Do chihiro and haku meet again someday

Chihiro and Haku (Spirited Away) Will Meet Again

do chihiro and haku meet again someday

We all know that Chihiro and Haku split apart after Chihiro escape from The spirit bath house. "Will we be able to see each other again?. A page for describing Headscratchers: Spirited Away. How was Yubaba able to Haku says that he and Chihiro will meet again someday. Does that mean that. Chihiro and Haku will meet again. ending, which means that there is certainly the possibility of another encounter sometime in the future.

He had to see her. Kamaji nodded, he knew Haku would do the right thing. I will see you when I get back" and with that he left. Lady Okinawa lived in a big clearing, her small yet luxurious house a place of renown.

Her powers were wide but she mostly centered on dragon herding. She took all kind of dragon spirits in and cared for them when they lost their human world attachment. Since dragons were born from rivers and the like, usually it had to do with the drying up of these rivers by human influence.

When Haku arrived he saw someone waiting for him at the front door. As Haku entered the Lady's domain he confirmed that the legends were true, Lady Okinawa's house was way bigger on the inside than on the outside. For all the space, you'd say you just entered a castle instead of a small cottage. He was led to a small room and told to wait. When the door opened again he saw a tall woman enter. She had the longest and purest of white hair he'd ever behold.

Her skin was chalk white as were her eyes. She was very thin and frail looking but held such an aura of power his first instinct was to cower before her. Her expression however was warm as a wide smile graced her delicate features.

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I'm glad to see you again, even if you won't remember me from our first encounter, I was rather different then" the Lady said, her voice so soft a normal human would have to strain their ears to hear. Haku didn't remember her at all. I was the main river from where yours was born from, so let's just say I'm like your mother, of sorts. You're all grown up; I feared what might have happened to you after they dried the river.

Mine still flows but I have grown apart from it, in a sense. It's still a part of me but I've lived long enough to take other duties and live far away. I hope you stay for a while, Akaiku will show you to a room and we shall talk more later, I'll send Kashi to Yubaba to tell her you'll be back tomorrow or after" she announced calmly, always smiling as she motioned to a raven perched on a branch of a small tree on the corner of the room, starting to turn to leave.

I can't stay, I have something I need to do Lady Okinawa. I deeply apologize for the rush but I must leave" Haku said, almost losing his posture. Lady Okinawa smiled wistfully and handed Haku what looked like a fan made of rigid pure white feathers.

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I do hope you come visit me sometime, my dear, it's been a long while" she said, nodding slowly before leaving. A girl with two long red pigtails entered not long after, her yellow eyes seemed to glow as she showed a toothy grin and held a black ribbon to him. If you cut it, one half is connected to the other" the redhead said.

Haku took the silky ribbon in his hand and thanked the girl. Hope you come back, brother" Haku knew there were many dragons but he'd never thought of them as family. It was a warm friendly environment, one full of luxury, no wonder many people seemed to speak of the Lady with envy.

Now for the hard part of his journey, Chihiro would be by the gate by now. The place looked the same as always. Sure, more vegetation had grown around again but it was mainly the same. Not the same as when she first beheld it. She remembered, the path had been clear and the building had still bore its red paint, free of moss, a brand new building as her father said.

When they had left the spirit world behind, the building had all been covered in moss and the paint was gone, the building was timeworn and almost in ruins, as it was now. Sometimes she hoped she'd find it as it had been the first time, but that never happened.

Just to find the path again had been a challenge. It seems fate had really wanted them to get off course that day. Many times had she crossed the tunnel to find the place full of cobwebs and dust, the walls and ceiling looking like they were about to fall apart. The windows were broken and dull, unlike the lovely colors she remembered.

The benches were gone. All in all, it was a sad sight. More so was the fact that when she backtracked to the little town of restaurants all she found were more ruins and where the bathhouse should have been there was a wide lake. Chihiro had given up on wishful thinking, she knew in her heart she wasn't meant to go back but it still hurt she would never see them again. Sighing, she took the backpack and moved towards the tunnel. Chihiro She stopped and remained still.

That voice, she knew that voice. It was deeper but it was still that same voice. She turned around but didn't see anything. Had it been her imagination? Was her mind playing tricks to her now?

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But then she saw him. They both laughed as they came into contact. He sure had missed her. He buried his face into her hair, relishing the feeling. She smelled just the same, she looked practically the same yet she had grown. I truly hadn't noticed" she said, smiling lightly. The silliest things come out of your mouth" that made her smile. This isn't just a dream is it?

