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"Flashpoint" Last Dance (TV Episode ) Quotes on IMDb: Memorable quotes Jules Callaghan: [after Sam radios that he'll drop Jules off at the suspect's. "Flashpoint" Between Heartbeats (TV Episode ) Quotes on IMDb: Ed Lane : [to Jules and Sam as they reach the roof looking for the sniper] We're thinking Petar Tomasic: [holding a gun to Ed's head] Tomorrow morning, for the first five. Flashpoint (–) was a Canadian police procedural television series. Contents. 1 Season 1 (–). First in Line []; The Element of Surprise []; He Knows His Jules: [to Sam] All right, I'm not trying to flatter myself, I know you're just being nice, I never met a sergeant who didn't impress me.

Jules going on mat leave and you…" Ed starts "Head Instructor at the Academy," Greg holds up the letter for Ed to see. Knowing my days with the SRU were done for good…I'd never walk the same and…never do things the same again…damn near killed me, Eddie.

Telling the team was the toughest thing I have ever had to do," Greg's mind thinks back to his SRU ending announcement a few months back; entering the barn after a few months medical leave and rehabilitation. After a round of applause, and heartfelt hugs, team one headed into the meeting room, the doors closed; the serious discussion about to start. I won't be able to return to this role as um…' his voice finally broke; eyes wet and heart racing.

Flashpoint- Sam and Jules- Love Story

First time in my life I think I almost believed you," Greg quips as Ed's lips twist into a small smile. Wordy wasn't surprised though when you told him.

Eddie you've trained for this and…' 'Because it means accepting something I'm not ready for. I'm taking Greg's role…not because…he doesn't want to but…because he can't come back. He was forced to leave and not by his own doing. How do I replace him? I'm not near the profiler he…' 'You're not replacing him…you're filling the role and hey that's what the team is for.

Strengths and weaknesses right? You have their back and they have yours. Besides, Greg's not mad at you, you know that right? Sam wants to have his own team…Jules…I doubt she'll come back on a regular basis as she's already hinted at having two children. Team one…team three…Wordy…I just can't…I can't.

He'd leave team two for a chance at the TL spot. There's also…" Greg suggests. You back there again? But we'll always remember friends we lost that day. I guess Marina is happy you're out of the line of fire," Ed mentions in truth. This is real my friend…this…this new horizon for us all. When I first put this team together I didn't think we'd be forced to go our separate ways like this.

But not too far; after all we still have to have the yearly picnic right? Have some paperwork I have to fill out to make this all official; check out my new job and…" Greg starts as he slowly stands up with a small sigh, Ed matching his actions. He's the guest of honor and I'm…" "A special guest speaker in front of a whole group of family and friends.

I can live with that," Ed huffs as he turns back and looks at his worried reflection in the mirror. Tonight for Greg…saying it makes it real. I guess part of me always expected Greg to stay on with the SRU in some kind of capacity.

Tonight…his leaving…for good…it'll be real and I'll be the one saying it. Course I could always get up there and tell him about the amended…" "No way," Ed quickly interjects, earning himself a small eye roll from his wife. The two of them head out; Ed's mind a mix of agitated emotions; the feelings growing as they near the small banquet hall near the barn; his stomach already in tight knots.

How am I going to survive tonight?

flashpoint sam and jules first meet quotes

Just stick to the script…say your words…honor Greg and then call it a night. Ed and Sophie near the entrance hand in hand; Ed's mind remembering the day that Sam came and told him that he had been officially accepted to the position of Team Leader of Team Three. With that came a professional domino effect as applicants from Team Two were hired to fill the gaps in team one; some from team three to team two and so forth until all teams were fully accounted for, almost the same day that Greg started his new role as Academy Instructor; a few weeks back everything finally in place to start in a few days.

As they enter the already bustling reception area, Ed's anxiety starts to surge, forcing his mouth to dry and his heart rate to increase. Getting through tonight would be mentally painful. Thankfully tomorrow's Saturday and we have the day off; his mind utters in relief.

It's not goodbye, because that is final…" "It's so long for now," both Ed and Wordy utter at once; Ed's lips slightly twisting into a small smile.

