Goku and chichi meet fanfiction percy

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goku and chichi meet fanfiction percy

Dragon Ball Z + Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossover. Follow/Fav The saiyan warrior Goku fights Cell in a pitched battle by concedes. He then chooses his son, Gohan to fight, believing that the boy had a hidden power. This power was finally "Oh no, who's gonna tell Chi-Chi?" No one wanted to. Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination . Goku gulped. He'd forgotten all about how Chi-Chi must have felt when Goku decided not to get wished back. His thoughts began as Percy and Chris argued who was going to take a shower first. 'Can't That's the season where Goku meets me!. To my DBZ readers- Percy Jackson is a demigod. usually hunt demigods down , since they can smell them), and to train to fight monsters.

Once they were at the ground he saw that the ground was littered with small bones. Why are you here? I'm here to judge you guys. Judge us on what? What, is he going to kill us? Good luck with that, we're invincible here! How horrible it is? Don't you feel any sympathy for it? It was food, nothing else. He frowned while getting angrier and angrier. Did you make her give it up?

We're invinsi-" He was cut off from Goku firing a ki blast that vaporized him on the spot while covering his screams of pain and horror. Several others frowned before flying at him with war cries. He simply knocked them away angrily as they crashed against some of the huts. Then let's see how happy you are when this whole planet is destroyed! Get us out of here!

goku and chichi meet fanfiction percy

It cracked and shook while lava shot up before it glowed and it exploded into debris. I just killed them…" "Yes, and might I say you did it all in one shot, Champa had to fire twice for it to explode. I guess so…" He said as he looked at the rubble. He felt himself sniffled while tears went down his cheeks.

I only killed people who were a threat, but…. She moved closer while he started to cry and pulled him into a hug while patting him on the back. Later Goku was resting under a random tree on his planet, staring up at the sky as Vados watched him.

I have something to show you. He let Vados teleport them on the other side and looked around. Get up from lying on the ground.

goku and chichi meet fanfiction percy

He saw his wife standing over him and blinked. Inside there was a big spread of food on the table. He frowned before standing up. Don't be silly, of course I'm Chi-Chi. Then what was our first meeting like? I can't stand Chi-Chi. But she is your wife, and humans marry out of love, right? When I was a kid she suggested we get married when we got older, I forgot while I trained for other stuff, met her when we were adults, fought, and I sorta agreed to marry her, but honestly back then I thought it was meant to be some food.

Nine, ten years old?

goku and chichi meet fanfiction percy

Apparently it isn't normal, in fact it is unheard of, around that time I learned that I was a saiyan, which kind of explains how Gohan was able to learn so much.

I wouldn't mind lending a hand in training him cause I wasn't there when he was born, but nope, Chi-Chi wants to try the same thing with him, and I don't think he wants it, he's more innocent and hangs out with Trunks compared to Gohan who didn't have any friends his age at the time and was a little bit more shy. I heards it's a simple and legal process on earth. I just feel more down than before.

She tapped her chin before getting an idea. She held a hand to his head and closed her eyes while seeing his memories flow into her head. When she pulled her hand away she held it up while a orb floated up and away from them. I'd have to say Frieza, he killed a lot of my friends. She snapped her finger as the orb slowly shifted into the appearance of the tyrant in his final form. Upset your life is ruined forever?

Goku clenched his hands and gritted his teeth. Later Goku panted while around him were numerous bodies of Frieza, all puppets Vados made and he fell down while feeling his anger, sadness, and energy drain out.

I needed that…" He said as Vados floated towards him.

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He scratched at his chest while Vados quietly entered the room. He sat up and yawned while it was shown he just had his underwear on and got up while rubbing his eyes. It had been so long since living there that he had gotten use to going around without his gi on since Vados didn't have a problem with it, plus he had gotten far more use to his duties, granted it's caused him to be hardened and a little cold, but that was just when need be, underneath it all he was still the same saiyan.

Goten hasn't met Goku ,but looks exactly like him. Goku's dead at the moment ,but we're gonna see him at the tournament. I stay here at camp half-blood with my half sister Annabeth and my friend Percy. I'm super excited about going home to see my family ,but Annabeth and Percy aren't. They say that it's not safe ,but I could kill any monster ,plus I have the sword mum gave me.

It's called hurricane owl ,and I love it. We're landing at the airport ,but we asked Chiron to talk to Zeus so we wouldn't get blasted out of the sky. My friends don't know what I am ,and my family don't know about my Athena side. When we got to the parking lot ,I was attacked by Goten.

I've been training with Gohan! They all smiled ,but looked confused. Athena's my favourite 'cause she's smart and knows war strategies". I grinned at that and said "I'm the daughter of Athena ,so is Annabeth and Percy is son of Poseidon ,we're demi-gods". They all looked shocked. Krillin on the other hand already started panicking 'that energy level is higher than anyone has ever felt.

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Someone might die fighting the owners of the power. I don't wanna die! I'm too young' he thought to himself. Why don't we gather the dragon balls just in case the power gets to us and someone, you know dies or something.

So we can be ready. Also we can stop them from gathering the balls so they can't make any wishes" Krillin suggested. We can make two groups. One that'll go hunt for the balls and the rest of us can go the hotel for safety. We can all then head back home tomorrow" replied Goku. So they decided to do as Goku said. Bulma and Chi chi took most of the people back to the hotel while Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten and Trunks decided to look for the dragon balls with Bulma's radar.

It might get dangerous and I don't want you to get hurt" Trunks replied. You had those when you were a kid and I want to have an adventure like you" Rini said pleading to go. Goku smiled and nodded. Rini grinned ear to ear "I promise" she said then turned to Goku and said "Thank you so much sir, I appreciate it very much". Goku smiled and said "Now lets go we have 7 Dragon Balls to find! They all headed the direction shown in the radar. The radar pointed out a dragon ball due south of the beach about 6 miles ahead.

They easily found their first ball lying under a tree. It was the 5 star ball! As they came closer to their destination they could see a forest lying ahead. Guess we have to move in" said Gohan. But just as they tried to fly through an invisible barrier hit their heads.

goku and chichi meet fanfiction percy

I mean forests aren't usually magical right? He then proceeded to use his Final Flash attack. The attack was deflected.

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Looks like this barrier is stronger than we thought" said Goten. Dust and smoke filled the air and for a moment everything was black. When the dust cleared off they saw that nothing had happened yet again!