90210 naomi and max first meet

90210 naomi and max first meet

Recap: Naomi & Max Give Their Marriage One Last Shot At first I was surprised that Annie was so knowledgable about sex, but then I. Naomi Clark is a principal character on CW drama soap During this meeting, Liam asked Annie out in private, prompting her to quietly decline the. On a rainy afternoon in fall stricken Boston, it's early September. Max and Naomi had agreed to try a long distance relationship after she.

Didn't I show you the library that I specifically built for you? You are an amazing woman, wow. When did you do all that? Oh I organized it in the last few days before coming here. And of course, yes I admit my first day was Monday but besides getting registered, I had to arrange the furniture buy all the bed spreads and bed sheets, towels and you know that takes time, Max: Yes, and I know how much you love to go shopping.

Yes but I am not finished it's a start. Everything else we can buy together and if you don't like the things I got so far we can give them back, it's our home remember. We are a team and I tried to put some nerdy touches on it that I knew you would like. I remember your room clearly. I wanted to surprise you ok?

You know, if I had, I was afraid you would say no and I wanted, I wanted to show you everything, not something half finished, I was afraid that you Max: You did an amazing job and how could I say no to the woman I love? Yes, yes you thought about everything, I mean you bought me a car, you didn't choose any town you chose a town that is right in the middle between the universities and the house is perfect.

We will be together, a real couple so stop being nervous, hey you are shaking, I am here Naomi: I know you are, I was just afraid that after everything I had done that you would say Max: That I would say no? Because I am not brainy Max: Yes you are, you will learn that very soon.

You have unique talents and you always make a big effort in trying to learn everything…. Max is kissing Naomi until she is out of breath Max: Now come on, let's go.

90210 naomi and max first meet

Hey Alec, are you there? Yes, Max, good to see you. Wanna grab a drink? Where have you been? I was looking all over for you. I thought you had vanished, what happened? I am sorry, I was occupied and I am moving out sorry and no, I cant grab a bite with you because I will be occupied again. Max laughs because he knows he is speaking in code Alec: Max, are you drunk? What are you taking about?

I missed Naomi, you know that and Alec: I know but come on she is just a girl and hey I wanted to introduce you to CarryAnn, you know the hot redhead from next door? You can't be stuck on one girl forever, you are not giving up college, Max forget highschool this is the real world. Thank you Alec, I heard that. Max is going to live with me off campus and you are not introducing my boyfriend to another woman, do I make myself clear?

Alec is staring at her Naomi: Hey, get a grip. Stop drooling, just me didn't Max show you any our pictures? From the look on your face probably not and of course he is not leaving MIT that would be stupid now that I am going to Brown. You are going to Brown?

Max what did you tell him? Nothing, I swear, nothing besides there was a girl I was in love with and that I missed terribly. Plus a few StarTrek references. Off campus, Max you with Naomi? Yes, that is the plan. The house she bought is amazing, you should come and visit some time. You know you are not allowed to do that as a first year at MIT, live on campus that is the philosophy of the school.

Didn't you know that? I am sorry but that is impossible. Rules are rules and Max you Naomi: There must be an exception.

90210 naomi and max first meet

I mean they cant force you, Max I love you but I cannot stand you living here all the time with Alec Alec: The only exception would be if you would be legally married. This university allows married couples to stay off campus and live together but as you are not married… Max looks at Naomi he knows that this is exactly what he has to do.

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He would have married her back in LA if his parents had let him, he didn't have the courage back then but the thought of loosing her again nearly robs him of his mind Max: Then lets do that, Naomi, I am not leaving you. I am not allowing you to live in that house alone or move near Brown University because you will meet other guys, other guys like me and I know you, us, I don't wanna mess things up.