"Горячая точка" Between Heartbeats (TV Episode ) - Quotes - IMDb

The four of them make small talk a bit longer; Ed seeing Winnie and Spike in the corner, with Leah and a few others on hand; Greg and Marina talking to Holleran and another member of the Academy Board. Holleran looks over at Ed and gives him a nod; Ed's panic instantly surging. Time for the evening to start. We are about to get the evening underway so if I could ask you to all take your seats…" Ed heads to the front row, sitting down beside Greg, Spike on the other side, followed by Leah, Jules and then Sam; Wordy, Marina, Sophie, Shelly and the others filling in the rows behind Team One.

As Holleran starts to speak, Ed's anxious blue eyes fix on the banner behind the podium, the large words gracing the blank wall: Ed finally hears his name being called and for a second freezes, his eyes darting around for the real person going next before his brain gives him the urgent realization that he is the person going next. With small intrepid steps, Ed slowly nears the platform, his exterior body language and posture showing to all the confident leader they had known and come to respect; inside, however was a whole other story.

Riley in "Severed Ties" when she is kidnapped by her birth mother. The younger sister she never knew about has a severe allergic reaction, and while the birth mother is distracted, Riley quietly sneaks away to call the police for help. CJV was busted a couple of years ago. They were selling pirated operating systems. How do you know that? I know because I'm a highly-trained officer on the cutting edge of twenty-first century investigation. I thought it was because you're a geek.

He's not a geek, okay? He's a geek with combat skills, that's why the ladies love him. Every time an untrained bystander attempts to be a badass or resolve the situation, it either makes things worse or something happens to ruin their efforts as an example, Parker could have talked down the hostage takers in "Grounded" had a passenger not tried to be a hero.

In fact, the one time this trope is played straight is when the bystander is Ed Lane. There are several instances including one later in "Grounded"; also "Aisle 13", "A Day In the Life", and "The Fortress" where a civilian bystander does manage to accomplish their objective, but in each of those cases, the civilian was in some way receiving guidance or coaching from an SRU officer. When bystanders try to intervene without police support, it usually ends with all hell breaking loose.

There are a few cases where circumstances conspire to ruin things on the part of a bystander; at one point a school shooter's crush manages to talk them down, but before the team can move in the boyfriend re-escalates the shooter. Whenever any of the team gets taken hostage or gets pinned down by heavy fire. Toth is first introduced as a military psychologist who specialises in breaking teams apart, and really gets under the team's skin with his questioning.

But he also practices Brutal Honesty and forces them to confront their issues, diagnoses Woody as having Parkinson's, and is motivated by a genuine desire to ensure that the team is effective and they're doing the right thing.

He also makes a personal appeal to Da Chief to keep Sam and Jules on the same team. I like your Sergeant. I think you do a good job. The problem is that your Sergeant doesn't trust himself. And that's why I came in. Ed Lane and Greg Parker. Averted with Wordy because of Michael Cram's hair transplant. Ed is the team's stoicbut if you harm one of his teammates, especially if it's Greg Parker, he will be pissed. For that matter, hurt or endanger any Team One member and you'll have the entire team coming after your blood.

In "He Knows His Brother," the older brother is quite protective of his younger sibling protecting him from their abusive father. His protective instinct even extends to a younger soldier-in-training who was roughed up by one of their training instructors. Ed has been known to show this on occasion to both Jules and Spike. Black Dude Dies First: Lewis Young was the first person of the team to die.

Blood from the Mouth: Parker suffers through this in "Keep the Peace Part 2," having taken multiple shots from the bomber. Happens to Donna at her wedding when a shooter hits the best man, causing his blood to splatter on her dress, and it ends up all over her hands as she tries to stop the flow of blood. Greg and Ed talk about "Doing the math on all those 'I'm Fine's'" in the pilot and the finale.

Also, the same song is used to lead into the final post-incident scenes of both episodes. Attempted on Tasha Redford, in the first-season episode "Attention Shoppers", but Jules gets to Tasha before she can jump. Happens to Spike and his mentor MacCoy in "No Promises" after Spike finds out the man who taught him and helped him to become a good cop was a snitch for a high-ranking drug gang to pay off his debts when his wife was sick and when his daughter was in drug rehab.

