Grease danny and sandy meet again wiz

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grease danny and sandy meet again wiz

Twitter, which was on its A-game live-tweeting The Wiz Live! back in December From the 3-hour thirstfest for Aaron Tveit's Danny Zuko to repeated sentiments of admiration for Queen Carly Rae, Twitter had a lot to say. This is the Boy Meets World set, right? Why couldn't @KChenoweth been Sandy?!. It was a live, televised remake of the film Grease, executive produced On January 17, , Fox officially announced that Julianne Hough had been cast as Sandy . Greased Lightnin', Danny's best friend and Rizzo's on-again/off- again fling . While both competed against NFL games, The Wiz competed against a. Fox's live musical of 'Grease' wins lots of points for inventive staging, but Sunday was the anti-"Wiz" for better and for worse -- it lacked, for the The same could be said for the ending, when Sandy and Danny (I would have loved to have been in the meeting when producers Please try again later.

Grease is an infamous musical-play turned film, adapted and produced by Allan Carr, chartering the summertastic rock 'n' roll of the s, centring on the highs and lows of a group of teenagers at high-school, Rydell High. After the opening credits which are amusing cartoons of the main characters we see the two well known groups of teenagers, the Pink Ladies and the 'T' Birds going back to school after summer vacation. The rest of the film centres mostly on the relationship of Sandy and Danny, the problems they face, and the ups and downs of their high school chums.

The main characters and the unusual pairing of Sandy and Danny makes for comfortable viewing.

grease danny and sandy meet again wiz

My favourite part of the film is the music, this film has such a brilliant soundtrack. If you have the chance to watch the film on DVD you get the added bonus of a songbook. However with a musical film you do find some parts unrealistic when they sing, why would a group of lads sing Summer Nights for example? Yet that aside the songs, mostly corny love songs are addictive and easy to pick up unfortunately will be in your head all day.

Grease may not have had a lavish budget like films made today, but this film directed by Randal Kleiser still manages to have great audience appeal. Its' scenes and costumes are basic and probably didn't break the bank to produce but this all adds to the realism of the film.

I like the film and could watch it over and over again. Newton-John's debut performance is excellent but her character Sandy is too 2D and has no depth. Travolta's performance is to perfection and this film benchmarked his film career. Danny is 3D, he can be loving, self obsessed, a saviour and a winner, whereas Sandy to me is just a bore.

Broadway Baby Aaron Tveit on His Star Turn as Danny Zuko in Grease: Live | Broadway Direct

All characters bring something different to the film making it a success. Rizzo is the hard nosed cow, bitchy about Sandy, possibly jealous, who seeks revenge on her boyfriend by going out with his arch enemy.

There is also Marcy who loves the men and has lots of boyfriends, and Frenchy who becomes Sandy's best friend who is caring. This uplifting, audience grabbing film may be slightly cheesy but there is just so much to love about it, especially the soundtrack and dance moves! This gives it longevity making it such a great film that could be the best musical ever made. But I just can't stop thinking why is it called Grease?! One of the best and most enjoyable musicals! The Broadway run increasingly softened dialogue and made the costumes more mainstream '50s attire such as giving Sandy a poodle skirtwhile the movie played things even campier.

One example that Jim Jacobs cited was that the Pink Ladies' jackets went from being black to literally being pink, due to the movie's influence. The later London productions which started in are also much more toned down, the costumes were made more colorful, and the directors re-arranged the order and orchestration of some songs to fall in line with the film such as "Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee" being performed at the sleepover instead of towards the end of Act I.

In the play, Roger is this to the other greaser boys, who are named Danny, Kenickie, Doody, and Sonny in the movie, Roger's name is changed to "Putzie", perhaps to subvert this.

It makes sense that Roger and Jan are a couple!

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Johnny Casino and the Teen Angel tend to be played by the same actor in most stage productions, since that's how they were cast in the original Broadway show though they were played by separate people in the Kingston Mines production. Marty will almost always be a blonde, Frenchy a redhead, and Rizzo and Jan will have dark hair.

The Burger Palace Boys will all almost always have dark hair, though sometimes a lighter-haired actor will be cast as one as with Jeff Conaway as Kenickie. The original stage play is presented as a high school reunion, remembering things that happened back in Exclusive to the Movie Adaptation Distillation: The musical contains several songs and subplots cut for the movie. The remaining songs of the original were put into the background and incorporated in other ways: Also, in the original, the slumber party was at Marty's house.

The subplot involving Doody's guitar-playing abilities was also cut out of the movie. Both the play and the movie have a brief instrumental rendition play when the rules of the Hand Jive dance contest are given, however.

Sandy inserts the song to play in a jukebox when Danny tries apologizing to her at the Frosty Palace. The film does add some good songs to the repertoire. Both have been added to recent stagings. Before this, her big solo number was "It's Raining On Prom Night," which is only heard on a jukebox in the film. The revival had Sandy performing an adaptation of the pop hit "Since I Don't Have You", while the '71 off-Broadway version in Chicago had her singing a raunchy song called "Kiss It" to Danny after her makeover.

