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Okazaki Tomoya is a delinquent who finds life dull and believes he'll never amount to anything. A high school student who cares little about school or others meets a lonely . Nagisa Furukawa (voice) Add content advisory for parents». The major story in Clannad is about Tomoya learning about family and He also meets Nagisa's parents: Akio Furukawa and Sanae Furukawa in the process. A few of your heroines in CLANNAD, clockwise from midnight: Yukine Miyazawa, Accidental Misnaming: When Tomoya first meets Nagisa's parents Akio and.

The Problem starts to come to light, Tomoya. Tomoya has become stronger, but he has been running away from his problems. He has never faced his fears or problems. Tomoya is self absorbed. Tomoya really doesnt understand what a family is as Nagisa and Tomoya are going threw a hard time and he begins to regret his choices as everything will change. He is very worried about how this will effect HIM. Nagisa, due to her sickness and inability to get to a hospital is forced to give birth at home.

Tomoya is there for her and helps her.

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But it is here we find out if Tomoyas changes over the series are real or fake. We then witness the saddest death ever. He regrets dating Nagisa and having Ushio born.

Its hard to blame the guy though, he doesnt really get what a family is, but that doesnt make it right. The change is so drastic it breaks Tomoya. Tomoya wishes he had never dated Nagisa and that it was the wrong choice and they should have gone different ways. Tomoya shows he only cares for himself, he did all the things in the past because he was happy.

Now he is sad and he gives up, all his hard work was for nothing and throws in the towel. Tomoya had learned nothing and i remember my mom watching this and when he finished she said "Well thats to bad" as she was dissipointed in him. Tomoya hit a change and it ruined something important to him. Tomoya goes back to how he was before meeting Nagisa, meaning his change wasnt geninuine. Not that it wasnt real, but almost like he was acting which he even says once "I couldnt pretened i was happy like I was before" "We never should have meet, we never should have gone out, then Ushio would never have been born.

Tomoya has been laying back for 5 years, gambling, drinking and becoming a work aholic. Senea realizes this and plans a trip where Tomoya will be with Ushio. This works and the two go on the trip. Ushio is afraid of Tomoya though, and Tomoya shows some dislike for Ushio at first.

The two in the end decide to go, Tomoya is the biggest jerk ever though. Eventually he realizes where he is and has memmorys of the place.

Tomoya begins to remember what happened, That his Father lost his wife but did not give up as he was left with Tomoya. He worked his hardest to raise Tomoya to be a good man even after failures and the hate of his own son. Tomoya then sees his Father really cared for him. He sees that he was his Family, his fathers dream was for Tomoya to become a man, much like what Akio said parents where back in season 1, that their children were they're parents dream.

Tomoya then sees his mistake, and realizes that he is more of a failure then his Father. Tomoya became exactly like his father except that he abondoned Ushio where as His father raised him. Tomoya seeks out Ushio and then it really hit him how self abosred and selfish he has been. Ushio was left alone with no one and was probably aware Tomoya was not fond of her. Tomoya begins to bag for Ushios forgivness as she crys in her daddys arms.

Tomoya decides to raise Ushio on his own. Im standing in the same place he was but I dont feel like trying. He goes to see his father. He understood that his Father tried his best but upon heating his Father ask if he was sure that he should go. Tomoya realized just how much his father cared for him, Tomoya was forced to realize how selfish he really was.

Tomoya says he will repay his Father for all the kindness he was givin and apoligized for never thanking him for it. Tomoya begins to accept change because of this, and begins to care about others in a real way, not because it goes with what he wants. His Father hurt Tomoya in a way a father never should but Tomoya moves on, he accept changes, he loves his father despite his failures as a man.

Tomoya is now taking care of Ushio not because its conveniont but because he loves her. He now truely understands what a family is, thanks to those around him. Tomoya is going to be put to the test again. Has Tomoya really grown or is it all still about himself at the end of the day.

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Tomoya trys to take Ushio on a trip as he fears she doesnt have much time left and well another saddest anime momment happens, Ushio dies. Due to some fantasy stuff going on itll be okay! Maybe, depending on Tomoya. Tomoya has gathered enough lights that connect to the Robot to make a wish come true. The Girl tells the robot this and the world falls apart to return to the real one. Tomoya wished for a world where Nagisa and Ushio didnt die, but its not that easy. Has Tomoyas heart really changed?

His wish if asked the wrong way could be denyed as a wish can only effect people in a positive way. Tomoya is brought back to the hill and givin the choice to do it all over knowing what will happen or to remain the same and regret nothing "Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. You made me so happy. From here on out, I know things might be hard sometimes.

He accepts the changes good and bad. The wish is then in a sense accepted and time skips to Ushios brith where Tomoya believes she will die but she does not. The light orbs activate and Nagisa is saved.

