Fan following of shahrukh and salman meet

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fan following of shahrukh and salman meet

with SRK's film. Click the following slide to know more 5/65Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan meet post Baba Siddique's Iftaar party! Shah Rukh Khan . After seeing the crazy fan following for Shah Rukh Khan at the Fan trailer active on social media and loves to meet and interact with his fans. Get news, articles, pictures, videos, photos and more of srk fan following on Meet SRK's 'biggest fan' Vishal Singh; his love for the actor will leave you Mumbai: Bollywood superstar Salman Khan says he is a fan of his friend and.

In Raees, a kohl-eyed Shah Rukh Khan understands the two essentials one needs to make a killing: Is it time the actor reminded himself of this combination as he slips at the box office in the giant battle of the Khans? In the latest releases of the reigning and ageing superstars — Shah Rukh, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan — the box office has favoured the last two. Raees got Rs crore at the domestic box office at the end of three weeks, while Aamir's Dangal and Salman's Sultan mopped up Rs crore and Rs crore respectively in the same period.

Salman Khan becomes 'Fan' while watching tribute to Shah Rukh Khan

The stark difference in collections is not restricted to Raees. This has been the fate of the past three releases of Shah Rukh. While his Dilwale got Rs crore at the domestic box office known as NBOC or net box office collection in industry lingothat year Salman's Kick crossed Rs crore.

And then the monster blockbusters happened: PK, which went on to make Rs crore at home and Rs crore globally; Bajrangi Bhaijaanwhich garnered Rs crore at home and Rs crore globally. Shah Rukh, at the age of 51, is at the risk of losing his mojo.

fan following of shahrukh and salman meet

SRK seems to have forgotten what drew people to him right at the beginning of his career: When the other two Khans were playing lover boys, Shah Rukh went for a range of characters in BaazigarDarrMaya Memsaab and Anjaam These showcased him as a better actor than his peers in the s. Says actor Renuka Shahane, who was Shah Rukh's co-star in the television serial Circus, which aired on Doordarshan in the late s: He had a charisma which most actors did not have at that time.

He made even a negative character appear good and likeable. His career is a reflection of his risk-taking abilities and confident persona. But the main thing that worked for him is the people he chose to work with. I think this made a huge difference in his evolution as an actor.

Figures are in rupees; NBOC: I was so touched and happy with this gesture that I got in touch with her. Later, she mailed me one of the sketches. In fact, I found a friend in this fan.

Shah Rukh khan lands 13 million fan following on twitter

I guess, we all strive for this kind of love. Extreme measures Maru says that the bond between a loyal fan and his idol is long-lasting. Such relationships are called parasocial, and the bond that fans share with their idol through such relationships is like the one they experience in real life with their family members," says the psychiatrist. One such example is that of Sheikh, who has gone to the extent of skipping family functions, in the hope of catching a glimpse of Salman.

fan following of shahrukh and salman meet

My parents came to know where I was, and warned me to change my behaviour," says Sheikh. Celebrity love or psychoticism? Riddhish K Maru psychiatrist and relationship counsellor: Celebrity worshipers are people with an extraverted persona.

Their behaviour involves reading about and keeping tabs on a celebrity all the time. This type of idol worship may involve empathising with a celebrity's failures. But some fans go to extreme levels, and this affects them emotionally as well as mentally. Such celebrity worship shows traits of psychoticism, and may often lead to them stalking their idols, or on a more aggressive level, even making attempts to harm them. Such die-hard fans can be treated with medication and counselling.

Why do fans like him? Well, Aamir has inspired and touched many people through his films. Through Satyamev Jayate, he has also educated people about many topics and taboos in the society and this has got him a lot of supporters. He voices his support for the less privileged and has often come out in the open about hot social issue plaguing the nation. No wonder he has been the top choice for various government driven initiatives. Ranbir Kapoor RK may be going through a rough patch on film front, but his fans do not care for them he's their hero.

His fan following was on display when he was on social media for just 6 hours. Millions of fans followed him and the 'Welcome Ranbir Kapoor ' hashtag trended for good two days. The Kapoor lad is one of the most eligible bachelors of Bollywood and girls go gaga over his good looks.

RK has always been a gentleman and has treated his fans very well. He is often spotted jogging close to his house and whenever a fan spots him and asks him for a selfie or an autograph, the Jagga Jasoos actor happily obliges. Not to forget his famous Kapoor gene only adds to his popularity.

Salman Khan becomes 'Fan' while watching tribute to Shah Rukh Khan

Shahid Kapoor The Rangoon actor has a crazy female fan following and the proof is that whenever he posts a shirtless picture, you should see the comments section. Ladies just go crazy for him. When Shahid was getting married, many girls were heart broken.

The men too are obsessed with the actor's hairstyles and outfits.

fan following of shahrukh and salman meet

Shahid has always entertained everyone through his wide variety of films He is the chocolate boy at one point and then transforms to a character like Haider. He is very active on social media and loves to meet and interact with his fans. He keeps his fans updated about his films as well as his personal life so that he remains connected to his fans.