Yes, come on lets Naomi: Did you just ask me to marry you? Yes, yes I guess I did. Let me do that properly. Max goes down on one knee and proposes Max: Naomi Clarke, will you do me the honor and marry me? Yes, yes oh my god yes! Great then let's get married somewhere, oh my god I don't have a ring, I am Oh don't worry about the ring, I love you Max Miller and I cant wait to be your wife.

Ahahah I am so happy, I am freaking out. You can't be serious Max. I am, I was only studying like a crazy person because I missed her so much.

All the parties, the girls, it felt like the time I told you about after the decathlon Alec: Which you lost because of her Max: We lost it because we weren't honest to each other and our friends and families.

90210 naomi and max first meet

This city, the East Coast, it's nothing like LA, the fun is missing, everybody is so earnest all the time I mean come on, even as a geek, I miss the sun. Nothing here is like the parties there and Naomi, you know, I mean look at her. Isn't she the most beautiful woman you have ever seen? Naomi barely made it to CU but while I was gone, thinking everything was over, she secretly applied for Brown and passed all the tests and in the end, I mean she got in. I am so proud of her Naomi is already opening boxes and packing Max things together.

Easier than I thought thank god you only brought half your stuff, thank god you are not me yet but we will change that there are a few surprises in the wardrobe back home for you… Max: You are the best and you shouldn't have. You know that only because you moved here you don't have to loose all the style you had back then Max: True and the things where kind of nice, by the way.

Thank you, Alec can you help us? Its just those boxes there and, car is outside. The black Range Rover Alec: No forget it, Max, I am calling your parents because you need a reality check.

You can't get married, she nearly destroyed your future, I cant let you do that. If you want to keep our friendship alive I wouldn't do that because I can and will marry this woman. But if you must, go on, do it. They won't be here quick enough. Naomi, when is the next flight to Vegas leaving? We can be there in 5 hours honey, quick marriage, nice night at the Bellagio. We will be back Monday morning if you want to.

Fantastic, lets do that! No, I am not helping you Naomi: Fine, Max get this bag here.

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I roll those and we leave everything else here. Alec just show the people whose stuff is Max.

The people I call to pick that up. Come on Max Max: Coming, do you Naomi: No, but Silver can get that for us because she will be quicker than there than us I am emailing everybody Max: Isnt she at NYU Naomi: Oh yes, oh well I have to text Ade than because Annie is in Pittsburgh.

Never understood why she had to go there. Cannon is shown waiting for her unnoticed. He later holds both Naomi and Silver captive, though they eventually manage to subdue him and call the police. Cannon, she takes up meditation, leading her to cross paths with a guru who cons her out of a large sum of money. Naomi later retrieves the money with the help of her science partner, Max Josh Zuckerman. Naomi is shocked to find herself beginning to like Max, and they soon begin a relationship.

At the end of the third season, Naomi tells Max that she is pregnant. Season 4[ edit ] The fourth season begins with Naomi breaking up with Max after what she feels is his excessive relief on discovering that her pregnancy was a false positive. Attempting to make a big impression at California University CUNaomi buys a large house, coming into conflict with the owner's son Austin Tallridge Justin Deeleywho had been growing marijuana on the property.

Naomi throws a big elaborate beginning of school party for CU students but this backfires when the party is raided by the police and Naomi disposes of Austin's marijuana plants by tossing them on a bonfire, causing CU's star quarterback to later test positive for drug use.

The disastrous party causes Naomi to enter CU as the most unpopular girl in school, a situation she attempts to rectify by pledging a popular sorority. Initially things appear to be going well as Naomi is taken under the wing of the sorority President, Holly Megalyn Echikunwoke.

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But after performing a series of humiliating hazing rituals, Naomi discovers that Holly never intended to let her into the sorority and that this was all done to humiliate Naomi.

Vowing revenge, Naomi buys her way into the only sorority that will have her: Naomi has sex with Austin after he agrees to help her new sorority humiliate Holly. However, she later learns that Austin was using her to break up with Holly, whom he had been dating. When Holly invites Max to a campus event to unsettle Naomi, she rekindles her romance with him, but still finds herself attracted to Austin.

