Grumpy cat and little bub meet

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grumpy cat and little bub meet

Lil Bub Meets The Scream - print of original oil painting 8x10 inches. SagittariusGallery. 5 out of 5 . Grumpy cat & Lil Bub - pinback button or magnet Inch. At the Internet Cat Video Festival in Minneapolis, the two internet famous felines Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat were able to meet one another. Internet viral sensations like Grumpy Cat and Lil BUB have landed Also read: Robert De Niro Meets Lil Bub in Meme-Tastic Tribeca Moment.

The condition makes it more difficult for BUB to get around, although she can walk fine on her own. Becoming an Internet celebrity was a whole different thing, and Mike says it happened completely by accident. Then BUB came along, and the community fell in love with her. Mike started a blog about BUB, also just for friends, but it got big fast.

grumpy cat and little bub meet

And so the blog just built up this sort of cult following very quickly. Soon it was like followers. He and his friends made T-shirts for her birthday.

Right about that time a photo of Lil BUB went "a little" viral, with about 20, people viewing it.

grumpy cat and little bub meet

Lil BUB gradually rose to stardom, but now has millions of fans from around the world. Provided by Mike Bridavsky. He has insisted on controlling her fame and her message so he can make sure it focuses on the importance of animal welfare.

She has an app called Weather BUB, designed to make you smile every time you check the weather. She has a website loaded with merchandise including T-shirts, socks, plush toys and holiday sweaters. Mike's measure includes how active and engaged BUB's many fans are.

Despite only being about 3. It sounds like BUB is doing that. He has a family -- a wife and two young kids, along with other pets -- and he is all about supporting them. On top of that, he owns a recording studio and works as a musician.

grumpy cat and little bub meet

But Emily and I found Mike percent credible when he said he never sought to make his special cat famous. He smiles like a loving parent when he explains that BUB weighs only 3.

He thinks that can be done responsibly, he says, but he worries about what motivates those people. And while he concedes that what people do with their pets is none of his business, he does consider it his business to encourage people to put their pets' health first. I say, 'Yeah, I don't think you should.

grumpy cat and little bub meet

Sorry to spoil the magic! One of the other big celebrities that I know you did meet was Robert De Niro. Robert had said in an interview that the highlight of the festival for him would be to meet Lil Bub. At the closing luncheon we had the chance to meet.

You can tell from the photo, she really liked him. The thing with cats is that each cat has such a distinct, unique personality. And their personalities work so well with humour. Cats have a creative nature about them, their personalities are complex. Dogs are so painfully simple and predictable.

Cats are the opposite. Then your comic relief, your simple characters are dogs. How has Bub changed your life? For one, she has taught me to care for someone more than I care for myself.

Grumpy Cat, meet Lil Bub; Lil Bub, meet Grumpy Cat - CBS News

Taking care of a special needs pet is a whole new world. Bub has showed me this side of me that really wants to make a difference. And spread awareness about the importance of adopting pets and of spaying and neutering the pets you have, about proper animal care.

We started the first national fund for special needs pets. On a personal level, I do think her positivity has affected me. The way I approach life, the way I approach people. Through Bub, I met my wife, I now have a child.

grumpy cat and little bub meet

The same ways she wrote and produced the record, is the way that she introduced me to my wife. So how did Bub get you and your wife together?

Meet Lil Bub, a time traveling perma-kitten cat

I did meet some girls through that. But that was what was so special about this. We were in Minneapolis for the second annual cat film festival. Scott Stulen, who started the festival, his big thing was that he was going to bring Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub to meet for the first time. Which to me was like, aw, who cares? Any way, we were in the green room at the Walker Arts Centre. They set up a time for all of the people who work there to meet Bub and Grumpy Cat. One lady that came down, I felt a particular connection with her as soon as I saw her.

She had no idea who these cats are. She just came up because her co-workers told her she had to go meet the famous cats.

But we really hit it off. Turned out it was her second day working at the Walker.