Happens to Ed in 'Haunting the Barn'. His mentor, Danny Rangford, has a total breakdown, and even tries to goad Ed into killing him. Finally, to Donna, in "A New Life," when her ex-partner and mentor from her days as a Vice officer falls off the sobriety wagon, spills his guts to a mob henchman, and then tries to kill Donna's new husband.

Donna nearly kills him out of sheer rage before Ed manages to talk her down. In a rare heroic example, after being shot several times and yet still managing to defuse the bomber's last dirty bomb, Parker takes some time to ramble on barely, since he's been shot at least four times that the suspect's plan is completely undone, and that for all his planning, everything he'd done had been for nothing at all.

The suspect's fury, after what he's done in the episode, is wondrous to behold. Especially when Ed kills him mere moments later. After Parker gets shot in "Follow the Leader" and his team waits for him to return from the hospital, Wordy jokes with him that he has to buy the first round of drinks.

Spike then quips that Wordy should know, as he has been shot a few times in "First in Line" and "Clean Hands". Wordy even lampshades this. What do you mean? I'm the one supposed to take the hits. Parker tells Ed how he has hugged a hundred kids but doesn't know what it feels like to hug his own son. A few episodes later, Parker reunites with his son properly for the first time in eight years and one of the first things he does is hug him.

Back in season one, Ed tells Sam who had first joined the team that "when you're democratically elected team leader, you get to make autocratic decisions" after he clashed with Ed's orders.

In season two, when Leah first joins, she had a minor dispute with Ed about his orders and after, Sam explains to her. Guess that was a mistake? Toth's interviews in the Season 3 finale call back to previous events, particularly Sam's early days with the team.

As The Other Wiki explainsthe series' makers intentionally don't identify the show's setting even though it's pretty obvious it's Toronto. Averted in an early episode, where a crew of paramedics clearly wear shirts that say "Toronto EMS. Also in the series finale, a dispatcher requests mutual aid from Peel, York, and Durham municipalities, specifically saying, "get everyone you can to Toronto now.

Parker's reminder to "Keep the peace," whenever the SRU starts a mission. The SRU's motto, frequently repeated: U speak it's used an Sam's fond of telling the others "There's no place I'd rather be.

Also frequently a variation of the line "That's why we get the cool pants," another contagious phrase that began with Sam.

The Chains of Commanding: Parker often struggles with this but it gets particularly hard on him in season three and four where he is doubting his ability and judgement to lead the team. Jules, at least initially. Occasionally lampshaded by Deadpan Snarker Sam, as well as by a brief scene of changing the sign to the womens' washroom from reading "Jules" to "Women's" after Leah's introduction to the series. The neighborhood drug gang in "Lawmen" inducts teenagers into their gang, much to the disgust of the police.

In "Terrors", Steve, a paramedic Jules was dating, decides to storm into a restaurant when he heard gunshots, despite the fact that Jules, a trained hostage negotiator, told him not to go in and wait for the cops. Both he and Jules are taken hostage and he is shot.

He takes every injury or death, whether from his team, hostage taker, or innocent civilian, hard and often blames himself for not doing a better job. And in one episode, an unarmed Ed Lane chases a would-be assassin.

The young man in "Never Kissed A Girl" is wrongly accused of raping and killing his best friend and wants to be cleared on the crime he never committed. Unfortunately, after being denied to have an appeal, he decides that he has nothing else left to lose and storms the courthouse with a gun, taking a security guard hostage, to find the lawyer who tarnished his name.

One of the doctor's findings seemed to convince his wife he was responsible, so he wants to get a second opinion so that she'll believe in him again.

The concept of the series is built around the team trying to avoid falling into the trope. However, of the main snipers, Ed Lane is closer to this than Sam Braddock or Jules Callaghan, who are definitely more lighthearted and gregarious. At the same time, Ed also has to deal with a lot of the effects of killing people, namely serious PTSD both in the first and fifth seasons.

Years later, in "Fault Lines", Spike and Wordy can be seen to be still wearing them. Wordy's is seen again in "The Better Man". Both are seen without them in later episodes, but, appropriately, Spike's can be seen during the last scene of the series in "Keep the Peace Part 2 ".