Danny's attempts to get into sports are more elaborated on in the film, and Sandy tries to date a boy named Tom to make him jealous. The Frosty Palace and the car race are other plot elements exclusive to this version. A Date with Rosie Palms: Rizzo refers to it as "flogging [one's] log" when talking to Danny. At the sleepover, Sandy gets sick after seeing her blood when Frenchy pierces her ear.

Although she was already feeling unwell from the cigarette and possibly also the wine she had choked on earlier. The opening credits show animated versions of the characters getting ready for school and then out on the streets, and, in Kenickie's case, rummaging around inside a car hood before falling in and reappearing in the driver's seat. The "Greased Lightning" number is filmed like a music video instead of a movie.

As Sandy is Australian in the film, when it opens on her and Danny at the beach, she's lamenting that because she has to go back to Australia, she might never see Danny again. Danny dismisses the possibility and reassures her that it's only the beginning, right before seguing into the Animated Credits Opening. At the end, after "You're The One That I Want", the gang lament that once they graduate, they may never see each other again. During "Beauty School Dropout", Frenchy blows up a bubblegum bubble.

Teen Angel promptly pops it. Unlike most examples of the trope, the gum doesn't go everywhere. The play and TV special, however, are ensemble pieces, giving virtually every speaking role a chance to sing. It ends up losing the race. Disney Creatures of the Farce: A flock of birds, a small deer and a rabbit show up in the Animated Credits Opening as Sandy gets out of bed and walks over to her mirror.

Distracted by the Sexy: Danny tries out for track and, while running, realises Sandy can see him from the bleachers while she is with Tom.

He mistimes a jump over one of the hurdles, catches his leg on it and falls over.

grease danny and sandy meet again wiz

It's the site of the car race. Danny calls Tom this, saying his brains are in his biceps. I got chills, they're multiplying And I'm losing control Cause the power you're supplying, It's electrifying!

An image of a 50s era Mad Magazine cover is included in the opening animation.

grease danny and sandy meet again wiz

When the film came out it was parodied as "Cease", the cover featuring the car logo and Alfred E Neuman collecting grease from John Travolta's hair as he combs it. The movie starts with cartoons showing everyone getting ready for school. What is the Mythology Gag? This song plays as background music on the radio several scenes prior to the dance, foreshadowing that Sandy will not be alone in her bedroom.

Not Even Bothering with the Accent: Averted, they made Sandy an Australian exchange student instead of forcing Olivia Newton-John to do a painful American accent. The first time Danny sees Sandy in Frosty Palace, he sincerely tries to apologize to her for the way he had acted towards her before at the cheerleader tryouts, calling his own behaviour unacceptable.

She doesn't buy it until he tries out for track and they talk about it after he falls over. Rizzo thanks Sandy for her support after Rizzo skipped a period and became pregnant, especially as she had been quite the Jerkass to Sandy up until then. Danny and Sandy do this to each other when they meet again.

grease danny and sandy meet again wiz

Danny at the end when he first sees Sandy after her makeover. Screw This, I'm Outta Here! Everyone in the second diner scene does this out of frustration or anger Kenickie in particular gets a milkshake in his face courtesy of an angry Rizzoleaving Frenchy on her own and resulting in the "Beauty School Dropout" number.

Sandy also has a habit of doing this, as she does it first after she meets Danny again, thinking him a phony for his bad boy persona, at the dance after Cha-Cha starts dancing with Danny, and then at the drive-in after a Yawn and Reach moment from Danny backfires. Coach Calhoun saying "I'll see you in summer school" was meant to be found a sequel where the gang have to go to summer school but Paramount didn't want to do it and by the time they did get around to making Grease 2most of the original cast were busy.

Danny tries a few times to try for sports, including basketball, wrestling and baseball, resulting in fisticuffs when it goes wrong for him. Coach Calhoun gets around this by having him try out for track, because it involves no physical contact. This time, Danny turns out to be very good at it. Out of all the songs on the film soundtrack, the title track — you know, the one that plays during the Animated Credits Opening — doesn't even try to sound fifties-ish.

It's basically Frankie Valli doing disco. Director Randal Kleiser actually wanted the song removed for this very reason, plus the fact that he felt that the lyrics sounded too cynical for what was ostensibly a happy film, but producer Robert Stigwood overruled him, as the song had been written by Barry Gibb, whose group, the Bee Gees, were signed to Stigwood's record label, RSO Records, which produced both Grease and Saturday Night Fever.

Danny spends a lot of the movie blustering, strutting, scuffling, and generally trying to look tough. Then Balmudo laughs at Kenickie's accident, and Danny gets very quiet.

Broadway Baby Aaron Tveit on His Star Turn as Danny Zuko in Grease: Live

Balmudo's pinks were in Danny's pocket before they even got to the starting line. In the second scene in Frosty Palace, Kenickie asks Rizzo if he should just "finish it". Rizzo snaps, "Finish this! Sandy at the sleepover and again at the dance. Yank the Dog's Chain: Happens to Eugene at the carnival. He lands a Pie in the Face on Coach Calhoun and gets promoted to hitter on the baseball team.

Eugene himself receives a Pie in the Face from an angry Sonny. To make the script for the live show, the script for the film was expanded with parts of the original stage play that did not make it into the film. This resulted in more dialogue and scenes for the secondary T-Birds and Pink Ladies, among other additions.