Charles russell and his friends want to meet

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charles russell and his friends want to meet

Mar 8, It was at their home where Nancy first met Charlie. “I married the only Charlie Russell in the world, and my life has been full soar or reach any height, further than to make a few pictures for my friends and old acquaintances. I want you to stay til you get all rested. the longer you stay the glader IM be to. Charles M. Russell and His Friends by Charles Marion Russell - 14" x 28" . Best Sellers Rank, #4,, in Home & Kitchen (See Top in Home & Kitchen) If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through. Sep 21, o7 There ain't but one spot on Earth that I want to see, and that's my Montana home\f7. Also bearing his name is the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife man and counted many famous individuals in his circle of friends.

I have the Mont. Both have a grizzly bear and a hunter with horses. One is dated and the other is dated How do I tell if they are real? I have a painting not his typical signature with the skull, but similarities in lettering style signed by Charles Russell, but it is a whimsical fishing scene, with the hooked fish in the foreground, the boat far behind, mountains in the background.

It's a quality illustration, but I can't locate any other illustrators by the same name. Its pretty cool I was just wondering how I can find out the title of the pic.

It's a cowboy on a horse with indians and cowboys. Russell rifle I have a rifle that has C. Russell engraved on the buttstock. How would I verify whether or not it was his actual rifle?

charles russell and his friends want to meet

It's signed CMR, and under Russell's initials, it has a drawing that looks like a steer skull. My print also has as follows: From the brush of C. No Great Falls Montana. Russell museum in Great Falls Montana, who referred me to another museum forgot the namebut I was asked about the dots in the picture, which are almost non-existant in my print; and the gentleman I talkedd to was able to date the print of "I rode him" to The size of my print in the original frame is 12" x Wagon Boss The wagon boss is of my great grand father, does anyone know of the gold belt buckle that was made for that wagon boss J C Adams?

Davies it sits on a green marble slab. I would like to know the vaule please. I will take it to the Denver Roadshow if I can get tickets. I love this piece of art: Zoppo Foundry New York. I'd like to think they are authentic, but they seem to be a bit smaller than the measurements given in the Rick Stewart book, "Charles M.

charles russell and his friends want to meet

Are there counterfeits out there with false foundry markings? How can I get these authenticated? I just recently found that one of the items is a painting signed by cm russell. I could not make out the name when i first saw the painting and thought it said CN Passell. My problem is I cant tell if it is a Painting or print. The frame is very old and the painting looks blueish.

I felt the canvas and it has raised paint on it. Did they do this to old prints? The piece has a signature along with a skull to the left. Does anyone know anything about the sculpture? It is large and is in a wood frame with a small hole in the top. Collectors, All Rights Resevered on the base. CM initials on the horses right hine leg.

No foundry, and no skull on base. Any information would be greatly appriciated. Charles m russell painting 22 32 I have a painting of background rocky mountains with a trapper on horse fur hat background one other trapper with pack horses.

The women that put it in the shop on consignment said it was a personal gift given to her as a she is a family member. However it does not have the regular c a Russell signature just Russell, does anyone know if Charles Russell actually did this type of signature on any of his charcoals?

Any information would surly be appreciated. He would like information on a limited edition print of Charles Russell's "Dounbtful Handshake"18 x Any information would be helpful. The plate is signed CM Russell and below that is an outlined, hand drawn buffalo head with the year next to it.

Does anyone know what this picture is and the value of it.

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The plate is in mint condition. Contact them about prints. I would like to know the name of the painting and are prints availabe.

The painting was of a lone Indian, seeing buffalo running past, beyond that he sees his vision of the future, wagon trains, trains, cities. Can anyone idenitfy this painting. I am having trouble reading the info of the stand. Can you help me identify this metal sculpture?

We know that the valuable ones from Roman Bronze Works in NYso want to varify if ours is one of the 17 that have been held privately.

There is a slight chance it's a reproduction, which is what I'm trying to varify. Signature on back is C. There is something else on it I think it says copyright. Can you tell me anything about it? IT is of a man on a horse with a gun.