In one episode, Parker is taken hostage but the rest of the cops are unaware of this. He is told to give his team instructions over the radio as normal and direct them away from the hostage taker. Cool and Unusual Punishment: In "Perfect Storm," the bullied teen has no intention of killing his bullies. He's only threatening them, so they would feel as humiliated as he did when they begged for mercy.

Ed often sports a pair. Sam Braddock, at least to start off.

Donna as well, during her short run, seems to have retained some "whatever it takes" attitude from her undercover vice days, and frequently expresses frustration with the rules. Gil, a cop with a great career until he tried out for the S. U, and his answer "Shoot the subject He wasn't accepted and his life got worse from there.

The show had a forensic psychologist Spike cries as Parker cradles him after Lewis was killed by a bomb. Danny Rangford breaks down after Ed talks him down from a suicidal urge; Ed's eyes are suspiciously wet, too, as the two fiercely hug.

Donna cries into Ed's shoulder in "A New Life," following her emotional break after learning of her ex-partner's betrayal. She's also understandably upset, as she believes her new husband is probably not going to live after getting shot two times in the back. One plays a major role in "The Farm" when a young woman who attempts to rob a gas station reveals she is trying to escape from it. Dark and Troubled Past: Alluded to with Sam and his experiences in Afghanistan. He doesn't worry about it too much unless he's forced to think about it, but it gives Ed reason to doubt him in "Element of Surprise": You wanna know what happened in Afghanistan, is that it?

I was sniping an enemy compound from meters. The recce was done, and I was cleared to fire. When we went to do the ID, one of them was my buddy Matt. He shouldn't have been there. I was sniping with a. All you had to do was ask. Ed Lane uses this on a cop who tries to prevent him from warning Parker that the cop investigating their incident has a personal vendetta against Greg. The detonator to the necklace bomb. Occurs in "Custody" where the father got both kids and it leads the mother to kidnap her own children.

What sets off the events in "Asking for Flowers," where the cop husband is beating his wife and her sister has had enough. After being foiled by the SRU, a number of antagonists are driven to shoot themselves. There are a number of explosive entries in the series, starting in the second episode. Notable is one through a wall in "Just A Man. Sam jumps onto a suspect from above a walking tunnel in a park after being told to "head him off" during "Severed Ties.

Team One has varying degrees of this. Parker was divorced from his wife due to his problems with alcoholism and hadn't seen his estranged son for years. His father was very strict possibly abusive. Ed has been having problems with his relationship with his wife and son, being more attached to the job than his family. After killing a desperate year-old girl he's been having PTSD flashbacks and daily panic attacks. Sam Braddock revealed in "Acceptable Risk" that he saw his younger sister being hit by a car and killed instantly when he was nine, plus his experience in Afghanistan which included a friendly fire incident.

Raf was sexually assaulted by a teacher and his Papa Wolf father was sent to jail for attacking the teacher. Spike had some issues with his sick father who didn't approve of his career choice and struggled with extreme guilt over Lewis's death. Leah lost a friend back when she was a firefighter. Wordy appears to be most normal of the team, being Happily Married with three daughters but season 3 finale reveals that he is developing Parkinson's.

Ed learns that the mother of the girl he had to shoot a few episodes ago wants to see him and is totally unprepared when she forgives him. It takes several more episodes before he can forgive himself. Spike doesn't mention his real first name if he can help it, although Parker calls him by it when he gets cocky. Episode on a Plane: Happened in "Grounded," when a group of armed hijackers take over a plane and force them to land early.

flashpoint sam and jules first meet quotes

Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Drug dealers and gangs are often shown to have family and genuinely care for them, such as the two drug lords who are brothers in "The Good Citizen" and the biker gang having a birthday party for their kids in "Below the Surface". The first rule for negotiation is to never lie to the subject, so anyone negotiating has to be careful what they tell the subject.

Pete Joris in "Run to Me" has teenagers doing short cons and bank robberies for him. Happens to SRU veteran Rangford, who is regarded as one of the best but ends up having a breakdown over an old case. The mob tells him that his choices are to let them kill Donna or personally murder her new husband. He gets the husband to trust him, drives him to a warehouse, and shoots him twice in the back.

