a white eastern-style dragon. Even as a kid before becoming a captain he was fairly grumpy, but now he seems to go out of his way to be as grumpy as possible so that people will take him more seriously.

After recovering from zombification, he makes an effort to be more humorous that even Byakuya finds out of character. Initially it's assumed that the ice petals floating behind his bankai form represent a limit for how long he can keep his incomplete bankai active. Tenso Juurin is Hyourinmaru's most basic, yet most powerful, ability. However, he also cannot control it perfectly, so he only ever uses it when he's in a position to place a limit on his power.

The limit helps him control the ability and prevent it getting out of hand. Power of the Storm: His Zanpakutou's most powerful ability Tensou Juurin can control the weather and can be used in both Shikai and Bankai.

Putting on the Reich: During the Thousand-Year Blood War arc, Giselle changes his clothes from his usual shihakusho and haori to a sleek Vandenreich military uniform after she zombifies him, complete with military overcoat. He stays in the uniform for the rest the series, though he does lose the coat in the battle against Gerard Valkyrie.

According to the Bleach Bootleghe carefully observes the soldiers in his division and maintains the division meticulously to ensure that everyone does their share of work though Matsumoto manages to weasel her way out quite often.

Nonetheless, the members of the division find both him and their lieutenant very approachable and have a good amount of respect for both. Roaring Rampage of Revenge: He tells Aizen that a Captain should raise their blade in duty, not anger, and that swinging an angry blade is just violence. He then admits that he doesn't care if he loses his seat for doing violence to Aizen, he's just that pissed for what he did to Momo. Gets one during the timeskip.

It's the same colour as his eyes, and fits in with his ice powers. Daiguren Hyourinmaru's true power is the ability to "freeze" things. This includes special abilities and powers.

Thus, while in its most powerful and mature form, no other abilities can be used, triggered or activated while everything is "frozen". When he was in the real world, it was for almost everyone, to great comical effect. Flashbacks reveal he was the straight man to his previous captain as well. His Zanpakutou's most powerful and most basic ability can be used in either shikai or bankai.

Against Harribel, he only decides to use it when his Bankai is half-gone, allowing him better control than he would have had when his Bankai was at full power. Wise Beyond Their Years: He doesn't behave like a typical child his age due to having been thrust into the role of youngest captain in history.

Aizen works out that the truth is obscured and that Hitsugaya does actually have the in-built weaknesses associated with his biological youth such as lacking both the life expectancy and emotional maturity of a grown adult. When Aizen triggers this weakness, the ignition of Hitsugaya's emotions into an Unstoppable Rage and the other captains' inability to have foreseen this weakness spells disaster for everyone.

Bleach characters, much like ancient samurai, ask for their opponents names and rank to acknowledge that they are facing an equal. Most notably, when he faces Halibel after a long solo duel, Hitsugaya prepares to use his ultimate attack, and the scene quiets as he asks for her name. She obliges, and he returns the favor before bringing that portion of their battle to a conclusion. Haineko Shikai Voiced by: Rangiku is Bleach's epitome of Ms. Fanservicewith her having the biggest breasts, wearing her uniform in such a way that reveals her ample melons.

She is a stark contrast to her no-nonsense captain, often sleeping during the day and going out for drinks at night, brushing off all her assigned duties. She has a past with former Captain of Squad 3 Gin Ichimaru. Her Zanpakuto is Haineko, which dissolves into razor-sharp ash which she can control. Her uniform is worn to expose her body just below the breasts as well as the cleavage. She's a surprisingly effective fighter despite her lazy attitude.

Her hair is blond in the manga but strawberry blond in the anime. Oddly, she gets her original hair color back for one filler episode, Rangiku's a smart, skilled and loyal officer, that just so happens to love getting drunk, slacking off while on-duty, shopping for tons of stylish clothes, sneaking her way out of work and deviously getting her captain to pay and work for her.

In the past she was actually much more active due to the previous captain being the lazy one. Double Subverted as she didn't want to do the work herself Buxom Is Better: She's not above using her appeal to help her get what she wants, such as the time she tried to convince Ichigo to let her sleep at his house by unbuttoning her blouse.

Her breasts are used in a comedic way to embarrass the teenaged Captain Hitsugaya but the small-breasted Apacci insults her for being a "cow" when they fight at Karakura Town.

The omakes and anime takes this much further and has a field day using Matsumoto's chest as actual weapons to help her manipulate men, especially Hisagi. There's even one omake where the Soul Reapers are at the beach and she begins training the equally buxom Orihime in the art of carrying water with breasts instead of buckets—much to Ichigo's horror the anime replaces Ichigo with Nanao for the scene.

Gin saved her life when they were younger and they were very close, leaving her somewhat conflicted over his defection, though she never considers going with him.

To Orihime, Haineko in the anime and Hinamori. Death By A Thousand Cuts: Her shikai, in which Haineko turns into a cloud of razor sharp ash she can control. Licks a long Popsicle in the Beach Episodebut makes sure to hold it horizontally to keep it from being too explicit.

According to the Bootlegshe's the sexiest woman in the Gotei 13 and apparently not a single man can defy her. The personality of her Gigai in the World of the Living is basically a more sex-crazed version of her usual self. If you wanna have a great party, she's the girl for the job. The anime has a field day using Matsumoto's chest for comedy. The first was at the end of the Soul Society arc, when Hitsugaya scares her so much her chest almost flies out of her top.

The second instance was in the Beach Episodewhere she yells at Hitsugaya for not partying with everyone else. Her gigai, definitely, though she herself is just flirty. Loves her drinks and can handle her alcohol well. Wore such a costume in a filler episode and manga spread. When Yumichika complains about his Zanpakuto being stuck-up and vain, she points out that it's an accurate reflection of its owner. She then starts complaining about how lazy and moody her own Zanpakuto is, provoking Yumichika to throw her own words back at her.

She also often chastised her previous captain Isshin for lazing around and going out and about without telling anyone in advance because it deprived her of opportunities to slack off.

I Am Not Left-Handed: Pulls this against Kira in the Soul Society arc. When he uses Wabisuke's Gravity Master powers on her Zanpakuto, Matsumoto simply activates Haineko's special abilities and it turns into ash, freeing herself and enabling her to defeat him offscreen. When Ichigo tries to turf Hitsugaya's team out of his house, Rangiku retaliates by beginning to unbutton her blouse.

Ichigo tries to resist, but peeks through his fingers.