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Jan 8, If you are a big fan of the original King Kong, why not check out the sequel. .. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (): Abbott and Costello take on Frankenstein, the Wolfman, and .. The movie poster for The Sword in the Stone. . As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. larly noteworthy that per cent at a meeting held last night. of all those . next meeting of Millburn Com- Gebauer, Ann Garfield, Starry. Leonard over SCO required original r. 1 property Poster Contest to focus public at- Later it eaa b* NOT , "ABBOTT & COSTELLO TELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN . A similar meeting will be held next Saturday and Sunday in New York. West Coast Bureau of THE FILM DAILY Hollywood — • Republic sales ex- ceed by of Horror Show by all reports, Dracula and Frankenstein reissued as a "Dare as 50 per cent for ooking musical artists on the air. ees will be immediately reduced.

I got a report from a friend named Paul Monash who I worked with on Slaughterhouse 5. I knew Joe Mankiewicz so I called him up to find out if he was ready to write a script. Why did you pick Billy Wilder? Well, there are certain things one is proud of. Take Coppola for example. I picked Billy Wilder because I thought he was the best fellow to do it — and the best fellow is not often the one who was involved in the most successful movie.

So in a situation like that you are executive producer of the movie. Lang begins by describing how The Front Page was set up. Producer-director Mark Robson and executive producer Jennings Lang hold a meeting against the background of a devastated street during the shooting of Earthquake. So the labels overlap and-the duties change and vary. Billy and Izzy Diamond did the writing of the movie. Needless to say he allowed me to read the script.

He was in final creative control. But he was a listening creative director. And when he disagreed he gave me his reasons for it. I was trying to look in Variety. What did the movie cost?

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We have become very, very spoilt in the days of block-busting hits. There are very few minimal hits. But we have hopes for Waldo Pepper, Hindenburg and Jaws. Have Malpaso must be a different set up. Clint was a big flop. At which point Zanuck and Brown No. I was there in the actual screenplay, but made the decision to Genevieve Bujold and it would be a Universal.

I had much less the hell do you do Jennings Lang? I do of Hindenburg although I production have everything. We are very careful not track record of late has been good, the first couple of movies made to have it. Newman was interested in to the Canadian movie industry. My dear, the book but convinced Zanuck and And I said: I am the executive producer George Roy Hill has had some flops. On the other hand I was not a commercial success. Newman withdrew and troversial subject.

The studio was ready to covered up so many good things. I had heard this and helped by taking 25 minutes out that the movie. So, if of view and even a moral point of talking to Ava Gardner, suggested reason: George Kennedy, transferred the makers in the industry who could be as far as participants in making the So after, thinking about it very parts and argued about the ending of secure in making a movie with that movie, I will see that they are carefully and talking about it with many special effects.

We will call them executive Mr Wassermann, he said: We have had bad luck with movies that have been made away from the supervision, or at least the contact of home office executives. They never made any money. I thought Privilege would have been a very successful movie had it been released two years later.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein original poster eea

I think it was ahead of its time. But it would need a grown man to play the retarded person, to sell the movie to the international market. But then the point that would be made here is that it would no longer be an Australian movie. It would just be one made in Australia. A thoughtful Walter Matthau, playing the managing-editor of a Chicago newspaper in The Front Page, listens to director Billy Wilder explain a story point. Currently there are a lot of scripts that have been partly financed and producers are looking for the rest of the money.

In this sort of situation how much control do you think Universal would want?

abbott and costello meet frankenstein original poster eea

I think Sidecar Racers could probably provide the answer. The only difference was that there were two Americans involved as performers — the rest were Australians. But it had an American director.

An American director and an American executive producer. And it was finished in the US. It was edited and scored there. Yes, it was edited and scored in the US although there was some editing done here. Would you consider it an Australian movie? Alice in Wonderland Starring: I also enjoy the scenes and music from the Disney classic from The first movie about this famous monster Fantasy Type: Jungle Fantasy, Monster Movie Starring: If you can ignore the limits of the special effects of the time, there is artistry to be found.

The great ape is captured in the Jungle and brought to New York. Son of Kong Sequel to King Kong Fantasy Type: Robert Armstrong I haven't seen this one. If you are a big fan of the original King Kong, why not check out the sequel. Lady for a Day A poor fruit seller must impersonate a lady of wealth to ensure that her daughter can marry into royalty.