Though the husband survives, Donna almost shoots Bill before breaking down and saying that she hates him. Something that Ed consistently faces. Majority of the time, career wins. Lewis and Jules are introduced practicing this, and fast roping is used from time to time throughout the series. Greg Parker has Chronic Hero Syndromewanting to protect all the civilians and hostage takers. This makes him often continue to negotiate to the hostage taker when he should have action earlier.

He takes each death very personally and blames himself for not doing a better job. Parker to Team One. He cares greatly for each team member, can get fiercely protective over them, sometimes refers to them as "children," and at one point even tells Spike that he loves him like a son.

First Day from Hell: Who on Earth decided it was a good idea to start a rookie on SRU's busiest — and craziest — day of the year? Only Ed is allowed to call Parker by his first name, Greg. Everyone else calls him "Boss" or "Sarge". When newcomer Leah calls him Greg, she is corrected quickly.

Greg Parker, or Ed Lane. Ed to Greg, Wordy to Ed.

Eventually, Sam as well. Jules' father is a cop and survived one of the first instances of a sniper attacking civilians. U or SWAT like teams, they were pretty much powerless, so he decided to move to a farm in the middle of nowhere to protect his family. He wasn't pleased when Jules decided to be a cop, much less S. Dean, Greg Parker's son, has decided he wants to be a cop when he grows up, with no prompting whatsoever from his father. Clark, Ed Lane's son, promptly declares him insane. Even his father, a decorated police officer, wants him to do something else with his life.

Sam was following in the footsteps of his father a General when he joined the Army, though he later broke tradition by leaving the service to join SRU. Sam mentions at least once that his father is less than thrilled with this turn of events. He wants me back in the military where I can "really make a difference".

What did you say?

"Горячая точка" Last Dance (TV Episode ) - Quotes - IMDb

I said I can make a difference here. He thought he heard me wrong,'cause it didn't sound like "yes,sir". In "He Knows His Brother", as the team was heading into the woods to chase a teenager who had shot his father, Spike tells Lewis that he's uncomfortable in any woods because bad things tend to happen to "his people" in them.

According to Spike, the Romans have horrible luck in wooded terrain. Later in the episode, Spike gets pelted with an small improvised explosive that temporarily sidelines both him and Lew. He even throws in an "I told you so. Later that day, the team has a situation that ends almost the exact same way.

A season one episode has a veteran SRU officer almost lose his mind over an old case long after he retired. In season 4, Ed starts to lose his mind after being forced to kill a teenage girl. Played with the entire team, they are all nice and empathetic people who will kill you if they have to. Please don't make them have to. Sam Braddock is much more outgoing and friendly than Ed Lane, but has no problems being absolutely serious and authoritative when the situation calls for it.

Friend to All Children: Parker is very good with children - even teenagers - and they appear to like and trust him too. But he often has trouble reconnecting with his own son. Getting High on Their Own Supply: One episode has a man try to kill his brother's drug dealer by forcing him to snort his entire stock all at once, as retaliation for said brother's death by overdose. The SRU stops him and arrests the dealers along with him. Good Adultery, Bad Adultery: In "Backwards Day", the husband did cheat on his wife, after frustrations of not able to have a baby overwhelmed them.

However, he quickly realized that he loved his wife and not his mistress. The mistress, of course, felt differently. Good Is Not Soft: Every member on Team One is very friendly and likable off the field.

flashpoint sam and jules first meet quotes

They will try to negotiate and talk down the hostage taker first without violence but they will not hesitate to pull the trigger on anyone threatening to hurt a hostage. And if someone threatens a team member When Lewis dies after triggering a land minethe actual event is very distant, out of focus, and obscured by dust clouds and scenery.

SRU units use a lot of modified guns. They also have attached flashlights, red dot sights and even more additions, not to mention various non-lethal weapons like fire suppressants and smoke grenade launchers. Interestingly enough, though they attach foregrips to their submachine guns, they tend not to use them, instead using the mag well as a grip.

flashpoint sam and jules first meet quotes