Have predators and engineers meet

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have predators and engineers meet

Even if the Predators had been using the Xenomorphs for a long time When we meet the Engineers and their technology in Prometheus, it is. Plus an old comic had a Predator trade his mask for a human's the full meeting between the predator and engineer from the comic story. Credited with the creation of mankind, Engineers are believed to have been a physical fight between an experienced Predator and an Engineer shows the.

Why would something so evidently advanced act with such hostility against its own creations? Life and Death Though not much is known about the Engineers, it is shown that the Engineers have displayed advanced forms of culture that exist within their society, such as language, visual arts, music, and clothing. The Engineers' writing system is strikingly similar to Mesopotamian cuneiforms that can be found in the middle-east, and their hieroglyphs are identical to what is found in Egypt, Mesoamerica, and other places on Earth.

On audio commentary of Alien: Covenant, Ridley Scott explained that the large stone heads inside the Citadel on Planet 4 represent the six Elders of the entire civilization: Relation to the Xenomorphs and other races "The accelerant material is potent, Captain Foster. Maybe the Engineer and his kind are frightened of what a child race like us might do if we get our hands on it.

have predators and engineers meet

The principal theory of their connection to the Xenomorphswhich was mentioned briefly by Ridley Scott in his director's commentary for the first Alien DVD, is that the Engineer's Ship in Alien was a "bomber" and that they used them as biogenic weapons to fight an ancient war against an unknown foe. There is some evidence to support this, such as the Xenomorph's biomechanical nature.

Xenomorph Eggs were believed to be used as "bombs" on an enemy planet and then the Xenomorphs would proceed to kill the entire population as they spawned.

In Prometheus, it is shown that a lone Engineer was responsible for the creation of the human race. He sacrificed himself as his people left the empty Earth, drinking chemicals that dissolved him and changed his DNA to the planet's first micro-organisms.

have predators and engineers meet

Humanity soon developed, making the Engineers the ancestors of the human race. The lone Engineer's reasons for doing this is unknown, though it seems his race did not hold any positive regard for their descendants. Dozens of cargo ships carrying the weaponized black liquid were set to launch for Earth to release the pathogen and let it wipe out humanity; only to see the Engineers somehow lose control of their intended weapons and perish.

have predators and engineers meet

The crew of the USCSS Prometheus believed that the abandoned planet they explored was an outpost for weapons engineering and development, lending credence to the theory that the Engineers created the Xenomorphs or perhaps more specifically, the Black Liquid that led to the Trilobite for war and genocidal purposes. It was also noted by the crew of the Prometheus that the Engineers on LV had been dead for around 2, years.

Engineers did NOT create Humanity or the Xenomorph

This has led fans to speculate that up until about 2, years ago Engineers were on good terms with humans, but a specific event occurred which caused them to become hostile towards humanity. This explains the cave drawings "inviting" humanity to track them down. Scientist Angela Foster speculated that Engineers are hostile due to them seeing humanity as a "disappointment" or "mistake". Another theory comes from Seegson asset-stripper Melvillewho believes that Engineers may possibly be protecting humanity, preventing them from obtaining the black-goo in fear of its effects on the human race being too devastating.

During a podcast with the Empire magazine, director Ridley Scott explained that the Engineers periodically visit planets they seeded with life to check on their creations. If their creations proved to be a disappointment, the Engineers would eradicate an entire generation of species using the pathogen and start all over again.

But that could take years. We should wipe it clean.

Fire and Stone comic, a Yautja called Ahab developed an obsession with the Engineers and later battled one - emerging triumphant after using his self-destruct device to kill the Engineer - later claiming its skull as a trophy. Technology The Engineers are a technologically-advanced race.

have predators and engineers meet

They are extremely advanced in genetic engineering and have built their own spacecraft. The cargo hold of the Engineer's ship was filled with Xenomorph Eggs, which are held in stasis beneath a blue electrical mist.

It has been speculated by fans that the Space Jockey's race are the creators of the Xenomorphs because of the similarities in design between the spacecraft and the biomechanical Xenomorphs. The novelization by Alan Dean Foster, on the other hand, states that Space Jockey's race found them on LVand there has been no conclusive evidence shown in the feature film series supporting that the Space Jockey's race created the Xenomorph.

Engineers did NOT create Humanity or the Xenomorph - Alien: Covenant & Sequel Movie News

They take interest in humans because they know we are essentially a future enemy that belongs to the Aliens. They haven't killed everyone yet because they are assessing whether we can be freed from this cycle and be an ally against the Aliens. That is why they have been to earth either many times or for a very long time.

In order to move across the Galaxy and spread their species further. They send the engineers to seed the Planet with genetic material. Honestly it doesn't matter if there is life there or not yet. The engineered life will eventually come out on top.

Then they send a face hugger party to start to transform the life on that planet. There are two main players in the galaxy at this point. The Predators and the Aliens.

They are at war. And they capture Alien xenomorphs and use them as a right of passage for some or their troops. The predators as a species don't necessarily live for the hunt.

have predators and engineers meet

We only see their military side. This actually explains this terrible movie and ties all the universe together.