He shook his head. Oh how she had anticipated seeing him again but she never thought it'd feel so good. Haku was a spirit but he seemed more mature, somewhat grown, his hair now around the middle of his back. But I'm sure you would like to know how everyone's faring" he said, holding her hand and pushing her towards a patch of grass, sitting himself as he pulled her down with him. She smiled and listened intently, making a comment here and there, laughing, smiling. She shared the tale of her own experiences of the last six years and was happy to see Haku was listening to her as if she was saying the most interesting things there could be.

do chihiro and haku meet again someday

His attention was solely focused on her as he smiled on. Haku's expression fell and he frowned. I still have another four years of servitude until Yubaba will discuss with me the ending of my contract. I probably won't see you for another few years but I assure you I promise to see you again.

Just don't think I've forgotten, no matter how long it'll take me" he said, holding both her hands and staring into her eyes. I never stopped believing I'd see you again, I just really wished it didn't take much longer" she smiled "oh and when you get back to them tell Kamaji I know he has some soot balls following me and Zeniba that her shikigami are also noticeable.

Will Haku and Chihiro meet again???

Well, I notice but no one else does" Haku smiled. Until we meet again" Haku said, standing up.

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Chihiro knew he was going to leave and in a thoughtless move she grabbed him midway and made him stumble on top of her.

But what is the significance of this hair tie? We believe it is her connection to the spirit world. Zeneba explains that the hair tie will protect her, meaning that it contains magic.

do chihiro and haku meet again someday

The glittering at the end when Chihiro returns to the human world further reinforces the fact that the hair tie contains some kind of magic. Also there is the possibility of Haku entering the human world, as he has done once before. How the portal opened in the first place is a mystery, but the movie gives us a suggestion that there is in fact more than one portal.

Looking back to the beginning of the movie when they first enter the spirit world, Chihiro and her family enter through a tunnel beside two other tunnels.

do chihiro and haku meet again someday

This could mean that there are in fact, other ways into the spirit world. Haku has been released from his shackles and he is no longer bound to a certain place, which means he is now a free spirit.

do chihiro and haku meet again someday

As Haku is a river spirit, perhaps he can only move where there is water. After all, he promised. Extra There is also a rumoured ending that was originally only released in Japan, along with the original release of the DVD before it was translated to English.

Rumours suggest that the only way to view this second clip is to see it in a museum located in Japan. Apparently, it shows when Chihiro goes to her new school and finds out that a new student had just transferred, who is Haku.

There is no proof that this ending does actually exist, it may have spawned from fan-fiction, plus there are some flaws behind this theory. First off, if Haku is a spirit, how is he able to become a human in the human world?

Final Thoughts So there we are. Haku seems to be familiar with Chihiro and warns her to escape with her parents; she returns to find they have turned into pigs, and that the way back has become a deep river. Spirits appear and go about the park. Haku secretly takes Chihiro to a large bathhouse to avoid alerting the spirits to her presence. Haku then tells her that she must get a job from the boiler man, Kamajii until he can help her recover her parents and escape.

do chihiro and haku meet again someday

With the help of the six-armed boiler room master Kamajii and a bathhouse servant girl named Lin ,[2] Chihiro is able to convince Yubabathe elderly Witch and owner of the bath house, to give her a job; in exchange, Chihiro is forced to give up her name so that Yubaba may keep her in service for eternity.

Chihiro eventually learns that Haku is similarly indebted to Yubaba. Chihiro is put to work alongside Lin, helping to bathe and serve the most difficult spirits in the bathhouse. Chihiro is able to successfully bathe a "stink spirit" later revealed to be a river spirit who had been heavily pollutedwho rewards Chihiro for her service with a magic medicine made from special herbs. Chihiro discovers Haku's true form, a dragon, when he takes Chihiro to see her parents. Later, he is attacked in dragon form by shikigami in the form of paper birds controlled by ZenibaYubaba's twin sister.

Haku had stolen and swallowed Zeniba's seal under orders from Yubaba, which has a spell on it that gave Haku internal bleeding and lacerations.

Chihiro tries to help Haku recover from his injuries using the medicine given to her by the river spirit, which acts as an emetic to the dragon, causing him to vomit, and thus recovering Zeniba's sigil and squashing a peculiar black slug that had been attached to it.