Abbot and costello meet captain kidd

BBC Two - Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd

abbot and costello meet captain kidd

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Unfortunately, the very talented crew and the color film stock could not compensate for the lame script or the enervated antics of Abbott and Costello.

abbot and costello meet captain kidd

By the time this was film was shot, the comedy team had been in films for a dozen years and were more than played out. The duo was unwilling to test out new material and preferred to rehash well-worn gags and situations.

Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd DVD Review

The film takes place on a Caribbean island where Abbott and Costello are, inexplicably, waiters at a tavern frequented by pirates. They are witness to the alliance between a pair of notorious nautical figures — Captain Kidd Laughton and the female adventurer Captain Bonney Brooke — who form an uneasy partnership to locate a buried treasure on the mysterious Skull Island.

Through typical bumbling, Costello mixes up the treasure map with a love letter that a young noblewoman Warren intended for a singer at the tavern Bill Shirley. The lovers, the waiters and the two pirate captains all wind up on Skull Island, where a mad scramble for the buried treasure ensues.

ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET CAPTAIN KIDD () (**) | Animation World Network

The only genuine point of interest here is seeing Laughton get his wish to play the buffoon. In the course of the film, he is doused with water, pinched in his chubby cheeks, handcuffed, tripped, twice smacked on the head with a shovel, made to converse while blowing soap bubbles this is achieved via lame animationand hung upside down. It is not clear why Warner Bros. However, the film is not in the public domain — in fact, a bootlegger who recently attempted to post the complete production on YouTube was smacked down for an unauthorized posting.

Crummy bootleg DVD copies are not difficult to find — they appear to come from a faded and scratched-up 16mm print.

"...appears only in flashbacks and visions as a free-spirited young lady..."

But, seriously, unless you are incredibly eager to see Charles Laughton being hit with a shovel or rolling his eyes at the sagging antics of Abbott and Costello, this film is not worthy digging up. The unauthorized duplication and distribution of copyright-protected material, either for crass commercial purposes or profit-free shits and giggles, is not something that the entertainment industry appreciates.

Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd FINALE SCENE 16

On occasion, law enforcement personnel boost their arrest quotas by collaring cheery cinephiles engaged in such activities. So if you are going to copy and distribute bootleg videos and DVDs, a word to the wise: Oddly, the purchase and ownership of bootleg videos is perfectly legal.

Somehow Bonney Hillary Brookea female pirate who was dining with Kidd in the beginning, ends up with the letter, thinks Puddin is the one who wrote it for her and falls in love with him, complicating what is already a complicated situation.

abbot and costello meet captain kidd

All the while Kidd captures another ship; this one belonging to Lady Jane. To round it all up, the two ships end up on Skull Island where the treasure is buriedKidd plans to kill Rocky and Puddin, Captain Bonney isn't having any of it, she and her crew face off against Kidd who ends up her prisoner, the treasure is found, a happy ending is to be had.

Now if that mish-mash of a synopsis confused you, then think how I felt having sat through it all.

abbot and costello meet captain kidd

Be forewarned, this breakdown isn't gonna be pretty. Ok it won't be that ugly, I mean it is Abbot and Costello for crying out loud. For one thing "Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd" is a short film — 70 minutes overall, which is a good thing because a film such as this, you really don't wanna invest any more time than needed. While I found the comedic stylings of Abbott and Costello a bit subdued in this film, I still enjoyed their antics and physical comedy.

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I gotta give thumbs up to Charles Laughton as Captain Kidd — he's loud, obnoxious, and such a joy to watch. You can tell he was having a good time with the role.

And it shows because he puts on a wonderful performance; if he hadn't over-hammed it up, I would say he's actually better than Abbott and Costello. And that's about as far as I can go, because now we move on to Remember I said the film ran about 70 minutes, and it's probably the longest 70 minutes I ever had to sit through.

Again, I'm grateful that it didn't go on any longer, because I'll be honest, I wouldn't have made it through the whole thing had that been the case.