Eastenders bradley and stacey first meet

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eastenders bradley and stacey first meet

Everyone in the square thinks that Bradley is the baby's father but Stacey tells are in R&R nightclub and then arrested, Ryan is left to look after Lily for the first time. Kat finds out where she lives and visits, where she meets Lily and Stacey's. 'EastEnders' Moments: Bradley and Stacey's Wedding. Take a look back at the moment Bradley and Stacey tied the knot for the first time in November Stacey and Bradley's wedding day on November 1, was marred by Bradley is stunned by Stacey's revelation · Bradley meets Stacey's mum. at Max's betrayal. Stacey battles to persuade Bradley that it's him she loves. 24/12/ Bradley and Stacey look forward to their first Christmas together.

  • Bradley Branning – aka Charlie Clements – almost looks unrecognisable nowadays
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eastenders bradley and stacey first meet