With other horses beening herder. It has CM Russell with and a c with a circle at the bottem. I am assuming it is a copy? C M Russell signature Did the artist ever use only Russell for a signature?

The Legacy of Artist Charlie Russell : Montana Reveres Man Who Chronicled the Wild West - latimes

I also aquired a buffalo head that is covered with 9, carats of turquoise that is featured in a couple of magazines that I have as the "Last of the Herd". Can anyone help to shed some light on this item for me since I really do not have a lot of information on it? I would greatly appreciate the help! Does anyone know have any info or know where I could get some info on it?

It may also be called "Offering to the Sun God. The painting is of my great great grandfather. It is on a marble base, so I am beginning to think it is not authentic based on reading some of these posts.

That being said it does have the CMR, the circle c and the buffalo head imprint. I have not seen any mention of this piece in several internet searches. The signature says Russell and has what looks like a steer skull next to it. Is this Charles Russell's signature? My wife purchased a russell bronze "shooting up" 10 years ago from an estate. How can I find out about this piece? There are three other riders in the scene. One with the horse rearing and one who has a rope on the longhorn's horns.

Does anyone know the name of this print?

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Russell Print I have a C. Russell print that has three indian braves on a mountain holding rifles. I would like to know it's name. Would like to know the history of this print. A single rider with a rifle, mexcian hat, vest, indian boots at sunset. It has all the marks and is oil on board. Any information is greatly appreciated. Russell picture that I believe might be an original sketch or perhaps a water colour.

It has a picture in the forefront of a cowboy standing without a hat and around his waist is a sash that trails to the ground. In the background but still quite large is a goat with a saddle on it and a cowboy hat is at its left hind hoof. It is signed in original hand writing as follows: In smaller print in capital letters at the very bottom of the picture it says: Thank you so very much.

I read some of the posting and don't know if this is the way all of his paintings are but was wondering if this would be an original or not. Russell,dated left lower corner of 4 warriors over looking the enemy. I have no idea, if it is a print, or pencil. I would appreciate someones helpful opinion. Charlie Russell worked for him. He was given a print of The Wagon Boss - 12 X 20 size approx.

The signature and date are but instead of the c and circle for copyright - the word copyrite is printed out. Under the backing it says 68 Halvorson. Can you tell me anything about this?

The Legacy of Artist Charlie Russell : Montana Reveres Man Who Chronicled the Wild West

How can I find out more about this print. I'll try to explain the painting, it is two cowboys around a campfire with their horses going crazy because a grizzly bear is coming in to the smell of food cooking C.

One indian on horse coming over hill with cowboys behind him. They have a hump on the back of their neck. I have been searching the web for over 3hrs. Yours is the first mention of Russell bears I have found.

I took mine to an antique store today. There were signed C. Russellalong the bottom of their back leg. They are in a sitting pose. The dealer thought they looked real, but admitted he was not an expert on the subject. They are sitting on small marble circles, very dark with light streaks in it. He was certain that the marble was old. I did find a place called Bronze Gallery on the web which makes reproductions, but they started out in They also come with a small gold colored metal plaque on the marble, which mine do not have.

I purchased mine, I have 2, at an estate auction in I would really like to know thrie worth and when they were made. I will keep looking. They are small, about 3" highand the marble circle is about that in diameter. If yours are like mine, please email anything you may find out. It would be much appreciated. Its a profile of an indian head. But i can find it anywhere.

It has his signature on the bottom on one side with a brand on each side of signature. This statue does notlook exactly like what I am seeing on various retail web sites. Will is holding his reins different and his horse has all four hooves touching the ground.

charles russell and his friends want to meet

I have had this in our family a very long time and never gave it much thought as to worth. But I am sure it is old and possibly an original. Any thoughts, any one? Laurie russell watercolor letter to Geo. How can you tell if this is a reproduction or the real thing? This does seem to be watercolor not printed. Any help would be great.

It is also dated The painting is 24x My grandfather had bought it many years ago, and he cant quite remember where, and just recently we began to wonder if it could be an original. If you have any idea's or know if it could be an original please let me know. The Wagon Boss My husband bought a painting many years back, and just recently i've been thinking that maybe it's an original.