Technically, it's not a fantasy but it embraces a fantasy theme. A poor fruit seller has been sending all of her money to her daughter who believes that her mother is wealthy. Luckily, she is friends with a good-hearted gangster. Babes in Toyland I enjoyed it when I was a kid. Chu Chin Chow George Robey I haven't seen this. I will check it out if I can find a copy.

A musical where an expert on Roman History time travels back to ancient Rome. Eddie Cantor, I haven't seen this one.

I assume that it is probably dated. If I am able to find it, I'll update this review after watching it. Death Takes a Holiday Death decides to check out the world. Death as a Person Starring: Fredric March Death comes out to the world and falls in love. Recommended for fans of Fredric March or folks open to older movies that have interesting characters.

Tarzan and his Mate A carnival shows scenes from Dante's Inferno Fantasy Type: Spencer Tracey, Rita Hayworth I haven't seen this one. A fairground show has scenes from Dante's inferno which is very successful and leads to temptations similar to the punishments shown.

The Ghost Goes West A man finds out a castle is haunted Fantasy Type: Robert Donat, Jean Parker I haven't seen this one. Robert Donat is usually a very entertaining actor.

A Midsummer Night's Dream An early version of Shakespeare's fantasy classic. I haven't seen this one and while I like Shakespeare's play, I haven't scene a movie version that stands out as my favorite.

Explorers wander upon the ancient City of Kor Fantasy Type: Jungle Fantasy, Lost Civilization Starring: Rider Haggard comes to the bring screen. Explorers find the mysterious She, the ruler of the ancient City of Kor. One of the first sound version of the Christmas Carol Fantasy Type: Ghosts, Christmas Fantasy Starring: A man is given special powers by angels Fantasy Type: Roland Young, Joan Gardner I haven't seen this one.

I am a big fan of Roland Young in the move Topper from Tarzan the Ape Man 3 Fantasy Type: Ali Baba Goes to Town A hobo dreams about living at the time of Arabian Nights Fantasy Type: He attempts to propose economic reform similar to Roosevelt's New Deal.

A plane crashes in the Himalayas and the survivors find a magical place. One of the best. Survivors of a plane crash make it to Shangra La. It seems perfect but is it too good to be true? Dated but still worth a watch.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs The classic fairy tale done by Disney Fantasy Type: Adrianna Casseloti The first full-length animated film. This is the one that launched Disney Studios. This is an instant classic that stands up surprisingly well even today. One of the best fantasy films ever made for children.

Two well-meaning ghosts cause trouble for their friend Topper. Cary Grant at his best and Roland Young does great as Topper. An uptight banker is encouraged to have fun. A Christmas Carol Christmas Fantasy, Ghosts Starring: My favorite is the one in with Alistair Sim but this one is also very good. Topper Takes a Trip Sequel to Topper Fantasy Type: Roland Young, Constance Bennett, Billie Burke Topper, the uptight banker returns, and has more adventures with ghosts.

Tarzan Finds a Son! Tarzan the Ape Man 4 Fantasy Type: The Little Princess A rich girl is suddenly without money Fantasy Type: Shirley Temple is rich and then she is not.

She never gives up hope and magical things happen even if they are not truly magical. On Borrowed Time A man traps death in a tree Fantasy Type: Death as a person Starring: It is probably my favorite of the death comes to visit movies.

The Seventh Seal is better but this is one is enjoyable in its own right. Vasilisa the Beautiful FIrst Russian film with a fantasy theme Fantasy Type: Georgy Millyar A son brings home a frog which is is really a princess turned into a frog. The Wizard of Oz Dorothy is off to the magic land of Oz.

Wizard of Oz Starring: This may be the best fantasy movie ever made. It is definitely the best fantasy musical for kids of all time. A classic all the way around. Three ghosts attempt to help a couple. Jean Parker, Richard Carlson Three wealthy men die and must decide between going to heaven or helping their friends on earth. One couple is in particular need of their help. The Blue Bird It's dated but it has some nice moments. This is recommended for Shirley Temple fans.

Road to Singapore Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour These is not really a fantasy but it has all the flavor of a fantasy movie with a journey, friendship, having encounters along the way, and avoiding trouble.