At a talent show fundraiser for Raj Manish DayalNaomi becomes obsessed with outdoing Austin's new 'girlfriend', who is really his cousin who's staying with him for the week. After surprising a clueless Max during their performance, Max breaks things off with Naomi, saying he can't be the guy who's okay with his girlfriend having feelings for someone else. Naomi and Austin then embark on a relationship.

In Project Runway, Naomi is thrilled to compete in CU's fashion design competition, but her excitement quickly dies down when she finds out she's competing against nemesis Holly. The two waste no time in trying to one-up each other, with Naomi donating a large sum of money to the competition's fashion show so that her fashions can be showcased in the most flattering way.

When she reveals she'll have the ab-man himself Liam, modeling her designs, Holly goes behind her back and books him through his modeling agency. But that's not all she steals; the night of the fashion show, Naomi discovers that Holly's ripped off her designs and the two end up in a full-blown fight backstage.

Though neither gal wins the competition, Naomi gets an internship offer from a Hollywood event planner, and the two dueling divas decide to call a truce. Holly also wanted the internship with the influential planner, who just happens to be her mother.

In O Holly Night, Naomi tries to earn her stripes as an intern, at the expense of her friendship with Holly and relationship with Austin, ultimately. Naomi tries to pull double duty both working and playing at Holly's birthday bash, though she is pretty quickly outed as the person who "stole" the internship at her mom's party planning firm.

Her relationship with Austin has ended after Austin allegedly cheated on her with Holly. Austin says Holly snuck in and attacked him right after he came out of the shower but Naomi refuses to listen to him. During the ball, Naomi has rebound sex with a stranger in order to get over Austin. After Naomi has been caught in front of the entire party, Rachel fires her. However, Naomi tells her that Rachel's daughter cheated with her boyfriend.

90210 naomi and max first meet

Rachel has sympathy and lets it slide but advises Naomi that she has to be a strong woman and deal with her problems. Rachel briefs Naomi about the impending award season. She entrusts Naomi with a very important assignment.

Naomi suggests to her boss that maybe Holly can help too. Naomi tries to make amends with Holly, by entrusting her with the very important assignment of getting Mitchell Nash from the hotel to the event. At the event, Rachel is really happy with the way Naomi has organized things, while she is waiting intently for Holly to arrive with Mitchell Nash.

The boss blasts Naomi for entrusting such an important responsibility to Holly, who according to her has always been irresponsible. Holly and Naomi, haul in a completely drunk Nash to the event. He pukes on the red carpet, with the reporters having a field day.

Later Holly and her mother are at it, with Holly trying to defend her position in all that transpired. Naomi again tries defending Holly in front of her mother. The whole thing proves counterproductive, with Naomi getting fired. Later, Holly thanks Naomi for all that she did for her and they both decide to become friends. In Trust, Truth and Traffic, Naomi has embarked on her career as a freelance event planner, and she has even managed to spot her probable new client.

Naomi is trying her best to convince her possible new client.

Naomi Clark

She is also faced with a problem when TA, Naomi's physics class partner, informs her that she has to pass his physics class, if she wants to pass the sophomore year. It turns out the TA is hurt, as Naomi has never invited him to any of the parties she has thrown in the past year. At the party, Naomi tells TA that she would rather work hard to get good marks on her project, than him favoring her in any way.

In No Good Deed, Naomi decides to plan Mitchell Nash's daughters sweet sixteen birthday party, after a previous client told her she would not hire her without her having any professional experiences. Season 5[ edit ] In the fifth season opener, Max proposes to Naomi after leaving his bride-to-be standing at the altar.

They elope and get married. When they return to Naomi's place to celebrate, Alec, Max's business partner tells Naomi that her and Max's relationship is a mistake. He tries multiple times to sabotage their relationship, but ultimately fails.