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I really wonder if it could be Original? One is of four indians on a hill over looking a wagon train to the right dated The other is of 7 cowboys sprinting at full gallop down a hill with still more at the top of the hill.

One of the cowboys going down the hill is falling off his horse. That one is dated or I can't really tell which but I belive it is the later. Anyone have any idea about these prints and what they are called? It is a pen or pencil drawing of a cowboy with a duster on and shooting a rifle. Signiture Russell Drawing Hi: Russell with a line under signiture and two hash marks on both sides of signiture. Says To my friend Eaton and then a c with a circle. They got it about 15 years ago at an old Estate Sale.

And we KNOW it's a very old painting because it has 2 phone numbers on the back that only contain 4 digits. I am wondering if it could be an orginial, and if so how can I tell? I'd love to know more about both artist.

It's framed, matted in glass. Did Charlie date all his work? On the lower leftcorner is the signature, logo and The plate on the lower right is from the CM Russell museum.

Below the title it say: The front of the picture is a single man riding a horse carrying a rifle with background of picture having several horses packed with furs or gear. How can I tell if this is an original or print? I have inherited 2 paintings. Not sure if they are originals.

He never said one way or the other. One says to Eaton from his friend cm Russell. Russell also gave my grandfather a sketching signed by him, but it was misplaced many years ago. Would anyone know how to determine if these are originals? Charles Russel, and as much as I look, for a print like mine, I haven't find an other one, is about this people who rob a bank, one is on the groundthe other is wonded,but the last men is aiming his pistol to this sheriff, and same one is aiming a rifle on a distance where the rob took place, plus his signature is very different from other oils or wather colors.

charles russell and his friends want to meet

Examples of popular recasts can be found online. Nancy was only 17 when she met CMR in MANY of Russell's original paintings were made available as fine quality prints on canvas and then overlaid with gesso to simulate brushstrokes. Small dots are the giveaway to these works and a jeweler's loupe of 10x will show these lithography marks quite well.

Because of the popularity of Russell's work, it has been widely copied and reproduced worldwide. What was her name? The name on there is S. Looks to start with a K, but not sure. If anyone can help me with any info regarding this painting or the signature on it, please do! Thanks charles russell letter with picture I do have a old print, the name George W Farr was one of the reps for a stock growers meeting.

The meeting was held in Someone has written Where Guns Were Passports on frame. Is it a copy or an original? What does it mean?

M Russell painting -I think the title is the trail Boss. Russell in the bottom left corner and it looks to be a c in a circle Copyright? Does anyone know where the original of this painting is so I will know if mine is a copy. She's had this painting for a long time It's signed with the steer head, on canvas. I'll be sending her to an apprasier, but is there a 'quick' why to know if this is an original?

There is even an annual statewide contest for schoolchildren who are asked to write an essay on "Why I Like Charlie Russell. Each state honors two of its most famous citizens in Statuary Hall in the nation's Capitol.

Montana's statues are tributes to Russell, the only artist so honored, and Jeannette Rankin, the first woman elected to Congress. A square block of Great Falls population 60, honors the memory of the cowpuncher-turned-artist, sculptor, poet, author and storyteller. Composing the complex are his home, which was built inhis log-cabin studio next door, and the C.

Russell Museum, one of the nation's leading centers of Western art. Russell's wife, Nancy, who died inleft the home and rustic studio to the city. Josephine Trigg, a Great Falls city librarian who lived next door, also willed her property and collection of Russell originals to perpetuate his memory and work.

charles russell and his friends want to meet

Today the museum contains the best overall collection of Russell paintings, sculptures, illustrated letters, post cards and memorabilia. Russell, who was born in St. Louis, left home at 15 to go to Montana. He lived in a trapper's log shack the first year, cowpunching in the Judith Basin east of Great Falls. He was a night herdsman who lived and rode with Indians.

He sketched almost everything in sight. Any man that makes a living doing what he likes is lucky and I am that.