The classic story of the wooden puppet who wants to be a real boy Fantasy Type: Walt put his heart and soul into this one and I think it is a masterpiece. I am not a fan of the Pinocchio story but I am a big fan of this film. One of the greatest fantasy films of all time.

The Thief of Bagdad One of the classic tales of the Arabian Nights Fantasy Type: Very fun to watch for the whole family.

A blinded prince is in trouble until he meets the loyal and wise thief of Baghdad. Hold onto your seats for this wonderful ride. Disney's pairs animation with classical music Fantasy Type: Leopold Stokowski Disney provides animated accompaniment to classical music. The high point of the movie is the Sorcerer's Apprentice starring Mickey Mouse. I find the experience inconsistent. Some parts are breathtakingly beautiful and other parts are a little slow.

Well worth giving a watch. Tarzan's Secret Treasure Tarzan the Ape Man 5 Fantasy Type: Tarzan has to rescue them. The Road to Zanzibar The boys start out in a circus and soon must flea. Inevitably, they run into Dorothy Lamour and have adventures. The Devil and Daniel Webster The Devil comes to New Hampshire in The Devil comes to town Starring: It's been a while since I've seen this but I remember really enjoying it. I have to catch it again. Walter Huston and Edward Arnold are always good.

A circus elephant has very large ears which enable him to fly.

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Animal Fantasy, Circus Fantasy Starring: Edward Brophy Dumbo the elephant is an outcast. His ears are too big. When his mother tries to protect him, she is taken away.

Luckily, he befriends a mouse who tries to help him. This is a classic. I have never been able to get excited about it but I know lots of folks who really enjoy it. A person is given a chance to try out another person's life Fantasy Type: To make up for it, the person is given a chance to live another's person's life.

The Iron Crown A new king is given a cursed crown which he tries to destroy Fantasy Type: Kings and Magical Items Starring: Masimmo Girotti This is an Italian fantasy film. I have not seen it. From reading the description, I will check it out when I have a chance and update this review. The Reluctant Dragon A peace loving dragon does not want to fight the knight. Robert Benchley I remember seeing this as a child.

It is a nice and pleasant story. I would like to check it out again. It is a solid Walt Disney story even if it is not as famous as the other fantasy classics. The third movie in the Topper series Fantasy Type: I Married an Angel A musical about a man who marries an angel.

When he meets an angel, problems arise when the angel cannot lie. The Road to Morocco Eventually, they will run into Dorothy Lamour and have further adventures.

This is not a fantasy but has all the elements of a fantasy story. Tarzan's New York Adventure Tarzan the Ape Man 6 Fantasy Type: Mowgli is raised by wolves, makes friends with a bear, and confronts his enemy the tiger.

Jungle Fantasy, Animal Fantasy Starring: Sabu This is a live-action version of the Jungle Book. A year in the forest from the perspective of a deer Fantasy Type: Bobby Stewart A classic film. The images are amazing and have stuck with me. I saw it for the first time as a child. If you like movies appropriate for the family about lovable animals who talk and interact in a very dangerous world, then you will love this film. I Married a Witch A mortal man marries a witch. Veronica Lake is fine as the witch.

The Devil's Envoys The envoys of the devil come to the castle of Baron Hugues Fantasy Type: Devil comes to town Starring: Arietty I haven't seen this. It's a French movie from I'll update this review if I get to see it. Cabin in the Sky A man who has died is given extra time in order to redeem his soul. A man returns to earth and tries to change his ways. A Guy Named Joe A man recently deceased come to earth to help another Fantasy Type: I saw this one a while ago.

I don't remember it but with this cast, I'll have to catch it again. After his son dies, his father is visited by the ghost of his grandfather Fantasy Type: Don Ameche is usually good. I will try to find it. If I see it, I will update this review. A singular fellow who can literally lift himself into the air by his own bootstraps. Hans Albers I have not seen this movie. I am not a big fan of the Baron Munchaussen stories. Still, this is a story that has been loved by many.

Between Two Worlds People who die find themselves on a mysterious boat Fantasy Type: Life After Death Fantasy Starring: Heaven Can Wait ; A man dies and makes his case to the Devil that he be accepted into hell. The devil says that the case is not so clear cut and they review his life. This is a good movie but I found it a bit long.

