General hospital stone and robin first meet

We Love Soaps: 50 Greatest Soap Couples: #41 Stone & Robin From GENERAL HOSPITAL

general hospital stone and robin first meet

Robin finally convinces Stone to go to General Hospital for treatment of his HIV diagnosis. I do not own this video, credit goes to. Contents[show] Storylines Michael "Stone" Cates met and aided Karen When Mac found out that Stone had AIDS, he was furious at first, and afraid for Robin. At first, Robin Scorpio was very suspicious of Sonny Corinthos. She thought he was bad When Stone is diagnosed with AIDS, Robin gets even closer to Sonny . "Sonny was Robin dies in an explosion at General Hospital. Its later revealed .

The pair fell deeply in love.

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Mac ScorpioRobin's uncle, proved to be a big obstacle in their relationship as he did not approve of his niece dating a street kid. He came down with the flu and Robin took care of him. He told her that he had been tested for HIV and they made love for the first time. They used protection at first, but eventually they stopped; this was a decision that would change Robin's life forever.

Stone had the flu for a while and decided to get tested for HIV again. The test came back positive. He did not know how to tell Robin. Stone was shot and his blood got on Robin. He ran away from her. She found him in the same motel where they made love. Stone told Robin that he was HIV positive. Alan Quartermaine ordered that they both be tested. Stone's test revealed that he now had AIDS.

I'm blown away by the magnitude. In some ways, it seems like no time has passed at all. It was like I was in a time warp!

Kimberly and I had only seen each other once or twice since I left the show but when we got ready to rehearse our eyes instantly welled up. Both of us were right back to where we were 15 years ago.

We were shocked at how connected we remain to the story. Of course, GH has helped this along by keeping Stone's memory alive.

general hospital stone and robin first meet

The characters, especially Robin and Sonny [Maurice Benard], talk about him all the time. And the whole AIDS story is still so relevant. There's still no cure and it affects so many millions more people now than it did back then. It has become a global epidemic. GH chose to do it as a heterosexual story to affect the most people possible.

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They did a lot of research and educated a lot of people. It was important to get it right and I give the show a lot of credit. They did that story at the highest of levels. And of course it stays relevant because Robin still deals with her HIV every day. Yes, and at that point I was so emotionally drained and exhausted that I begged them to end it.

Stone Cates (Michael Sutton)

I had just come off nine straight months on the show dealing with disease, drugs, life, death, time. It was really heavy. I remember having to sit down with the producers and say, "You've got to let Stone die! On some level, I was worried about the psychosomatic effect on my mind and body. Alan started Stone on drug therapy. Afraid of infecting Robin, Stone refused to sleep with her again. But he came to care for Stone. Robin then got very sick with the flu and tested HIV positive. Brenda, Robin's best friend, took the news hard and broke down.

general hospital stone and robin first meet

Stones returns to Sonny As Stone continued to grow more ill, his eyesight started to fail. But the day of his death, he told Robin to go stand near the light of the window. His eyes slowly came into focus, and Stone saw Robin one last time before he died. Sonny was devastated, since Stone was like his little brother.

Brenda also broke down again and was comforted by Sonny. Stone's memorial was held at Sonny's penthouse. Later, Robin, Sonny, and Brenda had Stone cremated and they dropped his ashes off the bridge into the water.

Robin then remembered when Stone went bungee jumping off the same bridge.