Love now a days is all about what someone can get. This love is about what you get and feel, and is not true. True love goes beyond yourself, Tomoya forgave his father which he really didnt have to do. Selfish love is what people struggle with when you truely care about someone you will go out of your way to be there or help them even if its a struggle for you, even if you get nothing in return.

Like Tomoya deciding to be with Nagisa even though she will die, because they made each other happy and stronger. Tomoya has grown in a way that many people never even realize effect them in the real world. Tomoya learns that a family is someone who relys and is there when other people need them.

He learns to accept the change good and bad because it is worth it, that things change and although its tough in the end it just might be worth it. He learns what it means to love unconditionally, like a family. Its hard to truely care about others, but thats what a family and even friends are. Clannad teaches alot of real lessons and things that can actually apply to people in the real world. Tomoya is a basic character which is why everyone can relate to this.

At the end of the day, dont regret anything and move on, forgive and all that stuff because thats what people should do and we can all be a big dango family. The drama club is reformed, and with a month left until the school festival. Nagisa decides to do a soliloquy based on a dream she has had ever since she was a child; meanwhile, Tomoya and Youhei will work backstage with the music and lights respectively.

At Nagisa's house, which turns out to double as a bakery, Tomoya meets her energetic parents Akio and Sanae.

Tomoya is challenged to a baseball match with Akio to see if Tomoya's a man worthy for Nagisa, but cannot throw the ball due to an injured shoulder he received from his father in a bad fight, and even gets to stay overnight after being heavily persuaded by Akio.

Like Nagisa, Tomoya has also had a recurring dream ever since he was a child. In his dream, he initially is disembodied in an illusionary world where he is the only thing "alive". He finds a discarded human-sized doll and uses it as a body to travel around the world on an old bicycle.

After some searching, he finds a large sakura tree known as the "Tree of Promises" where he believes he will meet the person he has felt is with him in this illusionary world. When the school festival finally begins, Nagisa reveals that she has not finished the script, but still wants to go on with the play since the story is still within her.

Nagisa has her performance in the evening, so in the meantime Nagisa hangs out with Tomoya and Youhei. During lunch, she tells them her story why she wanted to do drama was due to her parents formally having been theater actors, but they both had to give up acting after Nagisa was born.

Nagisa wants to do drama so as to continue her parents' dreams in her footsteps. For the play, Sanae gives Nagisa her wedding dress to use as her costume, much to Akio's surprise. Nagisa starts with her monologue without a hitch, and during her recitation Kouko gives stage directions to Tomoya and Youhei via headsets. Gradually, Tomoya comes to realize that the story Nagisa is reciting is the same dream that he has had, and is shocked to find that Nagisa also had the same dream of the illusionary world.

At the play's conclusion, Tomoya believes that he and Nagisa were meant to be together and confesses his love to her. Shortly after the festival, Nagisa's health falters once again and she has to take another leave of absence from school, meaning it is not until a year after Tomoya's class graduated that Nagisa is able to graduate high school as well.

After this, Tomoya and Nagisa start living together in a small apartment in town while Tomoya is recruited full-time at Yusuke's electrical company as well, Nagisa works part-time as a waitress at a local family restaurant, and Youhei becomes a businessman in Tokyo. Eventually, Nagisa becomes pregnant, but her doctor informs her family and Tomoya that if she gives birth to the child, due to having weak constitution, she may die in the process.

After the meeting, they agree on telling Nagisa. Tomoya and Nagisa's parents take her to the beach where she decides the name Ushio for the child.

Despite the doctors warning, she insists that she will be fine. One winter night, Nagisa finally gives birth to a baby girl Ushio and Nagisa dies giving birth. This causes Tomoya to go into deep depression, during which he does not go to work, or even visit his daughter who is now being raised by Nagisa's parents. For the past five years, Tomoya's friends try to get him out of his depression, but Tomoya is very stubborn. Then one rainy night, Tomoya's father Naoyuki Okazaki comes over and tells Tomoya that he is putting Ushio in the same relationship he did when his mother died, which greatly surprises him.

Later, Naoyuki requested Tomoya's friends: Youhei, Tomoyo, Kyou, Kouko and her husband Yusuke to take him out on a retreat for a few days in order to break his depression, and they take Tomoya out of his house so fast he does not even know what is going on. Once they tell him on the train, Tomoya is dead set on going back home but Yusuke convinces him to stay.

When they arrive at their destination, Tomoya searches for another platform at the station, anticipating this, Akio and Sanae were waiting for him with Ushio. Just as Tomoya begins to walk away, his friends arrive blocking his way, then Tomoya turns around back at Ushio, she runs towards him holding a stuffed dango.

She trips midway which makes Tomoya leap out and catch her.