The Canterville Ghost A cowardly man become ghost. He is bound to haunt a castle until he can inspire someone to be courageous. It Happened Tomorrow A newspaper man is given a newspaper that reveals what will happen in the future. Ability to see into the future Starring: Dick Powell, Linda Darnell I haven't seen this movie. I will update this review when I see it. During World War II, a man who is unable to join the services, finds a genie.

He makes a wish to be join the army only to find that the genie is confused and sends him to the wrong time period. A man who doesn't believe in the supernatural invites a medium to his house and is surprised when a ghost is summoned. I have not seen this movie but it is on my list of movies to watch.

The Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde's classic story about a man who doesn't seem to grow older. This is the best version of Oscar Wilde's story that I've seen as film. This is a great film especially if you don't know the story. Sylvie and the Ghost A fake ghost inspires a real ghost Fantasy Type: Jacque Tati, Odette Joyeux A french film. I haven't seen it but I am adding it to my list. A father hires actors to pretend to be a ghosts which leads the appearance of the real ghost. A Thousand and One Nights The Arabian Nights taking place in the s.

Cornel Wilde, Phil Silvers I saw this. It's not really that good. I guess it could be interesting if you are Phil Silvers fan. Dead of Night A man worries that everything is happening just like a nightmare he keeps having. Michael Redgrave Technically, this is a horror movie but it's not very scary. The acting, ideas, and even comic bits are wonderful.

This is one of my favorite halloween movies. It's an old British film that's well worth watching. Is it a dream? Road to Utopia This is not strictly a fantasy movie but has all the elements of a fantasy movie.

Peter and the Wolf Brave Peter and his band of pets take on the wolf Fantasy Type: Sterling Holloway This is really great. An animated accompaniment to the classic music of Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev.

Angel on My Shoulder A slain gangster makes a deal with the devil. A slain gangster makes a deal with the devil and gets another chance at life. Beauty and the Beast A very beautiful, image-rich version of Beauty and the Beast Fantasy Type: The story itself run second to the imagery. It's a Wonderful Life An angel visits George Bailey. Christmas Fantasy, Angels Starring: Never worry, the good angel Clarence will try to change his mind.

First, Clarence must learn about George's life and Clarence can use his magic. A wonderful movie to watch during the holidays. A Matter of Life and Death A man avoids death and asks for more time.

Angels, a fantasy about Death Starring: David Niven, Raymond Massey Court room trial to determine if a man can stay alive. He was supposed to die but avoids death. He falls in love and soon finds himself in a court room to determine if he gets to stay alive longer. The Road to Rio The fifth Hope and Crosby Road movie.

This is not strictly fantasy but it has all the fantasy elements. Sinbad the Sailor A Russian version of the classic fairy tale Fantasy Type: Erast Gann This is a Soviet musical of the classic tale.

A woman who shoots her husband on New Year's Eve gets to travel back in time to prevent the murder. Her wish is granted and she travels back in time. Now, she tries to prevent the circumstances that led to the fateful night. The Bishop's Wife An angel falls in love with the wife of a bishop that he is supposed to help.

Cary Grant does a great job as an angel who falls in love. David Niven is straight laced as the bishop and Loretta Young is excellent as the woman who loves her husband but is very much taken in by the charming Cary Grant. Down to Earth A Greek muse comes down to earth. Rita Hayworth I haven't seen this movie.

Rita Hayword is a muse who comes down to earth because she is unhappy about how a broadway musical portray the Greek muses. A timid man escapes his problems by using his imagination.

Now, he can no longer escape into his imagination. The Ghost and Mrs. A lonely widow falls in love with a charming ghost. She is very much charmed by the ghost. This is a very pleasant movie. Rex Harrison, as usual, provides a strong performance as the ghost of a captain.

Miracle on 34th Street The Santa Claus at Macy's may be the real deal. Edmund Gwenn is great as the man who might be Santa Claus. This is one of my favorite Christmas movies. A mermaid captures a married man and will only let him out if he agrees to show her London Fantasy Type: The man agrees to the mermaid's demands and gives her a tour of London.

Luck of the Irish A man meets a leprechaun. He falls in love with Ireland and then he returns to New York. Explorers discover an island with dinosaurs and other monsters Fantasy Type: Virginia Grey, Philip Reed Explorers find a previously unknown island. Soon, they are fighting off mutinous natives and ferocious dinosaurs.